2. The Ministry Commission of Special Advisors:

A Team of Four

C Addendum 2. [Work in process]

Secretaries ['As is'] are not qualified to govern and they are not even qualified secretaries. [The analogy ‘although ‘’Inaccurate’’ is completely metaphorically accurate’]

The current setup, although provides support and advise [From the vital, essential and highly valued and important British Civil Service] is not enough to release a minister from what is a stodgy retrograde resistance, to any energy of change whether it possess signs that are positively beneficial or obviously negative in symptomatic outcomes.

Every minister should be provided with a Special Advisor from [A new ministry – The {HM} Ministry Commission of Special Advisors]

The Ministry of Special Advisors {must} be made up of* non-Politian’s, qualified in the various disciplines of Government and Governing history and theory. Qualified or {Proven} individuals* of Industry, Engineering, Tech & Business & Banking. Including individuals* with a Military Background or qualified military history or theory.

[From Constitution GB - Eligibility:

*Considered a possible ‘Individual’ if ‘British electoral eligibility [/The {HM} Ministry Commission of Special Advisors] if ‘born in~ Britain to British parents.’] [~Including all diplomatic or military or other directly controlled British property.]

The Ministry Commission of Special Advisors will come under the purview of {Royal Command and Ascent of HM & Dissolution} as is with HM Parliament including Government.

1. The Prime Minister will meet with the Ministry’s Representatives after electoral placement, to be advised of special advisors available for placement. The prime Minister {must} appoint a cmmission special advisor to all of the Cabinet ministers.

2. The Civil Service {must} appoint a Special Advisor [The Secretary] to each minister.

[Therefore ‘Each Minister’ will comprise a Team of 4 – The Prime Minister, The Minister, The Special Advisor and a Direct Secretary of ‘the’ Civil Service.] in any disagreeents of executive  policy direction and decision a democratic authority will be the decision. The Prime Minister counting for two [2] votes.    

The Prime Minister will have [in place after initiation] the 2 special advisers from the ministry of special advisers 1 Prime ministerial special adviser and 1 Prime ministerial special Civil service adviser. In addition to The Prime Ministers other upto number 10 advisory team.


The {HM} Ministry Commission of Special Advisors [CSA]: [Structure & Running] :

A. The Ministry CSA will consist of – The Board of Commissioners of Three [3] Individual experts advisor directors.

[In the initial set up stages the appointment must be proposed, put forward and confirmed by a joint varsity / military / civil / parliamentary / House of Lords & Royal House Panel.]

[After the initial set up –

B. The Commissioner Expert Advisory Directors will appoint all advisors and succession to the board and representatives. – Under the purview of {HM} – {aided by the Royal House panel & joint outside representatives when needed#}

C. The Prime Minister, Can appoint 1 Adittional Board advisor director [to be or to appoint] an advisor consultant to appoint, induct and monitor, advisors that represent the elected government of any term.    

[Once appointment has been Ascended to by {HM} the appointment will be for 15 years – Prior to re-appointment or retirement by {HM} taking guidance from the board of special advisors and the Royal House panel – #which after initial set up, will consist of 5 outside joint representatives and meet once every 10 years or

Unless there is a crisis of confidence put forward and supported by a minimum of 3 of the joint panel members.]

Ethos for The Civil Service and [Special Advisors]

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