BoE Rate Rise 2021 -

We [the 99.98%] was Robbed, by "Test, Test, Test".. And..

To me the Bank of England looks like the umpire of a real tennis match in a very changed world.

Back before the domino of MIRAS the "loads-a-money" economy was hot and driving up prices. These days prices are rising because of rising fixed cost essentials that a rate rise will not effect.

On top of austerity, the pandemic of media governments, government abandonment of governing national services, mortgage rates and general personal debt, borrowing is fixed in a low cost embrace. An embrace that now looks like tightening through what is probably going to be Britains worst recession since the end of the second world war.

Party like it's 1929!

It smells to me like the BoE is doing a spiteful Osborne move to create Punishment for its feeling of being Molested by a government.

Karma is not a Wolf.
A Wolf is a Wolf.

Just as it looks very much like a third world war maybe about to begin early in the Ukraine. Are we prepared as much as we were after years of German arming?