The Clash of social evolution to devolution on the fuel of the ideal [the opportunity to reproduce and multiply a degradation of society]

Where society has evolved without a control policy to evolve the philosophy and therefore the culture of its people through education, example and regulated, qualifications to evolve society [in positive terms] away from damaging pathologies, inadequate philosophies under provided opportunities for multiplication of a repetitive cultural success, society has a repetitive and increasing problem, in terms of policy and history.

There are groups that [in the absence of sound philosophical principles] moot forward arguments of a neo modern communal basis of solution. There is an argument put forward [disguised as the former] that seeks to cause societal disintegration. There is the staunch pro-Liberty voice wanting to protect freedom in society [but instead prevent the protection of individuals in a free society and ensure the perpetuation of the errors of past social endeavors] while providing no solutions to repetitive anti-social and negative reactions and responses beyond the belief in the power of money.

In the case of social society providing for reproduction without restriction, the un-ambitious individual sees this as a good life choice, at any age. Also this case provides for the route to opportunity and success for the paternal opportunist [Cuckoo] for multiple children without any restraint and to accumulate a wide raging harem, of permanent linkage. A history of abuse and un-mentored mental weakness or mental illness [Chronic and circumstantial] further leads to multiplying social problems without schooling and policing reproduction with regulation in society [at least] for society.

There should be [is] a basic British human right to reproduce. But there should not be a social right to financial support and other support by the state, un-regulated and therefore un-restricted. This or any social right should not be considered a human right.

The carrot and the stick. Monkey see monkey do. Monkey repeats.

You children will only be what they see and where they learn.

Imagine if you will; Being born in England in 1600. You observe your parent’s life and quality. You learn how to get through each day and what it entails. You learn what is expected of you and the importance of your cooperation. You learn about the dangers to your existence and your life. You live your life by example and in the absence of visible choice in your space and time, you keep going day to day, keeping the various wolves from the various doors [Principle of which is work for food, shelter and threats of all types] If the women of this time had the ability to choose when they reproduced, [or more importantly the ability to prevent pregnancy] avoiding childhood or young immature adult motherhood and instead choose some adult life for individual experience, they would have chosen that and therefore altered society and brought female contribution and influence forward.

Back here in 2000+20 we see that very freedom for women being available but being undermined by social society with the unintended outcome of financial support and other support inducing young women and men to prioritize early reproduction. Ironically [while standards and quality of life are different] individual space and time is still dominated by work for food, shelter and threats of all unnecessary types.

Now imagine forward; Being born in England in 2400. Life’s space and time is viewed as a precious brief opportunity to experience a few moments of the beauty of being in a galaxy in the life of a universe. There is no need to work, just the opportunity to choose and involve yourself in the pursuits of your individual talents and your interests and you therefore associate with likeminded people. Money or Credits are made available monthly and for life. There are no immediate threats. Energy is quantum and unlimited. Humanity has expanded onto three other planetary bodies and there are 300 space stations orbiting our sun between earth and mars, each one 20 times the size of the ship oceana. Many people are interested in the systems of human society throughout our expanding solar system. Everywhere humanity goes, balance is a key objective. On Earth balance has been achieved. Life on earth has neutral growth sustainability. Human Life is regarded as tenuous and in need of protection and repetitive illustration of the fundamental forces being kept at bay with human philosophy in education, example and incentive. Humanity has become a work of art along with the value of the experience of life within the structure of human society.