Time & Space-Time


“Time and space are not conditions in which we live. Time and space is a model for Thinking.” - Albert Einstein.

If you imagine that the watch [on the right] is real but is not made of matter [so it will not be affected by gravity] and if we put the watch at the centre of the universe [the area of the emergence of matter known as the ‘big bang’] Time will be as fast as the clock depicts it to be. If we look out and imagine a watch at every quanta of the expanding universe, the time depicted will be different depending on the individual speeding quanta and the affects of gravity upon space and time - [space-time].

Now imagine that we are outside [beyond the outer expanding edge] of the Universe and looking at the universe as [it is] a small bubble. We can see the time at the centre of the universe and we can see the myriad of times throughout the expanding and curving and flexing and stretching universe.

Daddy, are we there yet? Soon baby, soon. Daddy, how long before we get to 2350? That depends on how fast we go, baby.

Here on Earth our time is running slightly slower because we are speeding along with the expansion of the universe. Also [to complicate our space-time] we are speeding in other directions. We are pirouetting around with our local group, orbiting our galactic core, orbiting our star and rotating at another fraction that adds to our [finite currently] [observable] time, that is all then affected by our local gravities to produce our [observable] space-time.


While we are outside of the [observable] universe we can think about time outside of the universe and how that time is relative to the time at the centre of the universe and the relative space-time’s throughout the universe.

It's abit worse than Rocket-Science.

The most important relative time to humans here is local time. Time is running along for humans and the more human energy spent understanding the key energies of the universe and how to replicate and exploit them the sooner humans will be in a position in the universe to expand human space-time to become a species relative to more than one position to the [half-life] of one quanta watch.