Bored old man in a home - Nuts in Switzerland - Heaven can wait..


Motive: Empty Pointless Default Greed.

Objective:   A. Get into Power   B. Capture National Wealth   C. Hijack Democracy [or the movement of relevance]   D. Hold onto Power    E. Collect more wealth like nuts    F. Live in the moment only..


All African countries in general, hve a common disease of short-term selfish vissionless instant gratifiation, to the loss of naional wealth and the future that they could have invested in to have ensured for a larger [Richer for all] nation, so much sooner without the murders and the wider deaths as an effect.

Tyranny does not necessarily come as bad or evil control:

The working class



[work in progress] 


Personal income tax in Russia is 13%.



'Modern' Democracy in General:

Life in the near poverty state


Fascist behaviour then and now

My vision id

Fascism as we think of it 

Volks victims

'Freedom from fascism'

The coming needed democratic changes to avoid disaster [& revolution]

A focus upon quality of life growth.

Looking at an end to economic growth to beenefit taxing revenues, a switch to a neutral growth model balance and