Is there something seriously wrong with Western society and has it gone senile?

Libyan refugee who stabbed three people to death in Reading terror attack after avoiding deportation five times.

I am not going to dissect the retarded psychotic unkindly person but I am going to accuse the western controllers of manifest stupidity, delusional arrogance and a prevailing poor attitude to international relations particularly with regard to causation of action and reaction.
Unkindness [under the above pathologies] lies within the international concept of business [money] competition and the alleged, championed global free market concept driving model.
The free market driven model is a fallacy [as shown by government ‘tax payers’ intervention to save the rich corrupted banking money grabbers from market evolution and consequences] is an example of corrupt unkindness protected and winning out in the pursuit of money.
That the recreational drugs ‘market’ supply is illegal and therefore unsafe with no quality control, is an example of senility winning out over the value over youth culture, given that the market could produce tax revenue instead of consume tax revenue and the young fun-time of carefree life could be made safe.
We see Boris Johnson’s [time] government struggling with an anti-fiscal mega full house of Gordon Brown’s deficit, Brexit [poorly executed with a smell of intended failure], Grand ‘antique’ projects, Tony Blair’s free American war’s generosity, Gold medal NHS inefficiency and purchase/supply vulnerability, devolution turning into a lie and a destructive fight. And now a Nation fixed on a National drive for multi-vaccinations [despite evidence suggesting that covid-19 is strong enough to live in the cavities of humans {as one species} permanently] and despite this virus of having a harmful effect on not much more than 1% of population and a death rate [lethality] of 0.2% of population, globally. Money grabbing [& kick-back] destructive capitalism is once again at the back of the screwed science and politics of interest.
The E.u are facing stronger resistance [despite their e6 billion annual kick-back ploy] for the formation of their Belgian-German Treaty Empire. Their over confidence has put the controllers and architects of the E.u in a corner. [Repeating for the Germans but naive new territory for the Belgians] The E.u’s reaction to this is classic authoritarian empire behaviour.
Faced with insurrection from ‘member states’ and the weakening and probable failure of relevant [treaty signed] regard for the European Court of Justice, the E.u [particularly Germany] sees a dedicated military force with an E.u wide mandate. This will make for a future of illegal populists being arrested and eliminated from the field of battle along with the threat of E.u to ‘member state’ action for treaty infringements that would result in prison for criminal individuals, fines and E.u management intervention. That the E.u would disguise their intention behind an internationalist [U.S failure & apparent weakness] agenda need, is corrupt, disgusting and just perpetuates the right to intervene internationally and make the world in the image of Capitalist [An Extinction line] Christian [Stupid Slaves] Liberalism [Dumb Immolation].