Migration across The Channel:


The Migrant flotilla escalation coming across the La Manche and then the English Channel [was] should have been easily predictable, just after Angela Merkal waved her arms to the words "We can do it" back in August 2015, as Bashar Al-Assad was bombing his cities and displacing his excluded, alienated, disenfranchised and neglected citizens.
Angela Merkal's words were heard far and wide and have added to the already problematic flow of economic migrants steadily heading north and west towards Europe. Most seeking something more than their corrupt, neglectful & or & warring governments fighting over control of western currency and western deals over currency possession.
But that is another problem and needs a much more complex solution.
The problem for Britain is that the government did not [through intention or neglect] create a plan for protecting the British shore-line border.
Since 2008 [The 'UK's Unconstitutional' signing of the Lisbon Treaty in 12/2007] Britain took the last physical and mental step to open [idealist] borders and [Re-Roman-esque, Euro-responsibility-identity.
[It should be important to note that Roman citizenship was preciously valued, strongly guarded and highly coveted]
It was the initial flow of E.U migrants that when added to the newer E.U member states that has led to local British discomfort growing into the anger and home alienation that led to the non-constitutional-thinking-political voter to vote to leave the E.U.
[Although that voting force has yet to be addressed by any political leader apart from Nigel Farage.]

Raymond Poincare, Always,

As the crowds started to amass in Calais, [since the late 1990's] British government politicians did not plan or apply counter strategies against U.K-E.U desire value or firm detrimental consequences.

After The British voters [2016] decided to exit E.U control and destiny, no changes were made to the absence of policy or Coast Guard equipment and directives.
Sadly we now [summer 2020] hear politicians talking as though they are taking action against this sudden rise in 'uncontrolled' migration.
Sending the Large ships and crews of the Royal Navy to police a dingy invasion is embarrassing, annoying and a pathetic conduct by 'Great Britain'.
Appointing a former Marine to deal with French border officials is as silly as Paying the French to help the "Les Anglo Saxons"
[Why we ever believed that the French would Ever behave like an ally [as an ally They have only been in need by their Own Making] is only down to unqualified, idealist and [in real-terms] weak politicians again.