Earth Future Geological Report:

Current Orbit Report: Planet Earth [Rock]

Report on Geological Situational Physics and Predictable Future of Planet Earth:

Planet Earth key data: 

Rock with surface area water dominant 71% [mean average depth 4,000 metres]

Diametre: 12,742 Kilometres with a spin oblique of .003

Atmosphere: Nitrogen 78% Oxygen 21% 1% Trace gasses [Usual; Carbon, Methane, Hydrogen compounds prodominate] Pressure: MSP = 101.3 Mbar. / 101 Kpa

Rotation: 24. hours [Lateral with Solar magnetic influenced tilt 7.15"] [Axial tilt 23.4"]

Orbit: [Star G2] Year = 365 Rotations 

Star: [G2] distance 150 million kilometre with Earth orbital inclination of 3.

Magnetosphere: 10. Electromagnetic field bow shock barrier 17 kilomtres.

1 moon – diameter 3.474 kilometre – orbital distance 384,400 kilometre – orbital inclination 10. [Stable]

Life: Confirmed. [Global] [Key ~]

Biome: Oceanic: Stage 5-1. [Management Level 2] Land: Stage 5. [Management Level 3.5] 

Species Evolution: Ocean Stage 4. [Mammal Level 3] Land Stage 4. Carnivorous [Mamal Myth based majority, minority science observation with micro Cosmic - Level 3.3]  

Technology: Mechanical maniipulation [pre-Quantum]

Space faring: No. [Transional Level 1.2]

Planet 'Earth' is inhabited with [current] 7.5 billion [dominant population] with an annual orbit of [C 9,454,254,955,488,000s] star distance C 8.20s. Planetoid of radius 6,379.1km subjected to a spin rotation of 86,400s {with a compound of anomalies - not subjective of this report} Species habitat land area is 10%. Water area = 71% the remaining 19% is Ice {variable} mountain peaks & desert.

Population and technology status are overloading the biome. Reaction is minimal. Direction is unchanging and increasing. {species awareness exists}

Compound problem is of [atmospheric] increases of carbon production. Secondary [atmospheric] releases of [warmed] gas deposits of methane [northern ground yeast & composite biome decomposition previous production store] Increases of population & population energy needs. Energy source 90% fossil carbons.

Predictive changes: Will occur in 3 critical stages -

1. Ongoing & increasing carbon production {unavoidable without systemic change or mass death} will increase atmospheric composition, further to heating, and increasing secondary releases and further heating.

2. Secondary releases [of methane] are occurring and will increase exponentially with heating.

3. Geological balance [Earth mass / moon mass distance orbit force effects] with increased atmosphere & associated [fully predictive] effects, will result in increased volcanism and other seismic occurrences resulting {critically} in volcanic gas, soot & other reflective discharges, will also increase exponentially. [A sub-critical effect {non-atmospheric change} will be the seismic effects of geo heating that will produce earth quakes and particularly coastal damage from tsunami's. [Continueing the erosion from tectonic origins as with the formation of coast bay and land lay of {eg; known as; The Costa De La Luz}] 

Predictive geo outcome:

Continued and constant increases into cascade phases year now0 - 150 - Cessation of carbon production. Ceased production atmospheric mass composition cycle, will be natural and unaffected {predicted] by no other additional forces. Cooling and phase recoil will occur {predicted status average} 1.5 million orbits. Key species survival {unlikely current status} & other species re-emergence [complex equation unperformed] {predicted minimized} reduced1, likely2 & unlikeley3. [1.mammalian, 2.awareness, 3.reptile]

[Further set-back & evolutionary decrease not likely.]

Planetary future:

From the next 'planetary spring' [Earth] will be a 1G planet with 149 million kilometer sq of land and 360 million kilometer sq of water with and average depth of 4,000 m. Flora and fauna species diversity will continue to exist at Over Maximum Balances, until solar degradation occurs at {predicted} 900 million years. {700-1.2billion years average degrading emergence}

Planet Earth will be biome M stable for .5 billion years - Manageable for a further .5 billion years & vapour re-locatable to further outer planetoids.

This solar system {Earth1} consists of outer suitable planetoids and a second main sequence star possibility of Class M or K, with 15 billion years plus {subject to Technology Spacial Mass Manipulations.}

Planet Earth will be a candidate for occupation and management.. {after 500 orbits} [Subject to minimum protocols {Predicted} ] End.


Report by: Leftenant Commander Zohan.

Zohan Recomendation to [report] current earthlings:

City Ship WH1 Design 1: A 700m x 200m with a 50m counter rotating center dock....

[Key ~] Life:

Biome: Stage 1= Chemical & photo enzyme. 2= Bacteria/viral 3= Photo-synthesis 4= Multi-cellular replication 5= Inter-dependant symbiosis.  

Management Level: 0= Organic 1= Unintentional changes 2= Intentional changes 3= Intentional changes to benefit self species 4= Intentional changes to benefit environment 5= Intentional changed to control environment.  

Species: Stage 1= Gilled & Liquid environment 2= Respiration dual-environment 3= Reptile 4= Mammal 5= Ape/Dexterity.

Species Level 1= Instinctive 2= Self aware 3= Planning use 4= Philosophical harmony 5= Cosmic [Q] Sentient qualified.

Space faring: Level 0=Non Orbital 1=Use of home orbit 3=Use of Solar system 4=Multi-planet expanded 5=Inter-Galactic species.