Naturally Occurring Spatial Wormholes

There are many strange, bizarre and amazing observed phenomena that occur in our galaxy and the universe. Knowledge of space, what is in it and how it works, consists of observed phenomena that has been detected, described, debated and accepted and by theories that have been put forward, challenged, debated, accepted or proven with physical evidence or corresponding and corroborating links to other proven physics.

There is much of the cosmos physical and beyond [Quantum] that we do not [currently] know much about but I am encouraged for the future by the fact that we have many theories that while [heated] are in debate [to some extent] show that we humanity are neither put off by seemingly oblique complexity of the areas nor the power of any established certainty that one theory must be wrong and should be crushed out of investigation verbally and by withdrawing funding from those theorists that dare to think into the voids of sight and beyond the bubble of the universe.


The centre of a black hole is not fully understood. What happens to matter [atoms and their constituents] inside the event horizon and any changes to the atoms as they progress inwards is not known [see 4 the second horizon theory] In the world of human scientific examination here on Earth atoms have been manipulated to release energy, have been broken and have been observed under the very lowest temperatures to behave in unusual, bizarre ways and atoms have been destroyed / disappeared into another state or back [decohere] into a quantum state.

Similarly and furthermore, the effects upon the fabric of space at and by the centre of a black hole is also unknown, as is any other interactions and links [for example] with dark matter and for the greater part the connected existence of the quantum environment at this particular point of space.

The particle experiment that gave rise to the Higgs Boson being confirmed and accepted under the standard model as a mass element scalar particle., while this discovery confirmed the element [as it transitioned out of form] was a particle observed under the standard model, it does not therefore detach it from the existence of other quantum interaction or for that matter string theory that would accept the Higgs boson as a mass scalar but not view it as a particle [and this line of physical theory should not be dismissed].

I submit that Niels Bohr’s quotes on the quantum – “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.” And “How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.” – still stand and are current with today’s knowledge level of quantum determinism.

Oblique galactic [black hole] collision orbiting perigee, resultant inverse square of the vector fields conflict leading to a ‘momentary’ spatial dissipation – theory

Whether it is during a galaxy merger or a pair of lonesome black holes the possible theoretical effect applies;

As two black holes pass each other during oblique or eccentric ever closer orbital passes their core mass spatial boundaries and their event horizons will overlap – as they separate the effects on the fabric of space [time] will be immense.

Between the gravitational torsion and the secondary conflicted electromagnetic fields separation [dependant on spin, size and speed] a space between the separating masses within the event horizon or at the event horizon separation point may cause space to be parted briefly [pulled apart while the mass point torsion lasts] exposing a spatial-quantum breach that will be filled with a third effect namely a wormhole, leading to [or connecting] to something or somewhere in time.

Mechanically Induced Mini Wormhole

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