Eastern Ukraine & NATO

While it is true that the end of the Soviet era was very unwisely exploited by malign U.S behaviour. Russia should now be [now that one chicken has come home to roost] treated with sensible fairness and understanding for an equitable long-term solution.

Even though the West should right this wrong [and others] despite other questionable behaviour by Russia, Russia may not share the [potential] attitude of fairness and equity. Putin may have the opposite ambition, one of Federation building and autocratic rule or an allied Federation of like minded selfish Kleptocratic Dictatorships.

The science is very biased by virologists and epidemiologists towards them being more important than a healthy, successful and Un-threatened human immune system.
Also an increase in NHS strain And Priority is good politics for future funding and..

It does not matter whether a country is governed by dictators, absolute monarch’s, party elites, Chinese or E.u or democracies, whether theatrical, directed, bought-out or just Stupid, Good should only be judged by a focus and dedication towards raising Standards of Living and the Quality of Life of the People economy of Earth.

Unfortunately our global system is based on the Priority of Acquiring Monetary Profit.


National Strategic competative interest was/is further conflicted with other cultural differences that have bread contempt, greed and malign behaviour and intent.

One E.u mistake is to end individual cultural differences instead of, to celebrate and preserve them.

There wad/is a successful immune system that was/is not 99%+ not threatened by this flu BUT there is No Profit in Doing Nothing.

The Vaccine Economy?

A simple high philosophy of life should be forever improving with a modernist attitude to base-line state of being and ambition. I fear President Putin does not share this last ambition Either.

We could/should be working harmiously together towards making Humanity a tripple planet species with a ring of townships at 1.3AU and beyond with a target population of 70 billion. Now that is what I call profit. We are needlessly developing inferior thechnologies.