UN Caretaker Government:

After this much time sinse government was derived for the administration of enlarging society, it is a shame and a farce that the corrupting effects of the pursuit of 'Currency' has not been engineered out.. 

Governing Structure & Method best practice model..:

Greed with Wild Callous Abandonment..

It is not Rocket Science [Simples 'today' Really] all that is necessary, is available and all such a thing needs [In the embarrassing absence of even 'One' model attempt or a proven working model] is:

1. To Not Put Capitalism as the Priority.

2. To [learn from but] ignore Marxism.

3. To put as the Priority, the Economy of Society with that society focused on Quality of Life under an improving philosophy of attitudes and the objectives for [model purpose1] The ideal life-cycle for a Human.


Work Completed

[UN Emergency Constitution] Caretaker Government Model:

Nigeria - Completely inside International business Planning Law

Deployment Priorities & Objectives:

Russian Sanctions upon Northern Florida - "Why are you threatening Us" comrade?..