Global Education:

The purpose of education;

A Brilliant lights goes off in my head;

The purpose of education is to teach the children of America / Britain [any global region] of the world, Who they are, what they are, and where they are in the Cosmos and in Time of their position, in their regional time. The best philosophy of today for our species in life and to live life with the intention of self improvement, as you enjoy the beauty of life, here, or anywhere, while enjoying marveling at the art of everything, and everything availablly provided by your government, to learn academically for those that have the aptitude or interest.

Secondly; The purpose of education [under the current ‘evolving’ societal system] is equipping somebody with the skills … to secure a family-sustaining job and a career.

Part of it is educating students about where we think opportunity is going – And where we predict humanities philosophy and physical destiny is headed century to millennium – This is what we think the work of the future is – Or the future of work, of life should and will be.

Primary & Secondary National Education Modules:

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