Jimmy Carr’s Holocaust joke about the Gypsy/Traveller group:

Jimmy Carr’s Holocaust joke about the Gypsy/Traveller group served two purposes, it made people laugh and it made people think about why it was funny.

It was funny [and got by the audience] because of the irony of the behaviour of the gypsy/traveller groups anti-social and criminal endemic behaviour.

Whether you found it funny or not or wanted to express your disgust for the subject use in comedy, you are free to express your opinion. If your opinion is that the subject is not a matter for open [or private] discussion and that Jimmy Carr should be charged with a crime, then say goodbye to saying what you think and discussing any subject that has been prescribed as being unacceptable to discuss in a free democracy.

Freedom is defined by democratic valued under laws to protect the freedoms of speech and expression. Trends come and go and come back again but if laws are passed to make one trend illegal then expect your turn to be a villain.

No joke condones fascism or genocide and Jimmy Carr was not meaning to trivialise the NAZI murder of gypsies/travellers. Jimmy wanted to make people laugh at the irony of how we see the gypsy traveller community today and to be intentionally controversial in the light the growing war against free speech and the freedom and right to present opinion and start or enter a discussion.

Sadly our democratically elected citizens seem hell bent on removing free thought, speech and thereby discussion on sensitive subjects to avoid having to recognise and deal with issues that they would prefer to keep buried and this is now [in Britain] extending from the instigated demise of political satire to any platform including international comedy.

Jimmy Carr was not calling for a positive Holocaust for the Gypsy/Traveller group.

I am calling for a discussion of the race and behaviour of the gypsy/traveller community and laws to address their cultural anti-social and criminal behaviour. It was funny but not, because of the grating truth within it.