Sentient Qualifier

The Next Step:

Human Species Mental and Philosophical Sentient Evolution into a Quantum Connected Interaction of the Individual and cosmic life

Quantum Connections:

In ‘Quantum Evolution’ by, Johnjoe McFadden, theorised [subsequently observed] that the quantified specifics of quantum coherence from a super position of states is small and close enough to effect enzymes and cells to effect mutations. The connection was made between the electro neurotropic transmission in nerve cells and a quantum state. The inference is that consciousness and a quantum state is probably linked.

Telepathy is an observed [and experienced] phenomena.

Spiders exhibit an odd spider sense – Without visual reference spiders have been observed reacting to [in our case]  human threat intent immediately the human intent forms in the mind. The possibility [probability] is that spider’s consciousness can communicate using a quantum interacting connection. This communication has also been observed to connect a group of spiders out of range of each other [and other life] suddenly reacting in unison, usually turning towards a discovered food source or turning away from an observed potential threat position.

Telepathy [maybe] is [probably] occurring between [or within] certain sensitive or tuned human individuals. Without training or understanding, this must therefore be a natural and random occurrence of a quantum effect, as yet to be fully developed and exploited by the human species.

The conclusion must be that the evolution of the human brain's abilities are far from concluded [specifically] with regard to the brains connection and use of the quantum environment.

Human Social Evolution: [Qualifying Requirements]

Before humanity [as a collective species] could become a candidate for such a development [evolution into a quantum connected state] the standard of human philosophy and the human condition would have to improve and become much more of a uniform attitude and emotional quality. Not only would inequity of commerce and quality of life [and the quality choice behaviour of life] need to become of a closer and higher standard but also the inequity of philosophy and the right good and accepted best attitudes of life would have to become much more uniform, globally.

There is a long way to go but small steps in the right direction will be just fine. Focussing on home territory and setting a good high standard would be a good use of the concept of free competition and the creation of a desire culture.

The key steps in arriving at a qualifying standard are:

1. The end of a life in the pursuit of money.

[Replaced with a pursuit of improvements of the self and life’s opportunity as the experience]

2. The improvement of education.

[In philosophy, attitude and a healthy life style]

3. The reform of the current capitalist economic model with a secondary general social calibration.

[Replaced with a communal wealth system from the energies of humanity – underpinned by a lack of need for servitude by the rise of the android future, the new philosophy upbringing and the free individuals experience of choice that will inevitably include all the areas of societies functions and needs as areas of interest and opportunity to be involved – in addition to the other pursuits of interest and routine.]  

4. A wholehearted improvement by [government], industry and societies to end unnecessary competition, [Vapid, incompetance, corruption and neglect] aggression and warfare.

[The improvements in education will – coupled with societies change – will result in a new attitude to be human, a clearer purpose in youthful endeavour, improvement in emotional quality and a greater sense of equality of the person and a greater and collective understanding of the purpose of species human.]

Sentient Evolution:

After the change to a communal wealth life and a collectively adopted social improving and life enjoyment pursuit culture, the population of people will need two additional changes

1. People must be taught to develop their telepathic ability.

2. The population of telepathic people should be increased [possibly] tenfold of the current human total population.

At a certain point of a combination of telepathic harmony and quantity, a spontaneous [or slow growth in big bang terms] may occur in the background telepathic hum of unity, underpinned by the uniform philosophy and purpose of conscious human life – Human Life will awake in space and time and view a new vista of conscious awareness, connected to and beyond the universe and to see probably even more. A Borg like but happy, joyous and loving collective hum of telepathic [that would not interfer with the integrity or privacy of the individual mind] of species human..

Those stragglers, the left out and the ardent remaining opposed, will be dragged in by the sheer strength of the new natural chorus [like birds chirping, the sea breaking on a shore or the wind gently rhythmically gusting] of the new physical reality.