'It’s over for the BBC as they know it.’ - Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries -The woman that Killed the good bit of the BBC.

Seems to me the minister @dcms is missing the most important point – That Management is the Big Problem that will not be fixed by a funding drop & change. 1/4

Just when the BBC is finally becoming a genuine production company against super-rich competition. The BBC is unique & should be managed better, its independence should be invested in & it should be well protected. 2/4

A matriarchal punishment followed by a wig wearing non control change. Talk about hypocrisy, dull, irony & satire. What is Tim Davie’s actual authority? 3/4

This is just more disconnected government kicking up mud and being bugger-on comedy pretending to be governance. 4/4

The BBC Licence Fee

All Of The Above

The BBC [in my view] has a few problems [similar in causation to the NHS but much more simple to solve] mainly caused by Parliaments corrupted attitude towards all executive power being devolved and delegated.

[a Constitution or a core set of ‘Prime Directives’] to prevent independent short-termist power from thinking that they are there to make a difference and then using their spectacular green-horned unqualified ignorance to make things worse.]


1. It does not have a [relevant] Constitution of practice and ethos.

2. It is management focused [from its inception] and heavily centred with inefficiency dominating product priority.

Additionally; [a] Recently it has shown itself [like parliament] to be biased and out of touch with its nations true thinking and happy [or ostrich like and couldn’t care-less] to continue ignoring the presence and power of festering public opinion. [b] The changing face of the market, led by new technology and the big new entrepreneurial [Rich] winners of the new technologies [and their/the groomed user addicts of the new and evolving generations] who are investing in [and that includes the most hungry and ambitious talent] big sexy projects aimed at ‘the consumer’ audience. To coin a silicon valley phrase ‘are moving fast and breaking things’.

The BBC need not be broken [unintentionally] by the silicon whiz kids. Politicians [no thinking and wrong thinking] are jumping on the tax reducing / tax value redirecting opportunity and the irrelevance of more time wasting distraction of public focus away from [no matter how much of a loss of a unique asset it could be] the many unpleasant but important issues, will try to make air time safely away from the recent migration damage, post new-labour voter punishment austerity, general inefficiency and with all of the above, the sinking of the NHS...

So, the government is crap and the [fat controllers] of the BBC are crap. The [BBC] is responsible for many of the mire of scandalous problems [and the biased insults] that are contributing to make the current fight that it is facing, so much worse than it could have been. The government rather than jumping to right the erroneous issues to protect and modernise the BBC [All THAT IS and could be GREAT AND UNIQUE] to be fighting fit in the competitive modern [izing] world, are instead circling it like chronic myopic sharks.

Throughout the world there is no other public news and entertainment / educational service that is as good, [even under its mires] as well regarded, trusted or as important as The BBC.

If the BBC is not protected [its ability to produce {some} content that has no concern for income or mass appeal] such product content will vanish. Minorities will vanish more completely than [now with the growth of the millennial empty headed hand-set consumer population]. The children arriving at Eton will be met by teachers that grew up without a [Unhindered and a Shrunken] BBC and without all of the libraries that were closed previously and whom consider books and independent radical thinking as unacceptable, un-pc and a product [remnant] of a disgusting racist history. ‘Everyone’ will once again think that politicians are right on it and politicians will be handed voters groomed by the silicon hand-set consumer cult by lucky accidental default and will be joyous in glowing happy clover. Oh dear...

'BBC's new director general Tim Davie 'is considering reversing decision not to sing Rule Britannia! at Last Night of the Proms' insiders say.'

Tim Davie [Who has previously acted as interim DG and who is 'open' to changing how the BBC is funded] is on his way to the top job [That he must have given some thought to on current 'issues'] is about to Enter the Job and Immediately is planning to get-on-the-fence.
At this time of a lack of decisive messaging from the government, on issues suck as sex-determination/definition - Police authority / compliance and training - British history from the point of view of previously welcomed migrants, to become British? - And open debate being silence and banned - Along with white [Black Lives Matter] protesters threatening, harassing and abusing other Citizen/subjects, if they do not comply and submit to their aggressive, in their faces Demand... [So similar to the history of the sword being raised in the demand of taking Allah Or..!]
The BBC 'licence fee' should be changed to The BBC 'National Household Tax' and be the same as other compulsory tax payments By Law. [With a mobile price user option only].
The BBC is such an important unique element that it should be, certainty, century to century {outside and above the slavery of some market trends} must be protected and its charge should be protected and enshrined in British law as a cultural imperative.
It is so much cheaper than the ubiquitous and now essential mobile phone cost. [Those few on benefits should of course get a wave-by].
Throughout the world there is no other public news and entertainment/educational service that is as good, [even under its mires] or as well regarded, trusted and as important as The BBC.
If the BBC is not protected [its ability to produce {some} content that has no concern for income or mass appeal] such a unique product content will vanish, along with all of the other rights being eroded and cancelled while also over-looked, in plain sight.

BBC reform for improvement

Making the same mistake with the BBC by taking the [NHS] route will also lead to Not Much BBC visible under the [chaos] & not much product left aka Bae. Much better to set up a planning & management department [for all divisions] with the right skills to reform & streamline the 'product'..