British Governing Error Problems:

'This Precious stone set in the silver sea,' This other Eden fed by the Atlantic conveyor as a protector of this demi-paradise against the envy of less fortunate lands..'

Minister’s are too short term and too focused on short term political reactions to their policies to govern well and are too idealistically committed to their fundamental political positions compounded by their party political entrenched battle.

1. Cost is a problem in two ways:

A. The money allocated to administer any ministry / department is intended to be used for essential minimum costs and any use / investment in improvements of any ministry are ignored, deferred or politicized as negative. [Politicians could be accused of being far too focused on political image rather than any form of genuine effective and beneficial governing]

B. Any assessment of ministry function for improvements comes into conflict with the current cost, under current poor inefficient function [with absent good governing, linked to management effects] and the secondary cost of making / investing in the proposed improvements [taking into consideration the current endemic inefficient poorly governed unlinked management] being (1) impossible to effect / apply with any chance of positive results or (2) the money being worth spending on what is a consideration [under the horizon of political interest, need and] of unnecessary political risk and fiscal strain. [Even previous disastrous mistakes / attempts are accepted and now that they are built into the annual fiscal budget, are continued and lived with] rather than revisiting the structures in obvious [hidden] question.

The downside to this short-term [politician] commoner [non-qualified or missing expertise] democratically elected, party system is (1) a false focus on political arguments rumbling on like the sound of surf on a beach and (2) the inevitable physical effects of the problems / lacking’s / errors slowly manifesting themselves and growing to maturity, effected by further secondary changes / effects [such as the Tory budget cutbacks after the national debt run up by the previous party government in place for 15 years] added to any conflicting policies [possibly slanted by political motivation] applied and carried forward with no focus on service / ministry benefit but again quality of intended purpose effect suffering from political lean and party ideals bartering with a dominant fiscal priority focus.

The outcome of such a dysfunctional system over 100 years or two centuries is the demise / death of the governing system for another or evolved system [or with maybe the loss of control of a ‘valuable and desirable’ land into the hands and steerage of another system [probably from outside of the national democratic system] as its death.

Where we currently date our situation is to consider the current position from two beginnings (1) the legacy of the Victorian period developments and set up. (2) Britain at the end of the second world war. Britain was bankrupt and spiritually impoverished. Any developments from the highest and good standards of the Victorian period was dashed onto the rocks of two world wars [not to mention the constant growth of the political rise of the House’s importance over its responsibility and any national ambition] along with the conspired to and facilitated growth of the celebrity of the politician and the inevitable refocussing and lowering to trivia, of the arguments to keep the attraction of the people / fans / voters engaged in the ‘importance’ of Political ‘creature’ Business. We are therefore at 60 years into the decay of the current systems trajectory of failure / collapse / take-over. [It is funny to think that the reaction to that number is ‘Nothing to currently worry about then’. Or ‘Just Wrong’.] 

I will summarise the elements of error / problem by government department [in a reverse engineered format] and a probable outcome, without an improved evolution to the trajectory. [i]

It’s All about the children.

Parents: Or parenting is a problem. ‘Monkey see monkey do’ There is no person that is able to grow to majority and into the living and planning of their life while being able to ignore, over look or not be formed by poor parenting, misguidance, neglect or abuse on top of neglect. They then become parents and the ripples increase as they reverberate against their undersigned, unstructured life that then replicates in its own world of evolution. Ando so you have a society [a culture] of British cultures within cultures, before you opened the doors.

Parenting classes (NVQ): [ii]

There is a need for teaching expectant first parents to become better / well equipped / prepared for baby, managing the years 0-6 7-12 and 13-18. This would be the start of correcting the problems that we see in our youths today and head for a designed and intended improvement, to the production of British [adult majority] people generation after generation. The government is the grandparent [or should be] as it was in ancient Greece and to a more initiated corrupted and corrupting Rome. 


Schooling experience is key to socialising and civilizing humans. There should be enough primary places for every primary child in classes not too full [and with a margin for increase prior to more places being created] to keep the classes small in number. Funding should match this objective.

Primary school:

Primary Syllabus and standards should be produced and maintained by the creation of primary education modules in video form with multiple question review / learning assessments. [Production Department] In addition to the general primary school testing, No further ministry assessment will be needed.

The Primary education modules [iii] system should be compulsory throughout the country including faith schools. [Faith schools should be further regulated and monitored.] Introduction to swimming and bicycling.

Secondary school:

Secondary education modules should carry forward the good work and learning of the primary educational modules. Testing assessments can be achieved from the prime ed mods reviews / learning assessments. Healthy Food understanding and healthy cooking should be essential teaching, to follow the guidance of the British National Nutritional Service Standard Guidance. A Life-style to include a sport of preference [with a life-long objective inclusion] and involvement in the British National Schools Triathlon [Sprint] Games.  

There must be an introduction of after school activities to include cub’s, scout’s, the cadet’s and [in addition to after school sports and or assistance with ‘a home-work hour’ the planning and involvement of ‘The British National Duke of Edenborough awards scheme learning and events. 

A trade / further education future assessment should be carried out prior to final secondary year. No young British person should leave secondary school without a destination to be going to.

The Military option: For difficult placements and for the confused or hesitant, a time spent in basic training [and orienteering and survival] should be an Option without an obligation to enter for a term of service.

Unchanged policy outcome: Growing delinquency and feral culture into mature growth of a more violent criminal behaviour.

The Police: [i]

The police need to assess and adapt their communication method when dealing with suspects or during their enquiries. To phrase; Their bedside manner should include their presented PR even during ‘dominating’ a public situation. The modern public expect the right of respect to be afforded to them by the police to solicit ease of cooperation. Failure to cooperate after the avoidance of [the expected right of respect] rudeness by police demands can then be dealt with by the dominance of original policy and methods.

Set In law and in schools, cooperating with the police, in the pursuit of their duties and enquires must be a taught, understood and accepted [stated] as a legal requirement, [Being polite is also made a requirement as swearing in-front of the police is a crime] by all school children in primary and then secondary as well as visitors, [leaflet of British cultural manners] migrants, [course] and especially people who commit social crimes. A course in good civil conduct should be mandatory for all anti-social criminals [charged or] convicted, in addition to any judgement / sentence given.

Unchanged policy outcome: Without an inclusion of a teaching course in schools, migrants & the arrested or cautioned] how to behave with the police when going about the enquiries or ‘policing’ the public insolence [if continued to be handled badly ‘Hong Kong’] will increase. If the police do not alter their blazing demand against the [‘currently’ unacceptable] public question of ‘Why?!’ relations will continue to worsen.


The National Health Service: [iv]

The NHS need a total reassessment of philosophy, management, training, mentoring, application, improvement [fault response] flexibility, uniform practice and value to the taxpayer over the concept and interpretation of ‘Free’. A penalty booking GP charge of £40-50 should be introduced for those that miss / do not attend more than one appointment made. 

The NHS / Doctors must accept that under and over the concept and approach of allopathic medicine to treating symptoms, is that the causation of most ill-health and most symptoms is diet and life-style. Food in hospitals should be entirely of a healthy basis as should the preparation. Catering should comply with the National Nutritional guidance and training. [That will have been deployed from primary school onwards.]

Unchanged policy outcome: Standards and procedures [Doctor work monitoring and quality assurance] will continue to worsen [as an average] The heath and fitness of the general public will continue to worsen. Outcomes will worsen and costs will rise for younger chronic patients. Management and function costs will remain high and increase as will the exploitation of un-uniform procedures and the absence of purchase controls. An absence of regulations preventing / limiting non essential treatments will increase as will the associated costs and negative [data void] uotcomes.    


National Management college and ministry: [v]

Should be created for managers in national service to include a national mantra for patriotic loyal commitment to their nation, in addition to the modern efficient management with an incentivised and rewarded salary scale with the addition of a [performance] bonused system. The management structure should be hierarchical [in the military style] and control planned in work load. All managers must have at least two left-tenants [for good direct assistance and promotion training] Managers from the national management college will be able to cover all service departments under any ministry. The new above ministry will go a long way to reducing [or eliminating] public inefficiency and private sector [unchecked] manipulation and ultimately [gross] exploitation.

The [any] financial savings – [from a re-managing structure and the other uniform upgrades] for the NHS and a reduction to the controlled cost of national projects – can be spent on the newer essential national projects [that would desperately need funding to get them going] such as a British space ambition [Britain in Space] in progress. A national re-design of the environment [tree planting] including London and in London to include a tram and trolley bus network.   


Welfare payments are a good, responsible and a just government use of a nations available annual / resource wealth.  However, un-marshalled it can cause a number of side effect problems; (1) Without a limited time period, malaise, comfort and a loss of need and responsibility to move forward can set in. (2) A sense of right of entitlement appears to fortify and justify a new philosophy of living. (3) An example of life becomes generational, thereby creating a new sub-class ‘The Not Working class’. (4) Any and all enterprise skill is directed at maximising welfare gains in addition to other forms of income, mainly cash or illegal, induced by the need to hide from assessment and revenue collection. This creates another form of criminal category – welfare fraud / welfare life fraud.

For all able-bodied people [mental problems benefit from routine occupation] a limit of 3 months of unemployment welfare, for those with no children and maximum limit of 6 months for those ‘supporting’ children be put in place.

As a policy, welfare payments should be avoided where other forms of financial benefit for the lower paid could be used; [eg. A reduction in tax or and thresholds. A greater control on the cost of living in particular, avoiding essential costs being put in the hands of privateering profiteers. And other strategies to protect and control national productions of national staples.]

Unchanged policy outcome: A further birth rate of the not working classes children into a new generation – More unnecessarily imported workers. UK school leavers [particularly of welfare families] leaving school un-harnessed/ un-harnessable.


Central Essential National Utilities: [Energy – Water – Waste production & management]

Energy: Energy has become a field of great private profiteering and additionally the introduction of ‘middlemen’ charging companies. [They themselves have become victim of competition succumbing to varying wholesale costs causing investment plans to fall short prior to a predicted profit arrival.] The loser has been the ordinary consumer from both a corporate pricing strategy from production to opaque tariff marketing. Government green energy changes has put up wholesale production and the cost of production changes along with higher energy taxes and carbon taxes. As the Amazon gets sold to American wood pellet suppliers, atmospheric carbon increases will result in the ‘urgent’ need for higher taxes, all justified by the public’s commitment to ‘preventing’ climate change in exchange for energy price created / exacerbated poverty.

British energy [and all essential utilities] should be in hand [under the national management ministry] as key produced and administered company/ies. Energy production should keep its sense above silly belief’s [wood pellets being carbon neutral! – Trees don’t grow fast enough to match a neutral cycle on such a scale and need.] Tidal and wind should be the main British aim.

Unchanged policy outcome:

Prisons: [vi]

The British prison system is in a worse predicament and prognosis than the Victorian sewer system [where a new ‘super sewer’ is nearing completion] and should have be subject to a modernisation for purpose and improved effect long ago. Crime is not on the decline [in our modernising consumer economic world – without an improvement or the evolution of philosophy and decreasing exclusion / lack of inclusion induction – prisons are failing in every aspect of purpose, beyond a shortened period of ‘culturalized’ incarceration.

An increased and modernized prison system is currently [centuries off being] required. Rehabilitation [educational rescue with trades, skills on top of the primary education modules and hobbie interests] is required.

In this acute phase of a crisis [for violent environment prisons / wings] a temporary elimination of testosterone [using eg. Finastricide] should be standard practice [as a national policy] along with a control pharmaceutical [such as eg. Haloperidol] should be administered in food and water, for all [non white collar crime] No tuck shops. The prevention of drug smuggling should not be increased but those found imbibed and unfunctional should be segregated for a period of isolation, assessment and ‘primary’ re-stimulation.

Unchanged policy outcome:

Drug use in society: [vii]

Prohibition has never worked. It is not the best way to manage the problems. [As with] alcohol legalised, licenced and regulated reduces the problems to a preferable lower and managed situation. All drugs should be de-criminalized [like with alcohol] it remains illegal to use machinery and unconsciousness in public or anti-social behaviour will be illegal. Unconsciousness in public should be removed to a unit for isolation, assessment and re-stimulation to regain interest in conscious life.

Unchanged policy outcome:


The Defence policy of the British government has been a conflicted compromise between Need and military advise against a pacifist belief hope status of ever-increasing liberal politicians, looking to reduce the reluctant [but still currently essential] commitments to the development of military hardware by further condemning and hobbling hardware by entering into unfavourably negotiated or protected cooperative developments with dubious allies with dubious intentions.

(a) Hardware:

The last significant fighter plane developed without compromise [in its day] was the Hawk. A super reactive fighter for near defence [that is ripe for a Magnificent evolution].

The Jaguar, while conceptually great was compromised by a-concorde of designs. Key flaws were a poor power to weight ratio and not enough range to be a genuinely usable and an effective strike attack / fighter. [The Jaguar also is ripe for a revisit as a strike attacker evolution].

The Tornado was a masterpiece but a little bit too small [in carry and range] to fill the niche bomber striker that it was designed as. [The foxhunter radar asset should not be retired].

The Typhoon is largely an obsolete concorde [and French sabotage] design. Its size for its engines, compromise its fighting capability. Its delta wing design [while with an interesting instability fighting feature] leaves it out turned by bigger Sukoi fighters with the benefit of elevons and [those almost joker looking Sukoi] canards – add the Russian vector thruster and the RAF Pilots might as well call the Typhoon a Transit van.

[The French monitored the design and developments and then stole all of the gains and left the ‘Eurofighter’ project to design their own copy while eliminating the honking conflict compromises of being slightly over sized / heavy, lacking stealth, being unnecessarily expensive with its two big engines and failing to be suitable for French carrier launch. The French however managed to keep ownership, and their build profits – They keep getting away with this behaviour, until punched in the head, then the British keep coming to their rescue!]      

It is a false economy to pay for wars while not investing in sovereign unique hardware. Big savings could be had by good management and partnering between government agreed prototype developments followed by a small first run of price and delivery agreed for contracted batch 1. With dual British companies submitting design needs with acquiescent second productions where second was the standing.   

The J-35 Lightning is a MAD enterprise and design. At around a £100 million a unit it is flawed in more ways than can be [I could] list. Key amongst them is the USAF summary made at the Pentagon ‘complaint’ hearing. “It cannot turn, it cannot fight and it cannot run away”. Its structure is under too much stress, caused by its stealth design and its airframe cracks constantly. Its air hour worthiness is limited and is more expensive to maintain than planned. It flies like a 1950’s Buik drives. It is an enemy and ally known joke and will be gone in the first week of an air war with any country with over a two to one of any fighter. The British model does not even have a machine gun for any close encounters. The fact that America convinced ‘the British government’ to rely on the J-35 for all and any of its air force needs is bewilderingly STUPID.

The Harrier - It is not possible to reinvent the wheel with an improvement. Perfection is as near as it comes for the combination of the Pegasus engine and flight system. The rear rotation of thrust in flight gives the Harrier an unmatched combat maneuver. Lost with the J-35 Buik. The Harrier is the VTOL aircraft winner by far and should be the fighter [with a portion of the flight inter-tech added] on our Elizabeth class carriers. Combat is and never will be supersonic. [The Harrier Peg & flight mods evolution would add a further % of perfection].

Unchanged policy outcome:


Navy Ships, I won’t go into because I think mono hulls are so yesterday and I have a [a good old side-stepping Victorian engineering] solution to cross hull strength and power needs.

Unchanged policy outcome:

(b) The Military: size and the future:

It is a sad and embarrassing truth and a continuing blight upon humanity that conflict and animosity is the tone of the relationship between international countries rather than friendship, understanding and cooperation to deal with the individual ills and inequities of modernisation towards an entropy of societal function. The blame lies everywhere but most of all with the big daddy America. They do not know how to make friends. They do not [have not] grasped the concept of respect in a true sense. They are a hang-over from the Roman Empire. They only deal with a business acquisition and control priority using trickery, bullying, corrupt temptation, deal wording and ‘international’ law, as a peaceful procedure, while surrounding with violent might, dividing competitors of interest, enemies and ally’s alike. They sell as many weapons to as many countries as possible while retaining gross weapon advantage from all [while selling their second/third rate crap designs to look sexy and modern.]

Capitalist philosophy is the main and dominant basis and the driving force of this dire situation for humanity and human strife on Earth.

Only an end to the importance of the ‘economic’ world could bring a philosophical modernisation to the focus and the importance of human energy away from being spent on an hourly rate.

Autonomous Robots could bring about that change but unfortunately, I fear, they will first most probably be used to speed up competitive conflict and war will become more of a game that will lead to the near destruction of human development, bringing it down further into the control of the warring like personas.  

Space is both the next essential human step and the next military area for design and development.

Unchanged policy outcome:


The need is clear and the competition is set to grow. With the ongoing [and growing] animosities, military equipment will continue to be developed and deployed in space around earth and on the moon, [key development asset] as a priority. A huge waste of resources and time, that we cannot afford to lose. [Soon earth launch windows will shorten and then mostly be lost to continuous winds.]


2. British democracy and Parliament:

The British party political system is an exclusive, controlled club excluding progressive individuals of groups of ever decreasing and blinding ripples.   

Democracy in Britain is a mere sham [of power by the people for the people] of what it could be. The Current system prevents ‘adaptation, improvement and evolution’. The absence of a visible and clear constitution is a key hindrance to ‘modernisations’.

Constitution GB Addendum full limks are on the above banner: