Cleaning Up Extremism in Britain:


Islam has changed very little since its inception. Adherence to the Koran remains unquestionable and un-negotiable. The Hadith informs the conduct and ambition for all ‘progressive’ muslims.

The diaspora of community variation of muslim communities throughout the world is subject to three dominant factors: 1] Not a word of the Koran is not applicable 2] Ummah is a shared desire and ambition 3] The moderates [those muslims that do not attend mosk, that drink alcohol and would if push came to safe shove apostate if given the choice between Sharia Law or western safe society] will do as they are told and fall into Islamic line, if the wahabis gain control over haram communities, societies and countries, as they always have.

The question [?] has arisen [as a result of Osama bin Laden’s rise and life’s gambit] Should the western countries continue with their ideal ambition of Muslim integration into western society [when it comes to the unavoidable facts of Koranic dominance and the rise of the most traditionalist warring fronts of Islamic Ummah] with the Multipli-Contradicted facts evident [but ignored] in all countries on top of the alarming changes of force unravelling in the middle east [around the dollar power] to the varying commitments of countries within the background of sectarian conflicts. [?]

To continue to ignore the facts could be the [in form] just another failing of western governments [joining the late weak commitment to tackling climate change and once again, failing to prepare to the militaristic rise of China et-al]

We can also see in eastern societies their various testing and reactionary methods of dealing with muslims [Islamic communities] in their countries. The Myanmar military has [and is coming down hard on any identified threat] pushed out their muslims [of Bengali origin] back to Bangladesh. The Myanmar’s generals inability to understand the benefits of civil government and its ability to make and pass laws that could then be applied without the need of violence and unnecessary killing and suffering was a pathetic weakness of mind.

The Chinese character method of torture and cruelty to dissolve muslim communities has yet to be seen as effective, possible and the best method [yet] of integrating the undesirable, inhumane and ilegal elements of islam [or integrating out islam] into a Western/Chinese society. It could also be suggested that the Chinese method just amounts to a soft genocide but [with the sterilisation of the Uygur women and possibly the men as well] a genocide non the less.

If it is decided by a country or a group of countries that Islam and muslim resident communities should reside inside muslim countries only and only be allowed to exit for business, vacation or education [with a personal agreement to secular adherence to all laws] then laws will need to be made and passed to [for safety and to promote or provoke modern evolution] ban islam from said country, remove all mosks and promote the habit of returning to a muslim country for Friday prayers.

This will be a safer and preferable relationship with muslims committed to Islam. [Moderate] muslims can opt for apostasy and remain as secular westerners.


1. Cleaning Up Britain of Foreign Extremists:

A. Foreign Prisoners: - B. Known Extreme Threats: - C. Observed Persons of Extreme Concern:

A. Deport: With: [btmi] [bio-tech-mix identifiers] - B. Deport [btmi] [bcc] British citizenship cancelled – C. Deport [btmi] [bcc]

Deport: To land of national origin – requested appropriate destination [consideration] Alternative ['peaceful' Islamic country] – Or DNA identified area of origin or ‘neutral’ neighbour / group of kin.

No need to crate a reservation for muslim's, they already have many closer to mecca.

Faith Schools:

2. Faith Schools:

All faith schools must agree and comply with all National Primary Educational Syllabus Modules and accept monitoring and testing.

British Primary Education Modules:


3. Religious Extreme Identification, Behaviour & Threat: