Rough Sleeping Strategy:

''The DofE is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. It has helped me to overcome my fears and made me realise I can to do more things than I thought I could.''

Rough sleeping [Homelessness] in the modern British state [as opposed to historical homelessness] after the onset of social welfare, in addition to national education - is a symptom of the ineffectiveness of governing, the inadequacy of the national educational outcome and the failure of consecutive British governments to evolve a working national governing model that has the possibility to rise up beyond the petty squabbles [of past historical failures] and the current tsunami’s of yesterday’s predictions of the obvious [corporate freedoms protected as a priority] of the ignored down side to a growth economy in the hands of private international enterprise.

Furthermore [and by preferred design] the depletions resulting by a focus caused by very short-term rotations of government with cycular errors building constantly and remaining as the constant repeating arguments, [politics] nationally mediated at the expense of the people [economy] of Britain by [commoners] the very people of Britain, blinded by the system [plus members opportunity] and [inherited] corrupted [by the big brains [with the money] in favour of the global profit and acquisition game.


[The E.U dominion is a player government involved in a controlled market place with the intention to extend small sighted government and increase micro argument to remove democratic influence upon [super] national endeavours [that would benefit a free central government] to prosper and expand unhindered and unaccountable while having ambitions on expansion of the Block territory [under the intention of prosperity and a successful model as an appeal] with a global wide ambition. [All be it 2 millennia old and totally out of date for humanities needs, not to mention the inherent flaws and the modern repeats of the fatal histories, all running on half a dozen plus one of the deadly sins.]


To Summarize:

Feudalism, industrial revolution, workers rights, social reform, the war years set-backs, the hold of empire legacy on Character, socialist attitude vs business attitude, deconstruction of engineering manufacture, deregulation, the national ambition gap model in education, career/trade neglect, social fairness and the growth of empathy, the national state provides as a right attitude, the demise of the family model of right responsibility, the expectation of fair right and provision, the further depletion of Character [under the cultural model] for most children to neglected adulthood, the victim of sympathy, the labour governments second debt, the take-over governments national reductions for the people [banks saved from market force evolution & corporation benefits untouched], the growth of the weak British personality, neglect all around education, trades, employees, post-military, higher prices, escalator taxes, gross cost waste, cut-backs all round bite harder, pressure rises, stress rises, character flawed education and national character culture cracks, no more help, dystopia, mental collapse, broken spirit, inability to function, constructed character failure, rent screaming, bills barking, exit front door, other crisis...


The Solution:

If the government wants to solve rough sleeping and homelessness then the government must visit and address most of the above summery list.

Then cautiously bring in the homeless and rehabilitate them, triaging for mental conditions that can be treated with day therapy, those needing secure dry-out and those that will require medicinal management and possible institutionalisation.

Deport all foreign nationals [by train to home countries – do no more otherwise Britain will become a source for destination.] Restrict the NHS service with NI number requirement for service.

It is essential that the homeless are viewed as a temporary patient that must be required to make their own responsible steps towards the acquisition of a secure life state. Not with sympathy that merely needs a house given them.

With regard people experiencing a sudden crisis of housing the same following system will be adequate to get them back in the game.


Every mid-day and six-pm 'Crisis Transport' [Crisis, Shelter & St Mungo's resouces and skill base foundation] should be at station designated positions for anyone needing crisis shelter. On the ground staff should rendezvous with this transport to convey rough-sleepers to crisis-shelter-housing-integration centres. [B&Q vision with Concrete secure units]


On arrival:

Assessment – details – arrival facility provision [shower, clothing, {personal clothing cycle} arrival bed space allocation]

Drug triage [within compound – a separate secure unit {dry-out, nut zone, day therapy]

Security present.

Social rights Benefits meeting and completion.

Foreign nations processed including bio-metrics – cleaned, fed and despatched accompanied to Ashford international* for home country or one night and then deported*.

Border data uploaded.



Crisis individuals should be steered directly to the second stage hostels and onto council lists and aided to access work. Those that have jobs should be placed in a second stage hostel closest to their place of work.

An assessment by the second stage professional for the chronic homeless or the debilitated individual -

Standard process: Psychological Therapy – occupational therapy – work assessment/trade assessment – centre work time – second stage hostel.

The dried-out – Standard process.

Nut jobs [Serious chronic irrational unreasonable thinking Leading to irratic, self-destructive, upsetting and anti-social/dangerous behaviour] - Balanced medicated – Standard process.


Failures: Second stage special long-term centres.



If all relevant contributing factors are addressed and adjusted [al dente costs less than over cooked.]   

With the critical aspect of attitude after higher education and an effective trade career direction, Homelessness [and wider chronic British under achieving] will be reduced to a minor temporary and lightly quickly redirected wasted energy.

Homelessness – And the sickness of British society and the curative medicine for a whole Country:

Putting aside the Travesty of economic mismanagement, evasive laws to avoid dealing with corporate tax avoidance and Government detachment from control while pushing forward with a policy ambition to relinquish all controls AND RESPONSIBILITY TO WHAT EVER PRIVATE / 'PIRATE' OFF-SHORE GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE that was supposed to alleviate governance load and responsibility of ‘Government’ for the 'Democratic Representatives to Hurrumph away, in Parliament for years, about things that they no longer have any control over, while filing expenses on top of their salaries & ministerial privileges or individual Lords finances, As they all ride forwards towards final salary pensions, safe in the knowledge that if anything goes badly wrong, the wider union governance structure can be blamed for any bad eventualities.

All the while corporate freely controled prices rise, jobs come under 3rd world like competition, services crunch, public legal tax avoidance becomes an ''imoral issue'' and we all succumbe further back into living in 'The Near Poverty state'. 

It is better than under the E.U And certainly better than it's Future.

Never mind that the union government, in control, is actually really ‘unconnected to democratic governments and is 'self-appointed’ [as it has been from its inception] and although ‘it’ is committed to the long-term function of Europe, ‘it’ is also Fully Committed to The Huge Hurrumph of Government, that is made up of the old school of empire structure and attitude that is making all of the same old mistakes of the Romanic empire, within the new styles of today.

A ‘Pirate’ take-over by the new old elite of Rome.    

The world economic forum is doing very nicely thank you. Government private partnerships are also doing very nicely thank you – Sorry about the rising standard rate prices and the lack of time and disposable income to reduce your costs and stresses and for you to have a little me time, in this life, in the near poverty state.

''Taxes need to be high if you want to pay for the benefits of society'' And because we can’t be bothered to fight off inefficiency of expenditure and work-in efficiencies of structure because that would take real courage and risk my very future here in this 'the clockwork club.'

That would lead to a huge battering by the truly powerful and dangerous, on my gravy-head-space and ‘As It Is’ has proved to be Fully ‘sustainable for centuries’ and there is no sign of that needing to change from my perspective. And if any ‘changes’ were to cause things to go wrong, I will get the blame and damage my children’s and grandchildren’s birth-rite for a proven future.    

Key Obstacles:

1. Crap Government people

2. Corrupt system designs

3. Deconstructed democracy

4. Capitalist victory of control for profiteering value

5. Minimum drip feed for the masses

6. Consecutive Socialist failures with economic models of any 'Surplus'.


More Stress, more debt, more hunger. Relationship breakdowns, family breakdowns. Mental reactive disorder [PTSD from life]. Homelessness, desperation, drugs, crime, alcoholism, ill-health and early death within unessessary sufferring.

The Longevity of apethetic causations over solutions:

Repetitive environmental conditioning, repeat expectation, government detachment, apathy, priority disorder, management negligence, complicit financial bias, centenary sustainable endurance, minimum guarantee, Climate Change needs..

‘’There is no more money.’’ - Out - ‘’There is a huge deficit, This must be the priority!’’ - In..


The market is the market and it is strong and growing but the annual capital assets of the market are not protected or policed under law. Money from the market is allowed to vanish legally away from the treasury continuously year in year out. The deficit is paid back by cutback on infrastructure services and the poorest – when cooperate profits from the British market could be corralled and taxed [sensibly] under the legal option of, in business here or not!

This could allow [with efficiencies along with incentives and rewards] [New National management model: ] for a reduction in tax for the lower paid bellow 120k and still allow for good management salaries, favourable dividends and strong robust share prices. And a bonus scheme [in law] that would benefit a whole employment force, not just the high salary club.

Less tax – More money, All round. More investment in schools, trades and skills and life-style and individual health. More vision, less greed – [Re-inventing-economy – Re-inventing evolution] Adapting to a workless world..

[The Wealth Commune of Life: ]


More Money:

More money is morally, ethically needed for services [including the new management service and government improvement service and for tech modernization advantages. A reduction in costs, In Law. A reduction of taxation on the lower paid.

A Full Re-introduction scheme for the homeless [including a return policy for illegal and unemployed migrants] – A reduction in stress all round. A pro-active intelligent investment in psychological therapy health service – A reduction of a reliance on pharmaceuticals – A revaluation of priorities of health care services, made available for free under tax payers value for health.

Prison reform and modernisation to include second chance training, where possible.   

With an essential Population Maximum control limit [for a Standard 100,000 km sq] within a home building and services policy structure design.