Sea Level Lowering – an ironic truth

Before we know the outcome of Cop-26

[after the previous Cop pledges – Completely ignored in real actions to meet target ‘intentions’]

The world G-7,8 or 20+ are blatantly running out of Cop legitimacy and would be better off inviting country’s to announce their Carbon emitting intentions rather than go through another round of Carbon killing inky agreements, while being fed fried Haggis and deep fried Mars-bars served with Lamb stock steeped neaps.. [in the hope of making non-eu friends with the boiling & preserved indispensables]

India and China have declared their intentions to head for coal-max in 2030 and then reduce [pledge] to carbon zero by 2060. Anyone but politicians and their nationally educated electorate could tell us that their geo-math is Laughing Testicles. Their intention is the Absolute Opposite!

Before you condemn the Communist Capitalist enemies of NATO & The U.S by default, spare a thought for the poor old/new West Germans. In their energy crisis caused by the cancellation of German nuclear power and now under the throat grip of an Opec style Russian gas deficit, the German’s have done an emergency deal to shore up their lack of power by buying coal, from Russia! [I am not making this up] As a bi-line the purpose of NATO should be in question as its enemy has evaded NATO fully thanks to Germany.

The outcome [being realised visibly] is climate change max. More heating and [as defined by Douglas Adams] a world as kinetic as the Brownian motion in a nice cup of hot tea. The Sea level will rise, as the sea ice ‘starts’ melting. This is already underway.

The atmosphere is being taken back to a periodic phase [warm] of approximately 30 million years ago. The two main cooling phases will be caused by atmospheric water vapour reaching up to form noctilucent clouds, increasing to form a noctilucent shell. The second phase will be caused by the extended period of Carbon absorption leading to a lowering global temperature allowing for the restarting of polar ice depositing.


Every centimetre of sea water rise will not go back down unless the process of interglacial cooling concludes. The likely probable sea level rise will be 60 meters at its lowest probable.

An arrest now [2020-2100] of carbon emissions to 1/10th of today, sea level rise will not be below 30 meters. Arctic stored Methane is being released. 30 meters is very very hopefully conservative.

Whatever the final sea level, an arrest of the cycle will result in a cooled world above the temperature necessary for frozen water vapour and precipitation [at geo-speed] polar deposits to occur to complete the cycle.

With a failure to arrest Carbon emmisions in sight or effective scale re-absorbtion plans underway, Heating faster is the quickest way to bring back a more rapid cooling phase to redeposit the releasing sea ice back upon the poles. Many non-western [liberal media idealist] scientists know this [and in their hearts and souls, so do the idealists].