You were Already a Hero and an Icon of mine for all that you had achieved, in Art-Toon, Voice, Humour, [& most important to me] Content Quality Value.

But then you [too] turned out to be a Star Trek fan. What you have achieved is Impressive and i would describe it as a Super-Homage with a satirical human social dynamic.

It is fun but above all of your added elements it is [Star-Trek] Good.


Putting aside all that is/was wrong with Rodenberry’s limited view of the future [focussing on hostility & constant dominating warfare in [our quadrant of] our galaxy, with paranoia & fear as the driving narrative over a peaceful ‘lofty’ endevourous intent] Star-Trek [Rodenberry] was and is the only sci-fi for the Tech, Geek, Nerd, Cosmologist, on planet Earth 1965–20_ _? [Our brief moments]


If I may make a [Future production] request; Please expand your CGI segments to include much better [Than the pathetic silly cheap impact of the Defiant on manoeuvre attack] sequences allocated their own [in-thinking] 2nd unit director.

Furthermore Dear Chap, Feature worlds with intermediate [Between Heavy Rocket fuel propulsion and Gravity impulse, constant mini thrusters, Quantum? Or Warp!? [fuck-off yeah right] Propulsion systems.

[Obvious: There is a future for both large/mini colliders [with exit nozzle] as well as fusion chambers [with exit nozzle] using Tritium chamber electrically induced plasma or Laser focused fusion [with you guessed it] a boom plasma hole] And the logical Ship designs that would be designed with that type of technology.

Design Mantra: 'Function over form, unless form is the function'.

Consider this my Roast to You.