What is the difference between a rant and a journalist’s article?

The same difference between a journalist and Julian Assange – One is a ‘qualified’ jobbing news reporter [with perhaps an angled view] and the other is a reckless anarchist [with a skewed hatred focused on spearing his beast no matter who dies in the cross fire.]

Qualification [that is a bequeathed knowledge handed over in a learning process that includes all relevant history including mistakes and current theory with ideals as a foundation and walls, seeking development to put a roof on it [any speciality] once and for all, as a standard under the ethos that evolution will then carry a good-working framework forward]

The definition of ignorant is lacking education, knowledge and experience. The definition of stupid is lacking intelligence and common sense. Both of the above should be applied, always to the definition of ‘a Politician’ circa Pleistocene – 2030 [hoped prediction end with evolution.]  

Jo Swinson [and the Lib-Dems entirely with the others following behind with their own failures glaring all around us.] said, she would abandon evolution as a good respected and observed process and start afresh with a new tax. Out would go the current business rates [based on rent price] and in its place would be put a land tax. When suggested that the land owner would just pass this tax onto the tenant, Jo stated that the market rate would stay the same.

How she could say that defies logic and belief. The market rate is not fixed and will react to external forces and be re-evaluated, as does any system when forces change [particularly tax] forces.

Politicians and paedophiles should be deported to the Isle of White. No boats should be provided, all trees should be burned and the fresh water should be drained, live stock removed along with generators and no food should be provided. Let’s see if they survive. In a few thousand years if they have evolved the ability to govern themselves while dealing and evolving solutions to obvious basic problems, we can consider re-admitting and importing them as a sensible rehabilitated society, fit to re-enter the human drive for the ideal original ambition of achieving civilisation. Because right now they are a pestilence class scrabbling for a Darwin award for extinction from a command position. [Kindo like a bunch of penguins stranded on an iceberg headed north, while leading a debate on where to start hacking off chunks of their iceberg.]

The sooner Oxford University is tasked with creating ‘A Degree in Governance’ [that is agreed upon] the sooner we will see both the civil servant class and the governor class replacing politicians as a profession deserving and recognised as having no more credibility than south American shamans determining the number of human sacrifices to please the gods to ensure next years harvest.