GT Car Breed

The Porsche 928


Of all of the types of cars that I have driven over the years [driving test passed 1982] two types of cars have, in my experience been the most enjoyable are Hot hatches and GT [Grand Tourers] cars.

A Missile of


Grand tourers deliver a bit or a lot of everything and a lot of comfort while delivering you almost anywhere.

Elegance and


Of all of the GT cars over the years [dating as far back as 1929] the GT cars that have caught my eye have been the 1966-1976 Jenson Interceptor, the 1968-1973 Ferrari 365 GT Daytona [The most beautiful car ever designed], the 1972-1986 De Tomaso Longchamp, the 1975-1996 Jaguar XJS, the 1976-1979 Ferrari 400, the 1981-1991 Mercedes SEC, the 2018-Present BMW 8d [G15], the 2005-Present Trident Iceni and by far the most impressive and most elegant design the 1977-1995 Porsche 928.



I know the last word in Grand Tourers is the 2003-present Bentley Continental GT but it lacks the range of the Trident Iceni and the elegance and lightness of the Porsche 928.