Brian Cox on the bbc - Universe

Carl Sagan [1934-1996] said “You can’t convince a believer of anything, for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe.”

Carl Sagen was a wonderfully eloquent man that turned his teachings of his knowledge of Cosmology into poetic prose that exceeded the televisual graphics of the day. Even though his poetic prose was to marvel at, he never deviated from his Brilliant mindset of the pragmatic physics of what is known and what is evidence. His romantic description never ventured into the realm of romantic imaginary symbolisms. Not for one moment did he assume an existence, irrespective of possibility if a theory was derived of myth alone, for that would not be scientific and would carry no integrity as a scientist.

You romanticized at every turn. Misleading primary school children with words and meanings such as creation, gateway and terrifying. You spoke of space time not existing and next said matter cannot avoid time and that there was a time before the ‘big bang’ and that before the big bang the universe was empty!?!

And as your descriptions progressed your reasoning came apart like and asteroid approaching an event horizon.

You stated as though fact that at the centre of a black hole matter was crushed smaller than an atom. When any Cosmologist who considers Quantum mechanics could question the origin of a singularity as mathematicians cycloptic plod to a bit of chalk on a blackboards outer edge only.

Much like the tech nerd that complained to Steve Jobs that he was wrong and should not have been re-appointed as director of Apple, before he had unpacked his vision.  

If you believe quantum mechanics and its associated realm exists then once you add it to a mathematical singularity it must have an effect on the conclusion. Nes pas?

Spatial Singularities Do Not Exist.  

If you take that step then your thinking around the so called ‘big bang’ and the emergeance of matter and space time must be revolutionised.

You spoke of a thousandth of a second and a great heat.

Both are therefore probably completely wrong.

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