Ocean Gyres


The Great floating whirlpools of flotsam and jetsam of the Oceans

If there is one good that has come out of this embarrassing situation is that the oceans have revealed to us with graphic clarity that the oceans can isolate and accumulate floating matter permanently.

This provides an opportunity to use the ‘Gyres’ to absorb carbon from the atmosphere in a quantity and speed even greater than that of all of the worlds trees.


Macro-algae and seaweeds could be bio-engineered [DNA Modified] to create a floating algae-weed, suitable for prolific growth in [specific Gyres locations] the ocean whirlpool capture locations, to form islands [of green weed instead of plastic and other garbage flotsam] floating and growing [Blooming] through continuous life-cycles, trapped in situ by the Gyres.


As the algae-weed dies it will sink to the bottom of the ocean floor taking most of its absorbed carbon with it, to be captured in the abyssal sink. The next generation will continue the growth [Blooming] and absorption cycle.


A genetic switch should be engineered into the genetically modified algae-weed to make it susceptible to a chemical herbicide that can be crop-sprayed when less carbon absorption is required.