Individual's in a collective of purpose for unison

You Are Here

One main problem with the behavior of human cultures [apart from simple supine happy ignorance] is governors of old [monarchs, dictators & regimes] and new [regimes, dictators, hijacking faux democrats, genuinely elected politicians & imperial thieves thieving democracy] and apart from the overpopulation competing for fewer resources, one of which is not money, is that humanity’s view is linear.


With a linear view on this flat surface we live on, our philosophy is and remains two dimensional. That is to say living, being and thinking only on a flat surface keeps us focused only on every moment of thought [culturally inherited and taught] forwards only. There is no usual perception of space and time down in our daily lives because we a standing on a solid surface, rarely with a down moment of perception. Up we see nothing during the day apart from blue, grey and some slow moving white. We are so used to the daily movement of the sun through our childhoods [and the part time moon] that it adds to our apathy blinded by a lack of educational priority.  Without freeing the mind from the linear experience into a 3 dimensional understanding perception [a microscopic example is a Rubik’s cube] for the mind to think as a species in 3 dimensional space. [The problem could be simplistically compared to a flea living on the back of a dog. Not thinking much about anything above the dog’s skin or beyond the hair tips that you have rarely, if ever visited. You have heard, you know and you have peeked out but that has nothing to do with and holds no interest for you with your daily living on the skin.] The philosophy and culture of this creature is held back by its linear life cycle and ignoring its opportunity and its ability to evolve in mind and culture to another step for flea kind. It is not relevant enough that some fleas do think and live by a 3d different code of thinking and being on the skin because without a majority uniform change to a new larger dimensional philosophy, a change to a unifying movement cannot occur.


With climate change about to quite soon, whip us to the brink of extinction, our differences and competitiveness could be put aside and rationalized [as the planet causes a constant state of emergency prior to the first collapse of society and along and with and in time for a readjusted regional community set ups] to work together on the biggest project humanity has faced. Making [getting] humanity into an off origin world species.


We have a low gravity moon with a vast surface sea of iron. With the development of heavy lifting rockets and using ‘function over form’ as a design mantra simple orbital assembly space docks could be put up around earth and the moon. A modular transit moon lander could be bolted together in earth orbit dock and start moving a moon surface modular pre mining habitat set up for assessment and ground working vehicles, for the same and extending underground. Soon after tunneling to a choice iron ore face and a next door refinery and forging caves. Steel alloy girders of suitable strength and dimension would be easily lifted by a modest launch tug to a station assembly dock and the assembly work would begin on my design [or similar] gravity city orbiting at 1.3Au [Just under half way out to Mars]

All of the technology needed is off the current shelf. And remember with an increase in minimum possible weight per kilo per dollar, weight and therefore strength can be increased and space only requires [minus one atmosphere] of pressure defense. Unlike a trident carrying submarine that can dive to 1,000meters +? [Plus 101 ATM] and a pressure design safe margin of [Plus 255 ATM]? The Big Bucks.

The big players are already looking at the prospects but - and would quickly join in. First Britain should get a foothold with an access point and visible repeating modular approach moving forward. - I have a fully formed and evaluated plan, to station and Mars and beyond under modular form expansion.