Eastern Ukraine & NATO

1. Pull back any physical NATO placements from the Baltic 3 & 2. Guarantee NATO will not sit in Eastern Ukraine and reestablish Russia's border on the east side of the Dneiper or you & NATO will be the reason for this war.
America seem to be fully committed to Europe Using the Rule of Acquisition no:34.
Did the French win when they wrote the Treaty of Versailles? NATO's creep is to blame for Putin's Retaliations. Crimea [& the Russia/Ukraine border] should have not been Removed from/as Russia. @jensstoltenberg @BWallaceMP Russia is 'Unstable' & 'u' lot R behaving like Adolf's..
Postscript: The Russia Ukraine border is going to be an ongoing issue. The U.S are going to retain their agendas and the control of NATO for the visible future. The E.u [Germany mainly] Germany & France are faced with developing an E.u relationship of their own with Russia and then side-stepping the U.S's combined vision for a U.S, Russia & China outcome.
NATO is in a perceptive conflict internally and externally it looks more like Germany in 1937 than Magino.
UK Russia Ukraine: A quick history recap is urgently needed to switch the UK politics from silly tough talk rhetoric to fair pragmatic sensible diplomacy aimed at correcting 'The Treaty of Versailles'.
The U.S/NATO Trajectory is towards War.
First the U.S create a [Drunken isolated Yeltsin] an Ukraine Eastern border that would intrude well into Russia if/when the Ukraine joined the E.u & NATO.
Second NATO not only includes the Baltic Countries as members but expands NATO positions into the Baltic countries, threatening and provoking Russia. [After Poland already allowed the placing of U.S missiles [declared by U.S. to be aimed at Iran] in Poland].
Russia [in its own style] counters the border issue phase-1 by retaking Crimea. Phase-2 seems to be late but Putin has now placed forces on the Eastern border of the Ukraine to create discussion and to hopefully negotiate an end to NATO's threatening posture.
The U.S/NATO are mounting an acceleration program to back Putin down or to justify a War to start with Russia.
Meanwhile European Countries are caught in the middle of this U.S created situation.
One reason the U.S [Even under a pacifist leaning democrat President] is pushing for war with Russia [in Europe] is that they [the U.S Generals] would like to tie Russia up in a costly long conflict in the hope that it will spell the end of Putin and then his replacement will not hold the same commitment to be anti-E.u & NATO or to China and its plan for a combined war with the U.S. China's battle plan will then be weakened and its hardware deal with Russia will be cancelled and China's dream will be mostly over in effective terms.
Europe should be careful of allowing itself to become the battle ground for a U.S strategy that is from its acorn. The UK is no more than a free appendix/minion to any U.S strategy.
The U.S must keep that bust of Churchill in the Oval Office to remind them to use Churchill's famous quote "It is better to jaw, jaw, jaw than war, war, war" to use to achieve victory as a second move..
Putin has made it hard to see what he wants and what his plan is for getting to it.

If he had a plan to take back Crimea and Ukraine, it seems strange that he did not do what he wanted, having mobilized his generals and military for the Crimea move. It looks as though he was nervous and hesitant and only made a limited move.

Since his Crimea move the Ukraine has upgraded its military capability to some extent. Larger ground troops armed with the Israeli Tavor Bullpup. While this will give the Ukraine a fighting chance, it really only amounts to the opportunity for Russian airpower to put into effect their Syrian striker seasoned pilots to kill easily identifiable clean uniforms from above which will amount to more dead democratically inclined young Ukrainians. Could that have been Putin’s plan all along?

Ten years before the start of the second world war, it was well known [but ignored by the governments of Europe] that Hitler was rearming [against the rules of the ‘French’ Treaty of Versailles – The real cause of Hitler & his reason for going to war]. Then Hitler started shouting about the Sudetenland’s after getting no response after annexing Austria. Europe remained passive and tried to bury its heads in the sand. There were discussions of alarm [Churchill dating back to the beginning of Hitler’s rearming] and appeasement but the controlling power decided to do little to nothing. Despite the protests of German aggression and how to react to it, there was no rear-viewing to point to the cause of Hitler’s mad anger and how that historic factor could be righted. We, Europe knew what Hitler wanted [He had been and was yelling it at the top of his breath] and what was probably coming [for the French] even after [hope] giving him back the Sudetenland’s.

Putin is far more difficult to read. He moves slowly and keeps his cards close to his chest. It seems counterproductive. If Putin were to go to the U.N / send a clear message saying that the situation in Europe had changed so much that it was now a new security issue for Russia and that he intended to re-annex Crimea and Eastern Ukraine up to the East side of the Dnieper River. One month from now, giving all people who did not want to become Russian Ukrainians, to leave. Allowing West Ukrainians 90 days visa free a year to visit relatives in the future. Any resistance will be crushed and any government actions will be met with overwhelming destruction and government centre destruction as punishment. NATO’s border with Russia will not be allowed to be further East than Moscow. That might work to keep things civilized.

Putin’s cards held close to his chest on this fundamental Russian issue is hindering the realisation of the logic and swifter Western resignation of the issue, possibly helped by a U.N vote. The E.U however seems less hostile and inflexible than the U.S & the UK. Perhaps it is the gas or perhaps there is a better view by especially Germany, of the history of the agreement on the formation of the borders after the end of the Soviet era. Either way what Putin wants and how he intends to get to what he wants seems shrouded in deceit and deception, which I do not believe is helping him but is being exploited by the U.S /[uk] to build public opinion for a European sited NATO conflict with Russia. To coin the U.S phrase ‘Sending over lethal-aid’ [From America / with Love]..

There remains the possibility that Putin wants all of Ukraine and Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania and once again Poland is in for a punishment. Primarily Putin is the gasman that wants his bills paid and he is probably intending to keep the gas bills high or sell it all to China!

China considers Americas invasion of Korea to have been an unprovoked attack upon China [‘One China policy’ - The Florida of China] America are still there and North Korea has been punished for not being defeated. North Korea went from modifying scud missiles to extend the 600 mile range and failing to drawings of longer range homemade missiles to suddenly having the latest Russian designs built by the Chinese. America surrounds the world with nearly 300 overseas military bases. America has over 20 Nimitz sized [100,000 ton+] aircraft carriers with around 80 fighters each.

Ironically if Putin had offered the Baltic countries a trade & peace treaty [after 2010] that included a Federation membership with Russian privileges of Russian state investment and free work and education access to Russia. Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania would be building ships for export and rolling in Rubles, all for agreeing not to allow any external country or group to override their own nations constitution. They would be free to also join the E.u so long as the bit about handing supreme power over to the E.u is omitted. Also no foreign military would be accepted in Baltic countries under Russian Federation Membership. This ugly snide NATO move would have been prevented and the Ukraine [Independent sovereign Region] would be one of the Richest countries in Europe by now. The E.u [Empire of the union!] would be being halted soon after.

If Putin moves on only Eastern Ukraine, Germany may stay silent and oppose NATO involvement. That will be the first day of the end of NATO. Cooperation for agreed objectives will be at an impasse for what is the North Atlantic view of what is right and best practice and the German/E.u vision for what is best.

The UK will [as before] be unprepared and out of kilter with the true course of events and on the wrong side of their full unfolding.

While it is true that the end of the Soviet era was very unwisely exploited by malign U.S behaviour. Russia should now be [now that one chicken has come home to roost] treated with sensible fairness and understanding for an equitable long-term solution.

Even though the West should right this wrong [and others] despite other questionable behaviour by Russia, Russia may not share the [potential] attitude of fairness and equity. Putin may have the opposite ambition, one of Federation building and autocratic rule or an allied Federation of like minded selfish Kleptocratic Dictatorships.

The science is very biased by virologists and epidemiologists towards them being more important than a healthy, successful and Un-threatened human immune system.
Also an increase in NHS strain And Priority is good politics for future funding and..

It does not matter whether a country is governed by dictators, absolute monarch’s, party elites, Chinese or E.u or democracies, whether theatrical, directed, bought-out or just Stupid, Good should only be judged by a focus and dedication towards raising Standards of Living and the Quality of Life of the People economy of Earth.

Unfortunately our global system is based on the Priority of Acquiring Monetary Profit.


National Strategic competative interest was/is further conflicted with other cultural differences that have bread contempt, greed and malign behaviour and intent.

One E.u mistake is to end individual cultural differences instead of, to celebrate and preserve them.

There wad/is a successful immune system that was/is not 99%+ not threatened by this flu BUT there is No Profit in Doing Nothing.

The Vaccine Economy?

A simple high philosophy of life should be forever improving with a modernist attitude to base-line state of being and ambition. I fear President Putin does not share this last ambition Either.

We could/should be working harmiously together towards making Humanity a tripple planet species with a ring of townships at 1.3AU and beyond with a target population of 70 billion. Now that is what I call profit. We are needlessly developing inferior thechnologies.