An Alternative Reality Leave &..

Great Britain

Premise: The E.U [Under ‘The Commission’] is a Dominating pernicious Empire expanding with a Commerce interest at its core. Many E.U member states are unhappy with the E.U and are resisting E.U directives & methods and unhappiness is increasing and more member states are joining the voices of dissatisfaction. The E.U [Under the Commission] is on a course of failure and Commissioner flight and extinction. Prior to member states, restructuring and replacing The Commissioners.

Addition: ‘The Commission’ is on a blinkered course expanding towards War with Russia.

23 June 2016 Britain voted to Leave The E.U. ..

[According to Artical50 the official British exit is 29 March 2019. However an extension {Transition period} takes the British exit to 31December 2020]

Negotiation to realign a Trade relationship between Britain and The E.U is hobbled by the [Primary EU objective of control and expansion] Objective. This is the E.U’s objective over and under Brexit.

An Alternative British route to realign its relationship with The E.U:

0. Sack all conservative remainer MP's representing Leave majority seats - Force by-elections [signitories] and place in a Leave conservative MP candidate.

1. Ignore Article50.

2. Cancel the money. The weekly contribution. The divorce bill.

3. Put NATO under review.

4. Establish an immigration border team / police force in the centre tunnel at the French end.

5. Make a warning speech at the U.N of the error of the structure ‘proposal’ of the ‘Commission’ & outlining the injustices against Russia [1991-1999] and the E.U’s additional foolhardy erroneous behavior since.

6. Meet with Russia to show and pledge support for the correction of the injustices and to pledge alignment with containing a) The E.U’s expansion. b) Against its support of the military threats to Russia, in Poland. c) The growing threats of the E.U’s open society [model c1985-]

7. Offer the E.U continued trade alignments going forward. [If accepted & established 10. Is optional]

8. Submit a bill to end freedom of corporate tax location and to oblige tax payment to the British treasury from profit made in Britain from the British market.

9. Establish a policy to create energy independence.

10. Cap energy prices – Obligate infrastructure costs – create a SuperTax for energy companies at 99%. Crash share prices to junk status – scrutinize and arrest evasion – Acquire foreign owned assets. – [Under way, 7. Will be looking preferable.]

11. Ban French cars – Tax French imports at 300%.

12. Prepare to [similar 10.] To Acquire German owned British car marks.

13. Offer other member states a standard individual aligned trade agreement.   

14. Capture encroaching fishing vessels and lease them to British fishermen/companies.

15. Switch to a National buy British, Sell British, Train British, National Attitude.

16. Invest in British developments

17. Bring more efficiency into Britain: Introduce after school clubs

18. Re-introduce National Service [3-months]

19. Introduce limits to the NHS [exclude non-medically needed services – exclude voluntary misadventure {no drunken night service} – Withhold service for obesity related chronic conditions {in addition to alcoholism and ongoing smoking conditions}

20. Introduce a discretionary / preventative repeat use & misuse free attitude fee to see a GP.

21. ER to reject non-emergency visits.

22. Form an alternative trading union with E.U member Rebels and break Away States.

23. Destroy the 'Commission' [without appointed commissioners by each member state] 

Key Objectives

1. Take boarder Control. [Issue U.K migration policy]

2. Take back sole access to National water fishing boundary.

3. Stop All The Money to the E.U.

4. Do you want to deal.. {Or A tactical hostile Britain..} ?

5. Leave without a deal [set 200% tarifs on all european cars (not made in Britain) and all french goods.]

6. Pass new laws to oblige all company and personal profits and income to be subject to tax in Britain to the British treasury. 

7. Pass a law to oblige all corporate ownership to be bound in Britain under British law and tax law.

8. Review foreign ownerships and management of key British services.

9. Review NATO membership (opporation objectives) to include malign planning by the E.U

10. Increase British military design and manufacture of planes, misiles and other drone technologies and the development of magnetic gun transit vehicles

11. Enter into the development of multi purpose robotic developments and energy weapons.

12. Increase the withdrawal of British citizenship - for: Foreign origin prisoners, Extreamist anti-British terrorists & identified potential terrorists - and deport. [using all bio-metric identifying technologies]

13. Introduce British i.d cards [using the N.I number as the key universal identifying number] including the British driving licience [with N.I number and photo] as acceeptable.

14. Review foreign, and foreign origin people that claim benefits, pay no tax, breake laws or cause public dissatisfaction by anti-social behaviour - and deport.

15. Oblige the NHS to  use the N.I number to qualify British free patients - un-qualiffied people must provide [confirmed adequate] insurrance or a cash deposit for [predicted cost] service. 

What History Do Yall Want To Make?

What History Do Yall Want To Avoid?

The E.U Dumbinion - Brexit & The Geo Political Pathway to Dominance

Brexit & The Geo Political Pathway to Dominance:

Bob Geldorf: A Confused hypocritical idealist unable to intelloectualise the matters under his shoe.

I Think the followoing alagories might help him:

Sleeping Beauty
The goose that layed the golden eggs
The boy that cried wolf
St george and the dragon
The wizard of oz
Sleeping beauty

Where are there arears not competing economically?

Nationalism and populism:

Populism is democracy by every definition and when used negatively is just politics today for the oposition.

Nationalism today is being driven by the inevitable consequences of businesses success in achieving global free trade as a regional government model. An ideal dangerously centuries ahead of its time.

In a world of inequaties the ideal of balancing them by global free trade becomes a force of catastrophic damage as geo seiemic trading capital shifts away from populations of essential local industrial capability and is moved away based on cost to benefit profit not expertise in quality or any regard for a dependant populous.

This capitalist priority globally free to exploit their rule, is the core reason for the rise in nationalism. Not a racist impetus but local regional arears asserting themselves against another short-sighted hurried folly of government and to survive being gutted.

The EU could not be more blatently old hat if it changed its name to;

'The advanced empire for the make better the glorious centre of the people of country earth.'

Only problem being the old adage; 'Those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.'

Bob Geldof is right on one thing, the EU needs to change or be changed.

The ideal is safe. Safely asleep.

The furure my friends is Darwin. Evolving the systems we have to incrementally move towards the ideal of good balanced governance with fairness and equality & with flexibility & sensibility to proceed together, Never Removing Regional Liberte. No rushing because only fools do that. But the commission must be dissolved & reborn..