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A-Grade Solution: [In Brief]



Health – lifestyle

Heath – Attitude

Boys & Girls

Health Service

National Attitude



Men & Women



Farming & The Environment

Water Management

House Building and City Limits

National Transport

The Police

Prison System

Recreational Drugs & Markets

The Military

British Government Structure & [The Crown Service]

British Democracy


British Foreign Policy & Ambition.

The Visible Coming Future:



Historical set up has not been by a National best design approach but by hand forced edging forward and the syllabus has been hobbled by Religious Opposition to modern philosophies that would contradict and undermine the Church. British deference has further hobbled the nationally educated away from an entrepreneurial attitude & a rising self esteem, to go forward with a building achieving personal attitude. The two principle flaws in national education coupled to a poor state attitude to [their responsibility and opportunity] of the inclusion of all young school leavers has resulted in personal & professional under achievement, personal & professional delinquency and disenfranchised and alienated minorities that easily turn to crime [from very poor cultural philosophies of the person] and other societal negative attitudes.

If you do not parent your children, you will not see the young adult that you envisaged, hoped for or dreamed of. Other forces will produce the young adult.

Our world of people today is [in the absence of any good repetitive parenting has only been] in the hands of Capitalist Consumer marketing desire, market forming. 

“Dirty money” is a spin-myth – All money is dirty and money is just money. A Tool – No more important than a carpenters tools. The value is in what is done with the tools.

At the Heart of the pure Capitalist system [for all of the good rising quality of life that it is has created, against the controlling, selfish reductionist structure that it evolved from] is fixated on the tool, to the detriment of its use, damaging, corrupting and unsustainable. Capitalism is taking humanity and playing a controlling part in the extinction of the world as we can live on it.

School should have a syllabus review and restart to include national core video modules, an online questionnaire for after [Trained in syllabus] teachers have discussed and reinforced the video production messages. A comprehensive ‘Compulsory National’ list of subject areas for Primary & Secondary levels. All school leavers must be [assess] directed in a direction [if they have not chosen for themselves] to further training [No more delinquent producing welfare] to enter the national societal infrastructure.


Welfare [State money / help] is counterproductive if it is given as a charity to the needy & poor. [The very same needy & poor that has been created by the state structure & the co-parenting negligence & failure of the adults in charge of the ‘design’ outcome.] If you add this welfare to our current level educated culture of the person, it is easy to see and accept the secondary outcomes of this culture.

With a better education [syllabus additions] concentrating on the newly added best [modern evolution] of a philosophy of the individual, a new future for each person will be created for them to view their life as part of the wide community that needs them and that they are proudly part of. With the other essential changes to governing national structure the need and desire for welfare will be eliminated for all healthy functioning age people.

Welfare should not be available to unemployed foreign people. It is bad enough that the policy has created a ‘healthy’ not-working-class of British national workable delinquent people for that class-market to grow.

Health – lifestyle

School children are in need of a much healthier education towards high quality diet for health and a life-style that sets them on a pathway routine of weekly exercise for a life time of enjoyment. This addition to the [syllabus module] school routine will create a nation of Triathletes in addition to the other national sporting fixtures. An installed sporting / exercise routine will reduce the growing production of young patients entering the National Health Service and creating unnecessary cost, strain and loss.

Heath – Attitude

The addition of a modern philosophy of the individual person will include mind health and attitudes toward negative experiences and hardship. Self-promoting and policing good daily mental health & ‘mental wellbeing’. A good sense of community which should include a National Pride in what we are all Achieving under our [modern evolving] Democratic Governing Nation State of The United Kingdom of Great Britain & The Commonwealth.

Boys & Girls

If we the co-parents do not teach our young [boys & girls] how to behave towards each other, then other forces [or no forces] will take their hormone surges in hand and drive the outcomes. From this absence in education [and thereby cultural formation] uncivilized behaviour will escalate into disrespect, abuse, crime and various evolving deviances that create victims and will grow if unchecked.

Comprehensive sex educational modules will be produced to cover all aspects of human sexual function & behaviour at primary level and positive & negative social sexual behaviour at secondary level. Healthy social interactions and sexual exercise [where necessary] to direct young [& older] male sexual energy away from young girls.

Health Service

The National Health Service was formed in a rush and without a hierarchical government management and control structure put in place. “I stuffed their mouths with gold.” – A Beven – To the whinging top national doctors that smelled a rich weak good hearted fool.

The solution to making the national health service function better, provide better value for money and have better medical outcomes is to establish a hierarchical command and management structure following a detailed constitution of ethos and best practice in uniform place, From the department of health out to replicated satellite management teams. Acquisitions and drug purchasing must break the capitalist government accepted grip.s.

For further reading on the Nhs:

National Attitude

Britain is a Great Country with a great history [Good & Erroneous] but Britain Could Be Far, far, far Greater.

The first National steps could be followed by a pivotal ‘good’ influence on the rest of the countries and peoples on planet Earth. If Britain were to establish a modern balanced working model for governing a nation state, evolving the best of capitalism and socialism, putting quality of life of its people as a core objective, then the [first] model could be accepted and replicated by other nation states, facilitated and aided via the United Nations. 

Britain should include the Commonwealth Countries as [Regionally Governed] Counties of The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Great Britain Needs a written Constitution. Enough of young unqualified [for governing] ‘politician types’ sitting in a supreme parliament arguing over adjustments to the same minutia disputed issues and flawed systems, [designed by a horrid evolving mutation of human attitudes] administration after administration.



If British Tax policy was bounced from a changed attitude of putting Capitalism as a Servant of the nation and monetary profit as a tool to be entirely used to state build for the purpose of raising quality of life and life-living standards under a Constitution of the same, then Living in the near poverty state would end and three key things would happen 1. The party that flips tax over will be Totally Dominant electorally for 3-4 terms before other issues or unaddressed flaws in the new systems are ignored and glossed over. 2. Nation building [evolving] will become the big game in town. Not static in granite but evolving with government incentive & reward for the everlasting end game of the quality of the people and their standard of life and the state of the nation. 3. The Capitalist winners will be put in their place and we will be saved [from their blind-design destiny]. The world will still need a few technical revolutions to stop our global extinction.

For further reading on Tax: [The Flip]

Men & Women

We have all agreed that men and women have equal rights and this includes an equal right to be paid for the same job at the same qualification, pay adjusted for experience.

But men and women are different. Women get pregnant, have the babies, nurse the babies and have to take time away from work to do so. Additionally women have a limited window in life to produce babies. This limited window leads women to be more time urgent in their planning [if they are educated & free to plan]. Tax policy should support and facilitate a woman’s ability to plan her family or children and when this is best to occur within her plan.

I believe it would be in a woman’s best interest and the best interest for a healthier society and ultimately the nation state if women were to be encouraged to marry after the age of 28 [or plan their first child after 28]. Men should be rewarded for marrying [or becoming a father] after turning 40.



I do not want to rant on like the demented grandson of Robert Oppenheimer but suffice to say the 20th century was not the British government’s finest century by FAR! On top of all of that anti-Greek-Pharaohic attitudes and behaviour Britain signed up to an External idea blatantly turned into an Empire prison, stepping backwards to pre-Christian Rome. Like tethering Ark-Royal to a Titanic, blasting ahead into a very icy future with Class Bligh, hiding behind a tethered-in-luxury, Fletcher politician type. The move has not yet been corrected. Ironically if Putin had offered the Baltic countries a trade & peace treaty [after 2010] that included a Federation membership with Russian privileges of Russian state investment and free work and education access to Russia. Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania would be building ships for export and rolling in Rubles, all for agreeing not to allow any external country or group to override their own nations constitution. They would be free to also join the E.u so long as the bit about handing supreme power over to the E.u is omitted. Also no foreign military would be accepted in Baltic countries under Russian Federation Membership. This ugly snide NATO move would have been prevented and the Ukraine [Independent sovereign Region] would be one of the Richest countries in Europe by now. The E.u [Empire of the union!] would be being halted soon after.

There are many examples throughput history of the importance of self-sufficiency. Losing control of an essential product or an essential service leaves a person or a group without choice [or here today, without a sustainable choice, without serious hardship].

When i was a very young boy [1972] i was fascinated by a book that [had pictures] and showed how electricity was made and produced. At the end of the very well illustrated book was the energy of the future chapter. It described that tidal energy was reliable and a good idea that would be seized upon as soon as the technology was developed. In the US in around 1960 a documentary covered the future atmospheric impact of oil burning energy dependence. No Government invested in Tidal Energy. [Where the wind always blows with a short lull every four hours.] Even now with climate change upon us [and with current design choice wind turbines limited by a low maximum wind speed] and growing, next to no significant transition government national money is being put into tidal design testing for best choice, roll out everywhere on our continental shelf. Bad Gov!

A good energy transition as far as i see it [being dyslexic i am sure that the numbers a chancellor and other thinking governors are faced with would look to me like a skip full of alphabetti–spaghetti to make sense of but i am good at big pictures] would be to reduce oil subsidies by 5 or 10% per year and re-direct the money into renewables with an importance put on Tidal.

Domestic independent solar & wind generation and self-supply should be merged into a national framework of installation & maintenance [regulated] contracts. Thereby not losing market income.

[The minimum distance from magnetic field regulation should be altered with barrier insulation as mitigation as the situation requires risk acceptance and [warned] research. Young / women in their pregnancy years should be not included in the testing and any rollout.]

Heat pumps are crap in most places in Britain and should be abandoned as a cheeky industry suggestion. As too should surface sea energy generators. The surface being far too violent to avoid breakdowns and higher cost maintenance than the steady calm found below 30 meters.

Nuclear should be a third fallback choice. It would be better to dig up coal and burn it in the interim before an industrial sea-water to Hydrogen process is established in Britain and ramped up to provide clean safe fuel without any risk or additional log-term cost and risk to health.

Nuclear is today’s HS2 on the dawn of over-motorway Hyperloop. Too Late Poli.

Farming & The Environment

The French [elite] are a great disappointment in many ways not least for their keen willingness to trample on ‘The Enchant Cordial’ at any slightest opportunity with the zeal of a belligerent wife that is finally having her outburst moment, to slam home her noisy vengeance. ‘They Despise Us English and they behave in a stereo typical clichéd classic patronising French way on the world stage and within Europe.

But the French are a remarkable people. Their designs deserve as much acclaim as the best of Italian design and [although different from the superior German ethos towards Engineering] demonstrate noteworthy engineering skill. French food and wine have been superb for centuries. It is as though the French looked at the food and wine of Rome and decided to bonsai everything.

The French plan to put national wheat production at the centre of policy of controlling production, price to make the product central to a stable way of life that aimed at and achieved 1 Franc for a batton permanently. Today it is 1 Euro for a batton. But as we know the status quo is currently facing destabilisation by the Hypermarket model under cutting the bakers and threatening to drive them out of business and thereby changing French culture in the long-term for a lower quality generic product without the love for the art of buying and eating a cultural icon and a beautiful habit of French community life. I hope Macron [or his successor does not turn out to be a barbarous philistine that vandalises a core element of the French way of life because of the sacredity of market forces, in this instance.] My sojourner here is to illustrate the benefits of a government national policy and arms-length control to provide self-security and much more.

Additionally while there is a growing market for meat, farmers should be encouraged and helped to produce quality British products and helped with a national branding quality stamp marketing tool and international recognition for grass fed beef and other niche products for the Chinese market. Once peace has been restored the Chinese market should become directly accessible to top quality British exports and that market consumption is BiG.

We need more Trees on Britain. Britain should become the Centre of The Queen’s Canopy. A National coverage of Trees will protect from the winds, clean the air and improve air quality. Tree coverage will reduce both of the extremes of temperature. A National coverage plan to allow for optimum farming will create a Micro-Climate here at the end of the Atlantic conveyor on our misty green penthouse of Europe.

For more reading on Trees and micro-climate:

Water Management

From my point of view British Town-Planning has been to encourage the private sector to build 4* refugee hotels while sending the locals up Vesuvius while pumping the extra poop & peepy into every bit of surrounding water and exporting the money from the fish from our water while buying cod from Norway. Local crab and shrimp must be a particular delicacy these days.

Private companies that manage clean water supply should be brought to book for the lack of [previous national maintenance neglect] and forced by law to regulate the way profits are used. The tax holiday has been totally exploited by weak regulation / contracted expectation. A markets check will be inevitable but short lived.

There is a Future International Business opportunity for British made and [new British management style] management for Desalination Plant unit for the supply of fresh clean water. Britain should learn from our Indian friends and catch up with their industrially established desalination plant example. Britain should build and test-run a few UK units in areas of water stress [or future water stress] to perfect the working units function before making the working model unit available for British International export. The future need [opportunity] is coming and in this case Britain will have placed ourselves at the head of the roll out option, Build for all and any Countries for design mastered, [management working] clean water and local employment. Private management ‘Contract’ can be used but all managers must complete the [New British Management Ministry course and] accept the model as part of the contract.

House Building and City Limits

The greatest national levelling up tool in the government’s current possession is domestic house building and town increase planning and Limits.

A national building ministry should be established to work with local governments to develop all areas. It would be a risky disaster to just hand money to local governments for this national project. Best Designs should be agreed and shared. Local trade collages must provide as much trades-power as possible along with other local qualified and certified trades-folk. The national building project will take 20-40 years, it must be [all government money] affordable housing for local housing stock. The right-to-buy must be Ended. This way housing will be a national asset, affordable to all national residents for life and then for the next generation century after century. City limits must be agreed and made legally sacred. So too the green belts. Allowing constant growth will be damaging to society and the environment society is trying to create. Population density should be agreed in the design with a national legal limit for population density anywhere in Westminster’s Britain.

Furthermore an optimal National Population Max and max density should be agreed, set in law and put in the British Constitution and not exceeded, with an eye on the future of a neutral growth cycular economy.

National Transport

Back in the days of British Rail [as with the days of British Leyland] the workforce from management down had their employer, the ministry of the government firmly by the goolies. When Margaret Thatcher decided that the answer to the unionised bad worker problem [a photographer crept into a British Leyland factory where a whole workforce was doing overtime and photographed the whole workforce comfortably asleep] she was confident that private management would be focused on the profits [considerably under the cost of the national workforce] and run a tight ship. The private management would increase productivity [or service] and the consumer would benefit from a better product, delivered on time [or abundantly available] at a lower price in a competitive market. It was how America did things and Margaret Liked how America did things.

It was an unfortunate adaptation to the solution of a national workforce with the attitude that work was a bore and that the government employer was the entity that needed exploiting and outsmarting. [I remember doing work experience in which i was clearly and seriously told to slow down because otherwise they would not get away with 5 people doing the job of 1. And how i would be paid the same low wage and that the fat cat will not care but will be quick to fire a bunch of people because of me. My week felt like i was an animatronic wax work in madam Tousauds. I found it very difficult to work at not working. I was supposed to do 2 weeks but i got sacked. I do not know what was written down as the reason.]

It was an unfortunate choice by Thatcher because a quick look a private well run workforce would show training motivation, incentive and reward. It can be applied anywhere. If for instance the management teams working under the ministry of health’s new management system started to see significant savings from a reduction of private ‘directed’ hardware upgrades, cost purchase controls throughout and agreed [risk level moderated and accepted] uniform practices, 20% of the savings could and should be paid as bonuses to the management teams, quarterly with a personal performance assessment to weed out any unproductive attitude shirkers.

A National Senior Managers maximum salary should be set at £15,000 per month. With a reducing pay scale below senior management with no full time national public sector employee on less than £3,000 per month. The likes of Chubby the Nhs manager on over 240k a year who cannot set up a reception room for people dying in ambulances outside the hospital, stalling all of the ambulances and somehow forgetting to address his hospitals past-future workforce needs while saying that the Nhs is chronically long-term underfunded is a very sick joke. My last point on the very poor [hideously expensive] national health management is that ‘Aldente costs less than Over-Boiled’ but without any decent effective, incentivised, motivated by bonus rewards, there is no management even at a quarter of a million pounds plus expenses. That old BR/BL game is still afoot.

It is possible to set up a ministry of national management and dazzle the private sector with incentivised and well trained low, middle and senior civil service management, delivering a slick cut art.

The Police

We cannot ignore the problems within [The Met] police. Added to the ubiquitous mobile footage of questionable police training and practices the [New Labour / Brown deficit – Seems Tiny Now!] resulted in first George Osborne slashing at future police funding which was then double downed upon by Phillip ‘The Reaper’ Hammond. The reason this type of Nation building reasoning and management was possible is because Britain does not have a Constitution containing agreed best practice and to prevent a bonkers demolition job with a growing international population to be under policed by the Two Ron’s ethos and their young cousins having been pushed into early retirement by the post-New Labour Tory’s, from a commons of unqualified, unregulated governors many with no aptitude for governing, without a well constructed constitution guide for automatic systems [that would require no further argument or Time Wasted] and agreed best practice.

For further reading on my police observations:

Prison System

The privatised management of Prisons should in time and along with the other improvements be integrated into and under the national management ministry.

While there remains criminal behaviour of varying types, there remains a need for prison.  

Prison has 5 functions:

1. To prevent crime.

2. To protect the public.

3. To be punishment. 

4. Justice seen to be delivered.

5. To provide Rehabilitation.

The public deserve a full service. The wayward deserve every chance to make a civil life. The Government should face Responsibility for causation and perpetuation and make a full service structure to cover Confinement [with a reward & loss system for good 'choices'] And provide education, training, readjustments and integration for success in society, so everybody can be a winner.

More prison space is needed [even when foreign criminals are deported] and with the possible capitalist rebellion CEO crimes will needs space prior to full reimbursement prior to parole.

For further reading on the British prison system:

Illegal drugs & markets

It is a fact that recreational drug users are a market and that market sub-divides into several drug specific markets. The recreational drugs market is illegal under current prohibition law. The above fact contradicts the free market economic model.

It has been proven by history and accepted widely that alcohol when illegal was less safe for drinkers health, became a tax burden not a tax revenue and handed/created an opportunity for criminals to make tax free money while carrying out their business unregulated with menaces and that alcohol was a problem that was far safer and better when it was a legally managed problem.   

Recreational drugs and their associated markets should be brought in under the law and treated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco. When licensed and regulated the products will be of a safer standard and the health issues will diminish in a similar line as alcohol and tobacco. Tax can be collected, the police will be able to concentrate on other criminal activity and some prison space can be freed up.

The Military

Government management of the military is [again] looking like an unprepared [Last Time Hitler’s Germany, this Time China-Et-All] fatal disaster waiting to happen.

Furthermore the use of the military to aid with parenting young adults is wholly unused. In this modern market bourgeois computer game woke snowflake generation, the need for some [moderated] discipline and some home truths along with some [missing experience] romps through the countryside would benefit the physical and psychological health of Britain’s youth. Perfect to spend 3-4 months learning basic training, land awareness [as covered by the very good U.S Marine course] some history of Britain and our wars and the course should be integrated [full government funding for national service expansion] into the Duke Of Edinborough Awards scheme and vice-versa.

For further [key important] reading of Britain’s defensive and offensive primary capability:

British Government Structure & [The Crown Service]

I have made it no subtle secret that i see the lack of a required NVQ / NRQ {National Required Qualification} [Oxford chair joint varsity syllabus] to give The commons a fighting chance to fill their heads with more than repeated noise and rhubarb, to give Britain a fighting chance of more than the politician [mostly only] species we see and have.

The British Monarchy should be used to best effect. Her Majesty’s Government should Get the Best out of the Monarchy, Not the Most.

A written Constitution for Britain of agreed best practice, the development of which should be undertaken.

My evolution of our current government system is above my pinned post & here:

British Democracy

It must be an in joke [even accepted by the Labour party] that Britain’s party political system is only slightly distant from the Chinese Communist Party, only with quite a bit more duping theatre.

From party candidate selection, to party leader selection and with the first by the post system the electorate is hood winked, foisted upon and then a vast minority is un-represented. When Farage was kept as an outside voice despite overall securing 5 million votes, I wondered if a French style revolution would be soon on the cards. Luckily for David Cameron the Referendum delayed the rising up of the disenfranchised majority population of Britain [unserved by any party] and venting their anger towards the politician elites in Westminster. The deep problems that are manifested and growing may get the sympathy and shared understanding of the military and the bobby. A perfect storm of your own-kind making. The Politician class negligence ended to cheers and blood. Watch out what you are brewing here in great Britain.


Regional governing [as with local government] is seen as an essential way of public responsibilities being exercised by the authorities closest to the citizens. The variations of differences of local circumstance and needs are best addressed at a local level by those familiar with those variations of circumstance and need.

Devolution of the nations of Great Britain was seen as needed and wanted by the regions. Devolution was commenced by the Blair Government.

Unfortunately an end circumstance or system was not described from the outset in the design plan for Devolution. Thereby creating a potential conflict between the devolution of expected power & executive freedom/latitude, between Westminster and the devolving regional governments. This is resulting in a fight for retaining power by Westminster, undermining the concept of devolution and leading to a greater drive for regional independence [particularly by Scotland] that is threatening the national elements of the overriding Treaty of the Union 1706 & the acts of the union 1707.

An agreement is urgently needed to give Scotland all of the devolution that it envisages while preserving the benefits of the Treaty & acts of the union.

If a final devolved agreement is not forthcoming or possible a more complete, costly and damaging [avoidable] separation may not be avoided.

British Foreign Policy & Ambition.

It was because of Britain’s unpreparedness in the run up from Hitler’s election to the military moves by Germany that resulted in Britain’s near complete collapse and its subsequent indebtedness to America. After WW2 Britain recovered very slowly [due to its constipated economic culture and lack of thinking] and then a Labour government scrapped almost all of the nationalised aircraft companies without a business head in the government game to challenge the aircraft companies to design products that were currently needed, in all and any flight markets to be sold as great British export products. It was small passenger & small cargo products that were needed but other niche flight markets existed but no such endeavour was commenced. Some fine planes were produced that sold well but the government acted as a saboteur butcher and just culled so many golden geese some of which could have paid the treasury for many decades to come.

Because the Labour government under Harold Wilson, despite gaining A’s and awards in economics and becoming the youngest lecturer at Oxford in Economics, he was unable to use his knowledge to think Britain’s economics into a new future. Any Marxist economic belief should have been easily and clearly debunked while at Oxford. Meanwhile America had Romper-Stomped through the 1950’s and was creating a modern consumer utopia coupled to an astonishing standard of living [for its employment golden children] that was easy to view for a British prime minister with an expertise in economics. It took Thatcher and her chemistry degree to change the economics of Britain.

Without a high political governance position to show [Britain is as mired in repeating minutiae and building dysfunction and dissatisfaction] and with a tiny, undeveloped military that is now so dependent on the U.S military and which is so very thoroughly integrated on England that we can hardly be considered an independent diplomatic entity. The only remnant that Britain retains for the world stage is its diplomatic knowledge and skill. And of course our under-used but over-worked superbly connected Monarchy.

Britain should want and we still have the latent talent and ability to do what Harold Wilson failed to do, to think a different future to where we are and where we are going. Britain’s government could be great, Superb in fact. British democracy could be improved and they would be happier for it. Our Nation State could be purposefully and determinedly developed evolving the best of the current systems that serve the community, the people and humanity while avoiding the weak pitfalls of counterproductive function that we see in Britain and around us. Britain could become the first Country to establish a century to century working model that took into account the flaw within capitalism and created a neutral economy. –

Prior to switching to the millennium commonwealth economic model:

The Visible Coming Future:

I don’t need to be Nostradamus to list the events that will take place in this century. Neither will anything below result in you [the reader] saying anything to the contrary but harrumph!

Britain is going to crawl around on its knees for only the next 20 years if the government gets their act in gear.

Rejoining an unreformed E.u will put us back on the course of the other nation states [member states] that are increasingly coming into conflict with a dominant Brussels and faced with the choice of ‘illegal’ Treaty violation, fines and sanctions or submission. It would only take 2 or 3 members to exit for Germany to correct the problem by removing the member states requirement to agree that their own constitution and Supreme Court was under E.u authority. E.u damage to its outcome would be avoided and Europe would avoid the possibility of being thrown open to generous external financial aid from the likes of China.

China are on a military build up so vast that it would be distinctly silly to think China was not preparing for war. No country needs that much protection or speaks with such rhetoric unless they mean it. America surrounds the world with nearly 300 overseas military bases. America has over 20 Nimitz sized [100,000 ton+] aircraft carriers with around 80 fighters each. China considers Americas invasion of Korea to have been an unprovoked attack upon China [‘One China policy’ - The Florida of China] America are still there and North Korea has been punished for not being defeated. North Korea went from modifying scud missiles to extend the 600 mile range and failing to drawings of longer range homemade missiles to suddenly having the latest Russian designs built by the Chinese who seems to want every design options in the dozens and soon thousands. The Blitzkrieg of the next war will not start with air power and then tanks, it will start with radiation alone and blast waves where wanted, before aircraft turn up some time later up to clear away any straggler resistance and struggling life. The Pentagon have stated that in such and exchange the 300,000,000 Americans will be outlived by the 1,600,000,000 Chinese alone before you include Chinas ally’s [that also hate the American world that they have created].

The recent viral outbreak was a wee tiny little killer. Less than 0.2% of annual population globally. And we have been plunged into chaos and significant debt. Another airborne virus with a kill rate of only 1 or 2% will bring home the truth of the futility of suspending life to slow down the kill rate upon the susceptible to prevent the hospital doors closing and to ‘save the lives’ of the unlucky and the other susceptible and vulnerable. If governments persist in locking-down the healthy and cancelling life in society there will be violence and deaths and hated and resentment. ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’.

Climate change is the only certainty along with death and taxes. The atmosphere is continuing to change and arctic methane is now cascading the heating speed. As the world heats and storms get worse and more common, the sea level will rise [by a far greater speed and height than being predicted]. Ground trapped heat will increase seismic activity and there will be more and bigger volcanic eruptions. Water vapour will enter the atmosphere and remain suspended and increase the sea level pressure. Pollutants from human activity and volcanic activity will increase respiratory illnesses and distress as the pollutants partial pressure will be increased. The periodic soot in the atmosphere will interrupt photosynthesis and result in lowered annual oxygen production. Burning wild fires will consume their increased quantity of oxygen. There is a possibility of oxygen collapses at some points along the heating time scale.

Sea levels will reach at least 20 meters by 2100 most of this will occur suddenly over a 20 year period.

The population of Humans on Earth will start to reduce as the first shoreline communities are abandoned. The survival of our species will be determined by whether we as a species get it together to make humanity a space faring species and start in motion a plan to terraform [increase] Mars’s mass to hold an atmosphere and mass accumulate a moon to create a protective magnetic field.

Re-adjusting Earth’s atmosphere is possible but fossil fuel use must become 100% history. The likelihood is that the current fuel trajectory will result in the collapse of civilisation and a population reduction to around 3 billion [on an optimistic scale]. On a pessimistic scale [without considering a 3rd world war nuclear exchange] humanity will be totally extinct by 2250.

Only as a space faring species will humans survive to re-colonise Earth after our technological ecological efforts consume absorb the carbon back down to 250 ppm.

For more reading on saving humanity: