Tony Blair - Prime Minister 1997-2007
Unqualified. "Education Education Education" Wooden spoon. 9/11 'special Monika' "Stronger Language" Cyclops. A Fool & his Money. Wooden Spoons. a Dogberry of little importance - of mice

All Politicians are 'Unqualified' a Shit, corrupt criminal species/breed.

Their continued allowed existence should be a [New] crime of Treason against Britain and Within Britain.
‘Politicians’ are ‘un-Qualified’, have a ‘singular-aptitude’ & ‘shallow-ambition’. ‘They’ are of a low level of class similar to double-glazing salesmen.
They have Failed to Govern & have Failed Britain.
Something must happen to ‘their-system’ to bring ‘their’ Reign to an End.
'Mr Kwarteng rejected this saying: 'I don't think it is relevant because no amount of gas storage is going to mitigate the quadrupling of the gas price in four months.' -
It is a matter of Time to address a worst case scenario - A Thing that is not in the DNA of a 'POLITICIAN' Only.
The Sooner the Better, A Reality Rescue & SOCIETAL ECONOMY of 'humanity' can be tried..
Constitution GB 
21) Treason:

This definition presides over all former versions, definitions, precedents and acts of Treason.

Treason [1] against the Nation State:

Any Act Against Britain’s [1] The Nation State, British interests or Sovereign Rule, The security or the nation's international interests or provide help to those working against the intentions of the Nation State of [1] Great Britain {The United Kingdom} and the Commonwealth of member nations]

This applies to all subjects, {including military persons on deployment} residents and temporary permitted visitors for whatever reason. [Evidence of Treason Eliminates 'Diplomatic Imunity' Privilage Agreement.] 

This act covers all areas of Britain the commonwealth and British air craft, ships, boats, space craft and embassy’s proximity.

Treason [2] against the Elected Government: 

Any act against, To refuse, evade, avoid, work against or to provide help to those working against the decisions, decrees, policies or instructions of the elected and deocratic decions made by government of Great Britain [The United Kingdom] and the devolved regional governments of Scotland & Wales or those connected to the workings of government that have been imbued with government power, to carry out the orders of government.

Treason [3] against the Local Governments:

Any act against, To refuse, evade, avoid, work against or to provide help to those working against the [as a wider national sabotage] decisions, decrees, policies or instructions of the elected governments of Borough Councils and the decocratic decisions made by local borough governments of Great Britain [The United Kingdom] or those connected to the workings of government that have been imbued with government power or contracted, to carry out the orders, intentions and objectives of Local Government.


The Oath of Office!:

Proposed reformed Oath of Office:

I (name of Member) swear by [Almighty God] [Optional] My family honour and my own integrity, under witness of this House, to honour fully the Constitution of Great Britain, The United Kingdom and I do pledge my Loyalty to the Crown of the Britain’s and to conduct myself and my business, both in this house and in life with full commitment to the benefit of Britain, Myself [In Under & For Britain] according to the Constitution, the procedures of this House and the objectives of a sovereign Britain under the Law. This I swear [So help me God] [Optional] with my honour, Electoral eligibility and freedom as collateral. This (Name) I swear.


Margaret Thatcher - Prime Minister 1979-1990.
Gave oil revenue away as coal welfare not Pension. Led from the muddle. Undemocratic. Left Pension door Wide Open. Kept Her Enemies in far too Close.

Some of the problems with Britain’s democratic, party political, politician government/s:
On Mrs Thatcher’s way out at the end of her career as a politician, governor and British Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher made the below speech. It held no personal, party or governing benefit from a free market business, financial or therefore electoral gain. If she had made this speech when this information was known for certain by government [1978-80] that were made aware by the scientists in question, whom had been becoming certain [evidence based] from at least a decade before, Mrs Thatcher would have committed career suicide.
Politicians by their nature rely on tree elements to join a party 1. A lack of ignorance, 2. The ability to think. And 3. The ability to orate and convince their peers. The ability to get elected [to parliament] is secondary to everything, in our party political system.
The ability to govern [in Britain] is hampered [an ELE] by five key factors: 1. Personal ambition being driven only by vanity and ego. 2. A lack of intellect [Very shallow thinking] or No thinking. 3. An absence of a relevant Qualification in governing [including a qualification] for a healthy, effective and productive relationship with a civil service. 4. A could not possibly care less about the truth and finally: 5. No consequences for any Negligence, party sabotage or national treason.
Politics and governing under the political theatre as it is [is only] attractive to the political animals [that sadly] are [mostly] predominantly made up of shallow, bickering, interfering bossy boots, overly keen to get in-charge by using their nature of talent for forcefulness but with no other talents.
Not surprisingly anyone with a superb intellect and a liking for thinking, a brilliant insight into predictive reasoning, a concise but soft spoken ability to communicate and people that do not like podiums or a chorus of brainless, unqualified [idiotic] politicians are [very sadly] missing from the workings of governing power.
If we look at Britain since the end of the Wilson governments, we can see two important events [forces] that stepped Britain forwards [within] the flawed system described: 1. Edward Heath [and ilk] Moved Britain towards the E.U planned future – [A Deeply Flawed ambition in its own terms]. 2. Margaret Thatcher seeing the success of the American economic model [and in the presence of the leading and celebrated economist and his evolution of the winning model] and with no clear alternative [Politicians being politicians since before Charles I had under [not] performed any thinking beyond self gain] leaving Only [that academic twit] Marx and his inhuman nature solution, admittedly at odds with Darwin, as a deeply suspicious and dangerous alternative, Thatcher moved Britain into a proto free market economy.
The free market economic model has been responsible for raising quality of life in material [and related health] terms. Choice sky rocketed as did diversity and creative corporate opportunities. The attitude and trust was that if it created profit, it was good and trusted as enough to be the main driving force of civilisation.
Government [British] closed the file on how-to-make a society and put their entire trust [apart from the remnant Marxists, the remaining disillusioned and the growing suspicious] into a future riding on a ‘free market society’. Corporate power increased and got a worshipping easy ride from all governments.
Unfortunately all is not rosy in this capitalist world. Inequity is increasing and the less well paid look increasing like a populous from any past century where the populous were just kept above starving to death and leaving a hole in the essential employment need. Meanwhile Marx’s idea was being used as a justification for the same but with equality as the political mantra subduing objection.
Both of the above models fail to make an attempt at increasing the human values of philosophy and constant betterment. A morally delinquent population of humans has been bred, to work for next to nothing while being heavily taxed, to want to spend money, as a life’s purpose in the free market model. Corporate profit value over human value and weak government [politician only animals] is leading to one ELE [Extinction Level Event].
Margaret Thatcher changed Britain for the better but by putting her trust [and a subsequent increase in trust] in the good only outcome of capitalism and the power of free corporate market forces, Mrs Thatcher condemned Britain to a power unconcerned in governing or the importance’s of the populous society or humanity as a value over profit for money.
Mrs Thatcher made her speech in 1989. Here we are in 2020 and finally climate change is a political hot potato and increasing in its momentum towards correcting the direction carbon emissions have been allowed to increase. Meanwhile corporate forces are still free and protected to remain focussed on profit as the primary obligation priority. The second ELE is climate change.
The third ELE is related both to competitive capitalism and political differences exacerbated by a history of imperial and territorial control. War is ever present and threatens to burst into radioactive destruction.
The previous failure to plan, the current lack of [regulations] of plans and a foolish belief in the strength of and surety of Britain is going [currently] to Britain becoming ever more disorganised and weaker. Politicians are not even thinking in terms of what needs to be done to ensure Britain survives Brexit and [the collapse of the E.U, the Rise of China’s ambition and its [2040-50] military intent] and prospers well into the new dawn of life on storm extreme Earth, the rise of Androids and that associated human society of a life of leisure.
A change of Philosophy and a life spent expanding and improving one’s self’s soul through life must start as soon, as it takes many decades for an acorn to grow into an Effective oak tree.