Louis Theroux Forbidden America:

3 more very good documentaries in your usual natural masterful casual polite unthreatening curiosity style. A difference from your earlier youthful work is now you are also a Hench Mench.

The problems of consent & abuse goes deeper & comes from 'dominant personality / character's' hiding under the positive concept of strong when it is in fact negative & abusive & or a social fetish for sadism for some, from some cultures. The lack of an endeavour to forge an evolving positive best-modern philosophy for child nurturing is to blame, throughout the world, worse in some places.

While consent was not always sought & a strategy of rolling onto consent in action was evident as automatic & instinctive [with the thinnest of rationalisations] some of the behaviour seemed event specific & style expected. [a boxer making fists to pretend punch fans & fans vis-versa - #meboxedtoo ?]  

Also we all have bad days at work when we would like to be somewhere else. We feel negative, tired & grind our teeth at small talk. Doctors, nurses, so why not sex workers. It seems excusery to blame a bad boss for being a bad boss on that day with that week evidence. Thank you Louis –

If you want a subject for a future [on the theme of abuse of women] docu – Read those books/websites&seminars that promise instant pulling guaranteed sex eg:The Game/the mystery method. See below

Rape with Coercive Control using Romantic Game-play


Bob and Dick’s seagull experience.

A behaviour has risen out of the ancestral trading, bargaining, influential, charismatic, dominant desire, leader objective that has been adopted and developed [throughout the eons] for many areas of human endeavour and has arrived for the business of seducing women [young girls] for the benefit of young hormonal [Herbert’s boys] men.

In good opportunistic entreprerial guile the derived proven and analysed successful behaviours [proven techniques] of strong character traits have resulted in a training business for the purpose of removing a woman’s clothing [within hours] for instant access to sexual relief and conquest.

The victims of this grifting scheme, are like all of the victims of all grifters [con-men] are looking [on the move] for something. They look like greenhorns [ideally] and very importantly appear to exhibit [shall I say] a lower level of intelligence that is represented by their ‘situational behaviour’ and presents a clear opportunity to exploit.

There is always a risk of failure but as with taking on a ‘smart mark’ the rewards can be bigger in every way. With women / girls the risk of underestimating intelligence or character exists but a failed outcome is monumentally lower than say being rumbled by a John Wayne or worse, Dirty Harry Inc.

Step One:

The Mark:

Identify, Target and Engage..

Step Two:

The Hustle:

Amaze, confuse and Bedazzle..

Step Three:

The Sting:

Isolate, Spin and Close.


Until the Law [Government Smirf’s & Judge Law moles] learn, accept and respond [with ‘adequate’ laws] this unregulated business will continue to prey on the young, the vulnerable and the ‘very silly’ [‘uneducated with relevance’] girls and some women.

The first step in the defence of such behaviour is to educate all of the 12-14 year olds as to this behaviour and why it is bad and a moral, ethical [and in time, a legal] crime. [Secondary Education Module: 4.3]

Young males should be taught [shown ways] of obtaining sex without complication [professional] and friends with a similar mental status [sex buddies] and for those avenues not to be illegal or unethical.

Young women should be taught to be perceptive [if a little cynical of male attention especially young {16-38} men] and assertive [no matter how intimidating the persona or situation that has [over looked] been arrived at.

The truth of the situation would be revealed in the final step of the heist: The Sting. If a girl were to say [prior to entering the bedroom] “Stop! I do not want to go any further.” The Sting rule of ‘Continue’ will be confronted by any existence of moral, ethical, respect and compassion if the seducer individual is denied the final spoil of his young [and unethical] hormonal game. 

[Max Attack Justifiable]

"Consented" will be his defence and personal remorse will be the alleged motive for her justification and excuse.

It is rape but with coercion and manipulation as the final planed force not physical force, although that is known to be part of the acceptable game play. 

The police should be aware of the above scenario [that should be indentified] as a criminal conduct. The police [must also be aware] that the lack of [social and political] sex education makes young women unnecessarily vulnerable and coupled with a society without legitimate methods [and teaching] for obtaining sexual relief [without the need for ‘false’ relations] results [has resulted] in an opportunistic sexually exploitative society of cultural abuse, [as there is a sex exploitation trend within the police service].

Illicit sex, like the other Taboo area [recreational drugs] thrives when illegal [or banned into the shadows] and unregulated, ignorance and criminality thrive like wild fire on new kindling.