Cleaning Up Extremism in Britain:

1. Cleaning Up Britain of Foreign Extremists:

A. Foreign Prisoners: - B. Known Extreme Threats: - C. Observed Persons of Extreme Concern:

A. Deport: With: [btmi] [bio-tech-mix identifiers] - B. Deport [btmi] [bcc] British citizenship cancelled – C. Deport [btmi] [bcc]

Deport: To land of national origin – requested appropriate destination [consideration] Alternative ['peaceful' Islamic country] – Or DNA identified area of origin or ‘neutral’ neighbour / group of kin.

No need to crate a reservation for muslim's, they already have many closer to mecca.

Faith Schools:

'Are' fascist manifesto's of Oneism without extreme or moderate Alteration or Appeal. [Example:]
''I would vote to live my life according to the book in a Halal Society, under the Sharia law of the book.''

2. Faith Schools:

All faith schools must agree and comply with all National Primary Educational Syllabus Modules and accept monitoring and testing.

British Primary Education Modules:


Non-Religious Extreme Identification, Behaviour & Threat:

Following & Under British Law.

3. Non-Religious Extreme Identification, Behaviour & Threat:


{Work in Progress}