A Northern Ireland Solution

The Northern Ireland issue was raised up into a serious problem by the E.u in the hope that the British Government would agree that it was another big stumbling block, after they [GB Gov] had first agreed to all of the money that the E.u wanted and committed to, before moving onto their second grab, Northern Ireland.

The British government accepted the E.u raised problem despite the fact that The Good Friday [Belfast] Agreement stipulated that along with peace between the IRA and Loyalist Unionist Northern Irish & Britain, there would be no hard border between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. Also in the main the UK was aligned with E.u policies and regulation with regard to goods and services and is in trading and cultural terms, very similar. Never the less the British government bit down on the E.u picture of the problem.

Theresa May, having asked the E.u at a meeting with Donald Tusk, to create a Brexit-Divorce/trade deal [the first stage of which was the Chequers agreement] that she could then sell to Parliament. She did not oppose the E.u’s position on Northern Ireland. She just wanted to tread carefully and slowly to move the E.u argument forward beyond opposition.

Theresa May’s fairly obvious [to everyone] Brexit position was an E.u Brexit position. She attempted to silently forget about the E.u fishing out fish in British water until the roar of anger and opposition made her comment that she was confused by the anger. Apparently fish represented next to no part of British GDP. [Any goldmine that does not charge for mining gold by the ounce or ton will not amount to very much money.]

Theresa May [the remainer] became more unacceptable than the resulting document of the Chequers agreement. Theresa had to go. [How it was allowed for a person to stand for leader after opposing a referendum result is another example of the lack of political regulations that cause chaos and allow too much freedom for politicians to do what they like.]

Boris Johnson then had the chance to restart Brexit. [After shouting in Chequers at Theresa May’s  Chequers agreement as “A Crock of Shit!”] Boris picked up the post Chequers agreement and instead of heading to the shredder, he put it on his desk and proceeded to remove a detail regarding the most cheeky and punitive consequence of defaulting and claimed success.

[Why Parliament did not go mad when Boris did not shred the divorce agreement and start again with an Exit and a trade deal/s with the E.u, I can only imagine was because the Conservative party was [still allowed] was still majority remainers, ignoring a British democratic result.]  

Boris’s idea of success is as spurious as his idea of Brexit. [‘Britain Exiting the European UNION’.]

Boris has also proved himself to be as confused as to what it is to be a Conservative and a Tory. Going from free trading, libertarian, low tax, liberal – To clamped-down trading, lock-down people, higher taxing, a Beven fixated NHS [ideal believing] symbol clapping monkey. [For a virus with a lethality of annually less than 0.12% of population.] [The NHS had scrapped 200,000 beds from 1990 to the “overwhelmed” situation.]

Boris then signed the divorce agreement [under the impression and expectation that the E.u would not use any of the fall back details listed in the Northern Ireland protocol]

The E.u immediately applied all of the protocol details and carried on crushing and downgrading Brexit at every ‘agreed’ detail of opportunity. [That Liz Truss has referred to as ‘unintended consequences’.] 

Despite the issues with a smooth clean Brexit and future relationship with the E.u Boris / the government in power has not brought up the financial agreement or attempted to use it or anything else as leverage with the E.u Brexit or in trade dealing talks.

It looks to me [and should do to anyone that voted for Brexit] that our/Nation/Brexit-government has been acting very negligently and are either incompetent or acting under a performance of a Brexit to mitigate it to remain as much as possible in line with the E.u.

Sadly the E.u have not been playing rollover ball with the Brexit governments “nebulous” idea of remaining with the E.u and are instead playing to kill Brexit, crush Britain, win all after bit by bit, along with an irresistible opportunity to humiliate the English, Eton to Tommy.

Despite my Brexit desire and instinct to renegotiate everything starting with suspending all Danish, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese and especially French fishing licences and all of the money agreed in the divorce settlement, I recognise that Northern Ireland deserves a personal service of care and consideration.

Northern Ireland voted in the 2016 referendum to remain in the E.u. Prior to this it has been reported that a majority or Northern Irish people wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Britain wants what the people of Northern Ireland want. But herein lies a conundrum - After the referendum do a majority of the people still want to remain part of the United Kingdom?

As a devolved country within the British union, would the people of Northern Ireland choose to have a second referendum on being part of the E.u? And what of becoming part of the republic of Ireland? [As a self governing regional part of the Republic of Ireland] What about becoming a dual National unionised independent state?


What if, as part of the renegotiation [with forethought and foresight] Liz Truss/Brexit government were to just inform the E.u, that Britain will accept no restriction to its relationship with Northern Ireland [British trade, farming and other regulations remaining close] and that Northern Ireland would decide their own levels of allied policies, to apply.


The E.u will just have to accept a very slightly leaky border as will the UK with regard to Northern Ireland, in order to honour the very important Good Friday [Belfast] agreement.

If However the E.u attempted to put a hard border between Northern and the Republic of Ireland then the fallout will be their doing.

That fall-out will include the ire of Joe Biden.

British, Northern Irish and Republic actions in response will be closely agreed upon.

If the E.U pull-up the draw-bridge any further, We Will Shut The Door. 

[It will be a good exercise in Buy British, Make British, Sell British] And if the E.u want to insult us further, we will whip your arse, grab you by the balls while reaching up to your ill-formed neck, as you meet The Best of British & Our Vengeance, as we save European Democracies and Governing Sovereignties, once Again!.

"Membership of the E.u Over-Rides all Constitutions" - Germania by any name, only this time in pinstripe and with the French accented Elite.

It just needs to be respectful of cooperation & agreement to make the good idea honestly not Dominant but Cooperative and to retain a True Democratic Power at its heart, if not Head.