Reintroduction of Wolves and Bears / The Re-introduction of predator evolution-Evolution of

'Wolves are prowling so close to schools and villages in the mountains of northern Italy and..'

It is unusual, the strange thinking that modernist environmental society comes up with. First they say, it is a shame that wolves no longer live in this area. Wouldn't it be nice if we were to re-introduced them?!
A government then reintroduces them and after some time of living in the area allocated for natural wolf living, the wolves breed, expand in numbers and need to find more food, so they start to expand their territory. All natural so far – Wolves are clever but instinctive predators. An easy meal is preferable to a hard to make meal. A meal that takes more resources and time and therefore costs more - You could say that this wolf is looking at French / Italian school children as junk food.
It strikes me that the outcome is a bit like the story of the nice kind person, picking up the iron bar dropped by a psychotic violent thug in a manic phase having stopped his medication and despite the crazed look in his eye and the tattoo on his forehead [of a symbol of lightning and the word danger] the nice kind person hands the bar back to the person and says ''Did you drop your bar? Here you are'' smiles and turns to walk away... The bar then crashes down onto the back of his head.
Naturally, if society wants to introduce bears to a region or protect badgers from spreading disease or allocate rights to other animals such as rats or view bacteria as sacred & recognise that virus and DNA evolved because of each other and afford protections to recognise that reality and stop interfering with evolution, there are consequences. There are consequences for any over populated species, especially if its behaviour has developed, shall we say abnormal or unusual derivatives to instinctive behaviours that are undermining their survival and ability to breed and improve and contradicting the very foundation of the objective of evolutionary development. It has happened before and it will continue happening until a species comes up that takes the reins and steers itself forward and exceeds the evolutionary base protocol in place that is forever competing and driving atomic evolution forward in all of the directions available and possible.
I think' that the last time the northern ice cap disappeared the polar bears did not become extinct. Their adapted opportunistic DNA evolutions moved back on to northern lands and bread with land bears [their ancestors] and competed and joined the fight for food sources available. The last time there were no cities full of millions of humans. Canada’s land back then may have had visiting humans, in the summer fruitful months, amounting to hundreds or a few thousand humans at most. This time round humans will become decisively targeted a junk food for all three big bear types.
Evolution stands no fools and takes no prisoners. Humans are a successful spread in numbers but not thinking. Humans are facing evolution unchecked coming head on impact, imminently. It is human success that has allowed for all of your big developments. Medicine, farming, communication, travel, observation, consideration, chemistry, bricks, concrete, steel, the zipper, light bulbs, money, economy, secrecy, censorship, ownership, counter ownership, hunting, gathering, acquisition, acquisition as a game, acquisition as an addiction, poverty and famine in riches. Well done with the right to bear arms and selling them too. Well done with the invention of more modern warfare, decade after decade and humanity losing underfoot to global free market trading and for regulations banning advertising despite there being no proof of link beyond only anecdotal evidence or until proof forces moral or democratic exposure risk to do the right thing.
But despite all of the achievements of all of the good and beneficial developments of humanity and society [and ignoring, for the moment, all of the long held negative behaviours developing in tandem with humanities good] it is the thinking that is humanities greatest threat to humanities future.
Humanity has a fine and successful immune system. It evolves and adapts faster [currently] than any computer simulation or active development. Yet when a threat exists instead of putting your science to work on developing and adapting influence upon the human immune response ability, beyond the threat, you ignore the immune system and attack the threat. Destroying or eradicating a species such as smallpox, leaving the immune system twice as vulnerable to a re-emergence or the emergence of something too similar to be recently recognised by the human immune response.
The Gates Creature ‘philanthropist’ has focused on Malaria as a target of his wealth and power. Not the immune system. If he were to focus on developing immune response, may be he could create for humanity the ability to fend off / control exist with any virus that evolves, even an exo confident human immune system. The outcome beyond Mr Gate’s life will be to weaken the fighting ability of the human immune system leaving it more vulnerable to viruses of any type. Malaria is no more beatable than the existence of virus itself. For evolution is the driving force of division and multiplication and is no more beatable than the expansion of the universe.
And remember if it were not for Virus [protein RNA] DNA would not have had the impetus to counter and develop a growth strategy. You reap what you sow. Think and sow a genuine long-term future. Survive is task one.