The Hymen

Your Hymen evolved to keep poo and bacteria out [mostly] of your vagina while you were a child.

Once you are passing through puberty, your hormone surges make your vagina more acidic. You no longer ‘need’ your hymen. You can remove it anytime you choose. It is your body, your vagina, your Hymen and your Life.

Some Hymens are very thin and break very easily quite often in childhood without knowing. These types of Hymens usually have few blood vessels or nerves and vanish without pain and with little to no visible blood. Others are dispatched on rocking horses, bicycle saddles or saddles on a real horse for those coincidental reasons or to give young females a first love distraction.

Some hymens are thick and strong and in the past have brought a wedding night to a halt with screaming brides that have led upset husbands, to mothers or grandmothers to solve the problem. This has led to some quite unusual cultural practices of ceremonies for pre-wedding brides to undergo a penetration and dilation event that looks as though it was inspired by an elephants tusk but made out of wood. There is likely to have been a slow evolution of that culture led by somewhat mischievous [bitches] towards a more sadistic experience, for the young brides. However, at the end of the day the new ‘daddy’ is no longer going to be a freight, after that, in the light of any bedroom.      

In the modern world, young women with thick strong Hymens may find that first penetration is difficult, painful, stinging and bloody. What is more, many of those types of Hymens try to heal themselves to fight for your vaginal safety and integrity. It can [after 3 or 4 days healing] take 2 or 3 good hard sessions to make it give up and wither away. Only after its demise can you relax without stinging pain and move onto trying to find pleasure from [whatever] penetration that your are receiving.

If you choose to remove your Hymen yourself [prior to a first ‘lover’ or husband] then the following is a good method.

Buy yourself a rolling pin made of wood. Wash it in water, dry it and lock your bedroom door. [You should have a Right To ‘teenage’ Privacy and a good latch on your bedroom door.] Part your lips wide [down there you should have trimmed 3-4mm hair] and Push-in or sit down on the rolling pin, until it is 2-4 inches [5-10cm] in. Do it firmly and quickly.

Then rotate [spin] the rolling pin around so that the wooden side rubs [/abrases] your hole opening. You may also use in-out thrust sliding if you want or feel that you need.

Without lube and without your own arousal juice is better for the purpose of abrasing away your Hymen.

Once you can place the rolling pin inside your vagina without any pain or discomfort [may require natural or added lube] your Hymen is probably gone for good.

Switch to latex or silicone tools for best self massaging of your vagina. Stick-on for doggy position, is best cost effective and easy.

Warning: Video link to stick-on doggy demo:

[Make sure your legs below the knee can slide back either side the stick on front - a square pine bed leg or a book shelf moved away from the wall abit is best]