Psychological Health

14 signs emotional abuse relationship:

Putting aside for the moment – the legacy of the British stiff upper lip – The below article can be included under Darwinian evolutionary fact, that changes to behavior will lead over generations to changes to imprinted inheritance [example: Family trade inheritance skills {Carpenters – Guarneri – Guarneri / Stradivarious – Stradivarious etc etc}] Can also affect the brain socially and in philosophy, [taught or ‘Inherited’] in fact, it does. {eg. In Manchester in 1840 the industrial revolution was well under way, enslaving people above serfdom poverty, keeping people too highly busy to have enough free time to develop social dissatisfaction and the associated emotional spirals {in the void of philosophy over control of emotional compound direction.}

Leading to generational dysfunction, repeating, increasing, with changes to brain chemistry, [sometimes rapid and acute {eg. Hillbilly gene isolation degradation within an increasing culture of proximity fear and paranoia}] going beyond psychological functional control or salvage, without targeted doses of pharmaceuticals.

Therefore within [an imperfectly developing philosophy] social dysfunction is getting increased in inherited effects by reflective parenting. Where there is an acute number of flaws, the reflection [evolution] of psychological function / dysfunction is enhanced by - [in the U.S eg. ‘Sicko’s, bad hombres, the FED’s and a gun culture, enshrined. ‘’You have the right to bear arms, Not Artillery!’’ – Robin Williams. But in fact the meaning of the Constitution would include, the weapons of an enemy danger.] - the negative imbalances tipping further by their acute existences.
Not perhaps the freest country to live in, yet.

Britain on the other hand does not have its psychological future in hand and is as yet not on a course under its own control or design.