Ocean Gyres

Plastic alone: 370,000 Tons, floating as of end 2021 [UN estimate]

The Great floating whirlpools of trapped Plastic and Garbage of the Oceans.

Absorbing Carbon back from the Atmosphere

Human burned carbon started entering the atmosphere in larger sootier quantities from 1700 with the onset of the industrial revolution powered by a vast increase in the use of coal.

The industrial revolution occurred in the west [Great Britain, USA & Continental Europe] that at the time had a population of approximately 100 million. The population of India & China in 1700 was 310 million. Both populations [West & East] doubled by 1800, bringing the global population up to 1 billion.

In the subsequent 200 years to AD 2000 the global population increased to 6.1 billion. Today 2022 China & India’s total population is over 3 billion of the total global population of 7.9 billion.

That is just under 40%. With a continued growth projection through to 2100 China & India will have a population of 6.5 billion. Global population [without a serious alteration] will be at least 16 billion.

China’s economy has been growing at around 10% per year since the ‘reform and opening’ in 1982. India lags behind in growth potential because India has not applied any similar type of national reform endeavour. But that will change in time.

Even if the West becomes Carbon net Zero this century it will not stop the fossil committed China & India from producing 5 [Five] times the total Carbon of the main Industrial age from 1750-1950. This [5X] Carbon will feed in from 2000-2200.

We do not need Greta Thunberg to point out that Western governments are not putting up much of a fight against the fossil fuel Giants. In the West, Oil, Gas & Coal are very much committed to extraction for sale & domestic use, for the stock future.

Alternative energy is hampered by restricted investment causing a trickle feed in, despite the already many proven [& developmental improvement] options. Tidal Power [the most reliable green energy] is almost unspoken of by politicians and does not feature in the planned ‘mix’.

The ‘genius’ false neutral Carbon ‘Wood pellet’ product [buy-in] has resulted in wood pellet manufacturers to go far and wide to find trees, to supply the growing market, after the commitment of [gullible politician governments that have {mastered the art of no thinking & wrong thinking} relying on ‘advisors’ to make {mostly private} economic slanted decisions] some governments opting to switch their energy mix to exclude coal & nuclear and then include tree burned energy.

It should not take a first year statistician to point out [from under the weight of the genius sale logic] that a ton of tree burns quicker than it grows. Multiplied by a number of power stations [wood pellet size reduced for quick burning] furnace hours per watt = Need many more tons of trees.

I have no proof only evidence but after wood pellets became a politician hit Borneo’s rain forest has reduced by 80%. With the arrival of Bolsonaro Brazil has increased its forest clearing tenfold which is a double win for Bolsonaro as the modernizing population of China is the growing market for soya, beef and etc.

As rampant growth continues with its associated energy needs [and its commitment to easy coal etc] we also get a reduced natural tree global Carbon absorption capacity.

Beyond [and in addition] to Carbon, the heating planet is causing the arctic methane perma-store to escape into the atmosphere with its 34X [that of Carbon] climate heating potential. 1,400 million tons of methane is estimated to be locked up in the arctic. Huge sink holes have been appearing in Northern Russia and most northern lakes have been freezing after their northern summer to trap the last bubbles of escaping methane and make the lakes look like a huge bowl of lemonade ice, until the next spring.

As the atmosphere warms the planet, geothermal heat will increase [or decrease in its escape balance] trapping more heat underground. This [is] will result in more seismic and volcanic activity. Volcanic eruptions produce soot, carbon and other noxious gases.

Water vapour is also produced by volcanic eruptions in large quantities. As the climate heating increases we will see more and bigger volcanic eruptions every year with their associated water vapour expelled into the atmosphere. in addition equatorial heating will result in an increasing amount of water vapour entering the atmosphere from gradiating precipitation. Water valour will form part of the annual atmospheric content increasing sea level pressure and increasing the effect of atmospheric pollution on human health.

Wildfires have gone from an average of 5 million acres a year from 1980 to peaking at 10 million acres in 2020. [That is 150 million tons of Carbon per year to 300 million tons of Carbon] They are now referred to as “Wild ‘Mega’ Fires” – Watch that news..

It’s not all bad news, though; Life on Earth will thrive under these new conditions. Mostly bacteria and viruses and that should be some cool comfort for David Attenborough.  

Engineers inspired and emboldened by McWood-Pellet will be pushing for investments towards metallic trees and areas of land to build factory sized carbon absorbers that will be hungry for power. Perhaps the Amazon basin can be used for this grand project, once the natural trees have been made extinct there.

Roll-Royce are on the brink of developing a Hydrogen powered jet engine [which will produce water vapour exhaust] and a carry engine that will absorb Carbon as the plane transits the globe [when there is a safe window to take off..]

A huge amount of Carbon is absorbed by the oceans. Photo planktons, plants and algae. As the oceans warm there will be an [eventual adaptation] increase of them in the above reverse order.

Utilising nature at its strongest is the best way of absorbing vast quantities of Carbon, out of sight and automatically on a natural annual cycle [with some] farming management to use the newly discovered oceanic Gyres to become [not garbage but] floating cycling mega [Geno-modified] Prolifera islands of Carbon absorption and life-cycle sinks.

Plastic & other buoyant human garbage.

If there is one good that has come out of this embarrassing situation is that the oceans have revealed to us with graphic clarity that the oceans can isolate and accumulate floating matter permanently.

This provides an opportunity to use the ‘Gyres’ to absorb carbon from the atmosphere in a quantity and speed even greater than that of all of the worlds trees.


Macro-algae and seaweeds could be bio-engineered [DNA Modified] to create a floating algae-weed, suitable for prolific growth in [specific Gyres locations] of theocean whirlpool capture locations, to form islands of [green weed] instead of plastic and other garbage flotsam, floating and growing [Blooming] through continuous life-cycles, trapped in situ by the Gyres.

Prolifera Bloom

As the algae-weed dies it will sink to the bottom of the ocean floor taking most of its absorbed carbon with it, to be captured in the abyssal sink. The next generation will continue the growth Blooming and absorption cycle.

Carbon Cycles

A genetic switch should be engineered into the genetically modified algae-weed to make it susceptible to a chemical herbicide that can be crop-sprayed when less carbon absorption is required.