The Cancellation of the U.S Iran nuclear deal - A comment:

Is Iran on a peaceful trajectory of a war trajectory?
The nuclear deal does not prevent Iran’s acceleration of Iran’s development for conventional war faring.
The U.S views the regional future in the medium and long-term. Iran’s trajectory with its regained ability to raise funds and import international technologies puts Iran back on a route to conflict with Israel and other U.S allies [or the old foe of Islam’s republicans [Sunni] against Iran’s monarchists [Shiite] Islam.]
By far the biggest powder keg in the region is Israel’s refusal, avoidance and evasion of any share of land, area inclusion or even accommodation of the Palestinian people on land named and accepted as the state of Palestine.
The U.S’s unlimited support for Israel’s position of a fair and just regard for Palestine is an anomaly in contradiction with both the U.S constitution and with the U.S’s rhetoric for international law and order. The U.S’s support for Israel’s continued injustice not only compromises the principles of individual sovereign integrity of the U.S but is the key driving force of the medium and long-term outcomes of the middle east and wider by the international dominoes linking other stresses with U.S international relations.
‘’Death to America!!’’ is the long held national chant of Iran. This chant stems almost entirely from America’s staunch unlimited support for Israel’s behaviour towards Palestine and ‘Wider’ to the ‘’Promised Land.’’        
How long would it be before Iran is strong enough [well connected] and developed enough to no longer need U.S freedoms and abandons their cessation of refining fissile material? It would be a matter of time – Israel being the unflinching determining factor.
An Iran developed and technologically enabled and in the possession of ‘the bomb’ would be far worse than a limited Iran coming into the position of the bomb. If Iran were to kamikaze itself in the name of Allah under the gracious eyes of the pride filled profit for the Shiite followers, Iran would be much easier prevented, countered and debilitated than if Iran were developed, prepared and then nuclear weaponized. Therefore the U.S Iran deal as it stands is a liability to Israel and the wider stability of the oil nations of the middle east.
Long-term the safe future of Israel hangs in the balance on a weakened, controlled and conflicted state of the middle east. If this state is continued to the end of the oil value of the region then the region will likely remain weakened and as the U.S pulls its post oil ally investment from the region the conflicted Islamic states will descend into minor skirmishes that should continue into a perpetually reduced anarchy well under the supreme ability of Israel. As the area disintegrates in physical integrity without any residual oil wealth Israel will have little trouble physically or politically in expanding its boundary to include the full and complete promised land according to their book.
The U.S Iran deal is dead. Any insurrection from the outside beneficiaries of the deal favoured by Iran will come up against Uncle Sam weather in a shirt and tie, a tinted brim over green felt or U.S strategies via NATO.