Being Prepared


Did she make concessions or personal guarantees for a big E.U stand in support? 
[When we can see that Junker et al envisage a Russia joining the ‘Block’ Gravy machine.]

HM - The Best of The Best?

Does anyone have any experience with tropical rainforests and living in monsoon conditions? I do.
Just imagine a dry area to [when your gum boots have mold growing on them outside and inside and your socks are never dryer than damp] Now imagine; power stations mostly off-line, a constant monsoon on top of a British factory, under a dark grey sky over a cold tropical land, trying to make black powder.
Welcome to the old architecture of medieval warfare. Being sub-serviant to a dominating attrition of a pestilent annihilator is no future, even if the subjugator/s is visibly more successful with a manifestly obviously bigger and better ambition, than us poor and un-warringly prepared serfs. 

The A-Team

Survival includes [should have] a preparedness [dib,dib] for every imagined possibility to a probability ratio of need. British self sustainability was outsourced entrusted. British democratic political inadequacy has been ignored in favour of action and reaction with the hiding of the truth, enjoyed as success of the embarrassment only by civil servants and generals being pushed into early retirement. 
Britain meanwhile undergoes no conflict of constitutional crisis while politicians hand over Britain to ‘Ceasar’ with a French accent. Conspiring with their money lender who has a German accent. Irony?  
And while the mini greedy new Cesar ‘is doomed’, the E.U is not the danger to Britain [apart from the continued effects of being attached to its sucking nipple.] The dangers were there, visible and predictable. Now they should be manifestly visible with their non-humanitarian philosophies growing and conflicting to a majority whirlpool of destruction, sought importantly by the Winners here on earth.

The Strength of Analogue

Get Ready with lances and axes with light weight versions and carbon fibre long-range and striker bows. When the ammo is depleted or un-supplyable, 


Soldiers will still be highly required and effective if they are trained and equipped with bows and weapons and axes and sword craft of Greek/Roman and Samurai abilities. Would be a great deterant to venturing on to this island with walls of deterants from Typhoons and Gripens all the way to every Steve 'Guerrilla Ninja' Smiffy.

Capt Wellington-Hawk

Getting Prepared for the Futures will include a success at the Vanguard of human advancement, with Britain palming passed and through for a Great Try.

With whichever ally is along with HMS Intrepid.

The Police

''Good Evening young sirs, do you have business here? Be on your way to a club or a home.''

The Police have a difficult [and quite often dangerous to their wellbeing] job to do.

Dealiing with lost members of the public, people that want to know the time or cake sharing home-makers [sharing information about delinquent feral teenager types pedaling drugs, beating on their boys and rallying to gun fights to repell rival gangs] is the business of yester police force.

The days the 'Force' has been reduced to a 'Police Farce'.

With a breakdown / multiple failure of Britisheducation - That critically lacks education in behaviour with the police. Politeness and most importantly Cooperation. Cooperating with the police in the course iof their work should be enshrined in law - To avoid all misconceptions about whois in the right, With The Right, to enquire, to ensure that any law is not being broken. 

With the recent rapid and vast levels of migration onto British Land, there are many foreign arrival with scant knowledge of the British reule of law and the way the British police have historically been regarded and conduct themselves in comparisson to other police forces worldwide. Makes the shrinking police forces work harder and more dangerous. With the lowest numbers in the enviroment of national youth disrespect and new generation residents looking on with [a percentage] with criminal intent or violent by cultural nature or [sad] desire, the police are being positioned by circumnstance for resistance, the run around and beatings.

Add the crimally armed and the growth of Islamic disruption will come the growth of regional territorial dominance. 

The police are going to stay near the donut and coffee shop zones to avoid being dominated like mangey stray dogs or should that be 'pigs'.


Sir, please stand still and cooperate for the safety of everyone here.''

Education is the key out of the resistance - And education for recent residents - And sadly a more equipped police force capable of dealing with knife use and gun use, in the hands of 'Violent Intent'.