Children's Hormones - The worrying demise of rational society under a dysfunctional judiciary distorted by decades of detached illusionary Uk! Governments..

'New York Makes Life Better For Trans Kids As Idaho Is On The Verge Of Enacting Unprecedented Misery.'

Under the political mantra bounced out at every voter positive opportune moment of “Our Great Nhs” “We can be so proud of the Nhs” “Great Britain led the socialist responsible world into a more humane governing responsibility” [OK, that last one was me summarising the ideal]

‘We’ should not have lost contact with the reality of the facts based evidences! [Bevan & subsequent British governments are ultimately & continuously To Blame.]

Bevan gave full control of the running of the Nhs to the doctors. “I stuffed their mouths with Gold”. To get what he envisaged {Now!} he gave away power and Huge Money, full control & a freedom to still have private practice. [Therefore no contractual? need to turn up to work].

Not a good deal by any deal evaluation for a person in business and quid-pro-quo not a good deal for a British tax payer’s future.

The Doctors took the opportunity in hand [not surprisingly – given money being a kingly life [Earth C?] and rolled on from one decade to another. When management & consultancy & operational budgets were cut – modernisations technology needs became Commissioned, larger and paramount prioritised.

When it came to Doctors values of life and death, Bevan made a comment about that too. [“_“?]

Trend: 1. a general direction in which something is developing or changing.
2. a fashion. 3. a change or development in a general direction.

A Victim of a comprehensive parental failure. [Exposed & Trusted to 'Ethical Wolves'.]

The Court of Appeal Ruling/Judgment made a foundational automatic [Un-Real] ASSUMPTION that doctors could be Trusted..

That their observation of a patient  or a symptom presenting was never going to be a department opportunity and that they would never be [“[Bevan]”] prioritise bias preferential idealised business prejudiced.

A Huge error by ‘English’ Judges of the Court of Appeal & a Supreme FAILURE! ..?..


Anne Robinson - 8/5/2022

Crash (2004)

'TV legend Anne Robinson has waded into a transgender rights row - saying 'a woman is someone with a vagina'. [Developed in Utero]

Anne added that she was aghast at what she called the lack of 'safety' in women-only spaces such as changing rooms at swimming pools.

She said that she is worried about the allowing of transgender people who have not undergone sex reassignment surgery into these spaces.

'I'm horrified by the lack of safety in women's changing rooms, at swimming pools and that sort of thing.' 

Even without a penis in situ or use, Rape / Sexual Assault Does Not Require A 'Phallas'../?