The case for Ian Duncan Smith to be Leader of the conservatives 2016- and PM 2021-

Back way-when the Conservative Party [after the E.U Referendum result] considered and then elected Theresa May [a non-Brexiteer] and then allowed the sale of British negotiations to result in the Chequers proposal, of the withdrawal agreement that [fortunately led to distain from both sides of the house] and then the May sacking, [before the electorate or bigger, a democratic revolution] the commons was still E.uro-fixated and [undemocratically] committed to Britain being in-[under] the E.u..

Despite the original referendum vote being brought about due to the Little-myopic thinking/view of the effect of Britain becoming a victim of the E.u’s freedom of movement [that has led to an increase of British population only ‘from Europe’ [and its rushed minor 3rd world neighbour members] of 5 million people from 2004-2015] Britain effectively has dodged the reprisals for Belgium of [the increasingly obvious] rise of the E.u Take-over of all European countries and-beyond [as is becoming evidently obvious with big and majority influencing French & German voices confronting the E.u political philosophy] with their actions of acquisition and control.

The E.U [Belgian E.u and blind like-minded] maybe a future force for good and a future [of cooperating and respectful of national value] club to belong to, but not while it remains hell-bent on building an old fashioned empire. [For there remains a difference between the attitude of Unity & Control]

After the demise of the folly of Theresa May [referendum & party election regulations needed] Boris was elected by the party [Boris while held with affection by the electorate {due to the low bar of dull, repetitive, devious politician virtues} despite his dubious credentials regarding Brexit.

Subsequently Boris picked up the baton of the Cheques/withdrawal agreement – Despite calling out from his seat at Checkers “It’s a Crock!”

It is now plainly obvious that Boris is fundamentally a submissive, a passive aggressive deviant of responsibility and a privileged mutt of cute evasion. He is a blond muttley and a fake Gromit, who traded his high earning long-time wife for a penniless young strumpet that has him stealing to afford her desire to be kept at [£300.000 just to get by] not including her personal design desires for his temporary accommodation at his temporary job. [new regulation needed]

The Bexit-deal-with-the-E.u was incomplete and wholly Un-necessary and undesirable [at that/this time and in its form] yet Boris/ folded with all of the provisos included by the E.u without completing a deal on any fronts, not least fishery region access/finance agreement, services, banking, equal independent rights towards goods and trading and most of [paramount urgency] allowing the E.u to attempt to pair off Northern Ireland from British market area control.

The Northern Irish, British, issue is now the greatest threat to peace and life. With the current E.u protocol the Good Friday Agreement is Dead. With divisions remaining between the Nations of Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain the DUP is set for a build-up to multi-lateral conflict. On the other side of this greasy coin is the re-vitalisation of the IRA’s interests and mobilisations.

There are repairs to be conducted if Brexit is going to occur [in real terms] and be peaceful and successful.

Right now in the government there is [still] very few MP’s capable or willing, on either side to fight for a completed full [in real terms] Brexit. [Even Farage is a “Job’s done” worth]

What we Britain needs is a strong fundamentally committed Brit and Brexiteer to fight and deliver for Britain. [All of the four+ regions of a devolved Britain, The United Kingdom.]

Ian Duncan Smith has been a strong Euro-sceptic from his beginnings in Parliament. He has a military background from Sandhurst and has served as an aid at General level. His subsequent personality leads him to a definite unwavering presentation style that [is most detested by politicians due to wavering being their key commodity for personal advancement]

His term as leader 2001-2003 was undone principally by his inability [date commons specific] to see beyond his in party battles and focus on attraction to the voters of his vision for ‘their Britain’ and the benefits of voting conservative. This [often democratically elected politician common problem] was in the shadow of the storm from 9/11 and its rolling snowball of Saddam and all of the scud’s left over from Gulf war1 [JIC1] plus the unspecified new stuff  [JIC1+] that was now 15 minutes away from a Hiroshima in Neasden.

Ian Duncan Smith was the right man at the wrong time.

Now, is maybe the time to re-elect the quite strong man. Despite all of his few minor flaws and flipping voting record, he has exactly the qualities that have been described as matching The Churchill Factor and effect.