Regime Change in Afghanistan

is Rocking a John Lennon Look
"Give Peace a Chance"


After 20 years America and its allies have departed Afghanistan and handed over full control to its established and overly funded government and equipped and trained forces.

Unfortunately, the Afghan Taliban having waited in preparation, surged forward and swept across Afghanistan taking back control of territory, townships and government centres.

Pictured is a ‘Taliban’ soldier rocking a John Lennon Look. Ironic as the mantra that fitted this look was “Give Peace a Chance”.

John Lennon 1940-1980

The point should not be forgotten that John Lennon’s comment was aimed at America.   

It could be easily pointed out that giving peace a chance was something that has been absent from America’s foreign policy [and for that matter civil policy] from America’s [formation] and regarding its foreign policy since America’s Attack upon Japan in 1854.

After the 9/11 attack on America in 2001 America’s foreign policy attitude kicked into override. Straight away America moved into vengeant kick ass payback mode. Coincidently at the time the US government administration was Republican and filled with a ‘Neo-Hawk’ crew. [A source at the Pantagon was asked ‘So, I hear it’s now regime change for Iraq as well?’ The reply was “Oh, it’s much worse. They are planning regime change in five [5] countries”.]

For America [& its allies] to say that the Taliban will not be recognised as the government of Afghanistan, if they take control through military means when they themselves took control of Afghanistan by military means, is below [or should be] the acceptable standards of propaganda, in a mature free democracy!

There is no argument that Osama bin Laden needed to be brought to justice and his stronghold needed to be decimated. However Afghanistan at most should only have had its government centre MOAB’d at noon on a Monday.

[If The Duke of Westminster had attacked the Whitehouse with a mercenary team, in retaliation for Texas being stolen from his Great Grandfather – Would hunting down that Duke have been enough or should America have sought regime change of England, to finally bring an end to the lingering feudal unconstitutional misery and to protect the people from under the Royal elitist oppression of an-other human Monarchy? And then why not, while on a roll, move to smack those foul fascist Germans [for their repeated past transgressions] and get 2 for 1 and gloriously bring a democracy of a true democratic presidential constitutional and genuine freedom to the peoples of The English and Gaulish?!]

On the News we are told that Afghanistan has been changed for the better by the intervention of western powers over the last 20 years. I don’t doubt it. But 20 years is not enough time to rehabilitate an ‘old’ Muslim community culture. [After 367 years of Rome in Britain, How long did it take for Roman culture [water, drains and sewage management to disappear]?

We are told that over the last 20 years 40% of Afghan girls have gone to school [to be educated with some type of syllabus.] That means that despite the freedoms and opportunities provided by the American invasion [& its allies] [60%] of parents held back their daughters from American [& western values] freedom. But at the same time the Afghan security forces came from 95% of the remaining Afghan people – [5% Taliban?] and could there be a correlation?

Not for one moment did America ask itself [and Debate] Why Osama bin Laden attacked [hated] America. Why Al-Qaeda had formed and the best way to reduce, alleviate, eliminate Saudi/Muslim anger, resentment and disgust? [I can give 3 principle reasons]

Tony Blair 1953-

We must not forget the effect of Tony Blair on this sojourner of history. If Tony Blair had a remaining strand of caution, British Nationalism or well informed, wise, good reasoning he could have held back George Bush [his administration] to consider, target and plan America’s response to Osama bin Laden’s attack & message. If so America may not have overreacted and behaved like a brown bear disturbed from its billion strong beehive solo honey feast. Or America would have looked alone and out on a limb.

The die was cast for America [& its allies] By Regime Change ‘by military force’ straight after America’s 9/11 historically learned instinctive [Roman] reaction pro-action, supported by Britain.

Jacques Chirac voiced an objection to the intended US-UK attack on Iraq and threatened [but did not follow through] to Veto the resolution supporting the invasion and elimination of Saddam Hussein and his WMD.

Tony Blair fixed the JIC report [that had concluded {at current} that after the end of Gulf-war1 that Saddam had fired his last Scuds at Israel in the dieing hours of his US repulsed invasion of Kuwait] from ‘No weapons of mass destruction’ to Alistair Campbell’s asking for stronger language with the removal of the word ‘no’. Peter Mendelssohn then put his [pension ‘manipulation’] pressure on GCHQ.

At this point we should consider the concept of ‘Evil’ Or just bad: If bad is something, someone or somebody that does harm to someone intentionally or by default does harm to somebody and that harm is ‘very gratuitous harm’ [in full knowledge of the outcome] then that can be described as Evil.

Therefore the good knowledge of global warming and its outcome from the 1970’s as a result of fossil fuel burning and the ongoing rejection of Tesla’s atmospheric electrical extraction, wind energy, solar energy investments and Tidal Energy, could be described as bad if not wickedly evil. The reason for this bad is the same reason that motivated America’s attack upon Japan in 1854.

The desire for more profit, more growth and the highly competitive game [international law] play of the capitalist winner of a capitalist [or a Marxist communist] global Earth society should be viewed as an extinction route, bad and could qualify for the description above of Evil. [Don’t misinterpret my misunderestimation of my distain of Socialism as represented] Money is a human invention and modern economy has enslaved us all. Money is a tool and it is not dedicated [neither are the controllers] to the improvement of the human experience, equality and the rising [in genuine direct terms] of the quality of life.

America’s attack upon the Korean peninsula, Vietnam and America’s involvement in Afghanistan starting in 1979, were all as a direct result of US obstruction to Soviet/Marxist socialist/communism that was in direct detriment to America’s ambition for US global capitalism.

When President Trump [a home economy improvement focused president] was in office he was faced with a bunch of distracting issues. His withdrawal agreement with the Taliban stipulated that the Taliban would not give harbour or support to terrorist groups. Where? Afghanistan. This makes the assumption, conclusion that the Taliban would move back into Afghanistan and take up residence and control. How much and how fast was a matter for Taliban cunning, planning and their elegancies. The speed of the Taliban’s success was unknown but their intent and probable success was known. The decisions by the Biden administration and the subsequent dominoes are a result of tired briefings, political priorities and some partisan trip-wire planning.

Partisan [trip-wire] planning and Tony Blair & gang is Treason [against National best interests]

Jacques Chirac’s argument was that the best way [only way] to evolve a Nation [Nation build] is by a long-term process of ‘constructive’ incentive & reward and sanctions and isolation until negative [not UN agreed as best practice] has been ended, replaced and evolving.

 ~ Stefan Howarth 19/8/2021

The Taliban and the influence of their [democratic] percentage. [Title added 2/9/21]

General Sir Nick Carter

General Sir Nick Carter’s comments on the withdrawal in Afghanistan are triple submissive, intellectually deficient and in denial.
Shortly after the 9/11/ attack in 2001 Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as stating "Need to move swiftly – Near term target needs – go massive – sweep it all up. Things related and not.” According to notes taken by senior policy official Stephen Cambone.
This then led to the Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair telling Parliament that Saddam Hussain of Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that could be launched in 15 minutes towards the UK. [This was despite the ‘unchanged’ JIC report stating that as of post Gulf war 1 inspections, Iraq had ‘no weapons of mass destruction’.]
Parliament [The commons] then voted on 25 November 2002 and 26 February 2003 for the invasion of Iraq. Passed by 412 to 149 votes. This despite substantial evidence available that Iraq had no involvement in the 9/11/2001 attack.
Osama bin Laden was the known planner [and primary funder] of 9/11. On the day of the attacks, communication provided ‘clear and irrefutable’ proof that bin Laden was responsible and Bin Laden later confirmed this by video.
Bin Laden was working from Afghanistan where the Taliban [ruling government in Afghanistan since its rise to power through civil warfare from 1992-1996.] The two [bin Laden and Taliban] shared a more purist Koranic ideology and viewed collaboration with western influence as corrupting.
Taliban ideology [is essentially to follow the true essence of the Quran] applies the Sharia from the group bases of Pashtunwali, Deobandi, Sufi, and The Muslim Brotherhood via Wahabism, Salafi.
Coalition military forces have not changed The Taliban’s Ideology.
Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces in Pakistan in 2011.
As of 2019 The Taliban controlled more than [60%] of Afghanistan. In December 2020 the Afghan government abandoned 193 checkpoints to the Taliban. In March 2021 the Afghan government declared that it had withdrawn from 40% more checkpoints in two further regions handing full control over to the Taliban.
At most the training delivered by the ‘Sandhurst in the sand’ will provide protection to the Afghan government in the hope that relinquishing all of Afghanistan to the Taliban will allow power sharing [funded by a share of a continued flow of US dollars] for as long as the US government feels it is necessary, prior to the focus on the post-US-Afghan plan, leaving voters memory.
After that the Afghan government will flee to join the likes of Hamid Karzai in political retirement with his airline and the Afghan Sandhurst officers who do not accept Taliban rule and adopt full Taliban Islamism will most probably sell their skills to other Islamic jihadists as mercenaries.
A case of: The infidel, Her Majesty gifts you this very fine military cricket Bat. You are welcome..

In addition to the 3 key ways to solve the wicked problem in Afghanistan [aid, investment & sub-mitting to Allah] there are several other ways –

By far the best way is to understand and accept this: Everyone is going to die in Afghanistan. Death is the end experience of life. The experience is a glimmer of a flicker in 100 years. Next century the goat view might change a bit quicker than the last 1000 years and catch up some to its neighbour the desert roebuck and its far from equal views.

To continue to interfere will just add to ur reason for suicidal extinctions. Nation States ethnic isolation and corral for goat. Review policy 2150.