Ultimate UK Government: Lowered Cost & Effective Efficient Government:

{Work in progress}


{The Cabinet: [Executive]

A modern democratic Government where only the best executives will be placed in a Government Cabinet, made up of British national rules [eligibility]

Nominations & Appointments are through public specialist selection panels. [Community, varsity, government, civil service, military]

1. 4 Nominated elites and professionals for a period of service. [people who would not touch politics ordinarily] 
2. 4 Selected by and from the experience of the civil service. 
3. 4 Commons elected [To Cabinet by the commons & the peoples live poll]

= 12 Cabinet Seats 

{and the peoples live poll* & a commons live poll* are additional single votes in cabinet, makes 6 common votes}

[The PM counts as 2 votes - Makes 15 total votes in cabinet*]

{*excluding issues covered by the official secrets act or for matters of national security}

The four step plan to a dominant British economy for Britain:

Jeremy Hunt MP. Secretary for Health 2012 - 2018

1. Half the cost of Parliament.

2. ‘Get Control’ of [Key Manipulated] Prices.

3. Reboot the NHS & National Management [to include efficiencies & ‘incentives’ for efficiencies] ‘in General.’

4. Reduce Taxes.


['Musings & justifications below]

Jeremy Hunt says that 'if he could do things differently' "I would like to have long-term NHS plans''

1. A Uniform Quality Controlled Systemic Structure

Here is a man representing modern democratic government, in the mean, here in Britain, [Since Bevan’s catastrophic roll-over deal with the doctors to agree to form the nhs - {in a rush, as usual} - ] Saying:

‘’If I could do things differently, I would build houses above the below low-water tide foundations and overturn the abolition of the word old.’’ Grin to a firm smile, look confident, turn to camera.



The Tip of the decentralised gravy train iceberg

Multiplied by PCT's + Blinkers + Cost inefficiency X infinity = government representation without connectivity to all management.


45,109 [info 2009]

''If anything, our analysis seems to suggest that the NHS, particularly given the complexity of health care, is under- rather than over-managed.'' - Kingsfund.org.uk

It should not matter, the size of the budget or the number of personel or opporational equipment or infrastructure - The command structure remains the same.


Imagine if you will, what would happen if you multiplied command structures, made them independent, relinquished any control and let them commission the accountants? 

You do not need to imagine. Do You! = You Loose... for all of us

And available manpower & resources for Project S,? 


The four step plan to a dominant British economy for Britain:

Project S ..

[Pointless musings & justifications]

1. The first Parliament to invite representatives to the Palace of Westminster site, happened in 1265 and then in 1295 it became the practice. The Parliament that we would recognize today with the two houses started in 1707. The Reform act 1832 created voter registration for the poor.

And here we are today with representatives carrying out their representation without any alteration in procedure despite the arrival of ubiquitous real time interactive social media. It is a case of, as though representation of the persons of Britain are being cut out and ignored, so that parliament does not need to reform to take advantage of the possibilities of the new information live connected technology, no matter how beneficial it would be to democracy or Britain.    

Putting aside for another moment – That [innocent-or-not] representatives have and are negligently ignoring the presence of the law of English/British constitutional documents and in so doing are in breach of their oath’s of office and those that had a hand in signing away Sovereignty of the British Isles have committed Treason – Parliament is spending its Time arguing about weather sovereignty should come home to Britain or not & weather Britain is experiencing a Nationalist spastic crisis and that democracy should be overturned or done again until Britain can recommit to ‘a foreign self appointed government’ no matter the gloom on every horizon. And arguing on with no corrections.

The above has lost the plot and is not value for money, given what is being put at stake by representation still in favor of the ‘commission’ and representation and all, continuing to ignore the documents of overriding power.

A correction should take place now and a well over due reform of Parliament should take place, to both protect Britain from another such danger and to introduce and include a live peoples opinion / vote on daily Parliamentary issues. Representatives can and should be reduced and specialized [qualified] in the house of commons [should be avoiding {the convenience of} ignorance] and voter opinion can and should be catered for live in the house, properly with briefings and gist’s available to consider, all sides, at a swipe. More than halving the cost of the first house and in some short time, the second house.

The purpose of Parliament, the civil service and government in general should be to serve the Nation and not to provide as many jobs as possible for whichever party, to squabble at the lowest possible note while handing power out to an undemocratic foreign interest that might view Britain with malign eyes to serve their purpose.

We Brexiteers are not Islanders fearful of outsiders. We want to protect our island value. For Britain is a Jewel that has been Coveted for many centuries.


2. With Britain remaining committed to open free trading and with no safeguards against those players that see opportunities that are not in-line with the ideal [visionary outcome?] of [the globalist’s] plan, the British market place is being [has been] made a victim of acquisition and extraction. Tax policy for Corporations allows for further extraction of British market wealth. New Labours keenness to open the door without a cautious approach to E.U freedoms of migration [crystallized the overall British government attitude to the ‘faith’ in the E.U’s project of a good and worthy, peaceful future through E.U dominated economics] and has lead to further extraction of British wealth, along with the unprecedented strain on National resources [during this time of deficit reductions, also stemming from the new labour government.] Open migration has also brought the opportunity for the players not in-line with the ideal at all levels of trading. We must also not forget the police [that despite failing to do their job in a just nature, while investigating and prosecuting ‘crime’ of the recent trends] are being given the run around by the disaffected & delinquent rascals' that have migrated through the open door – Bringing also the dangerous’ of mental disorders [often coupled to cultural differences in attitude to the expression of sexual energies and freedoms] some inherent from long-term dysfunction’s and others from brutal trauma – Allowing also the free movement of the prevalence of terrorists both onto British lands and from British’ culture, nurtured [in-line within the ideal vision] and freely evolving.

The solutions to the above deviations from the [visionary outcome?] are the reverse of the above, using the force of government. Any illusions of the good and right outcome occurring naturally in time by adjustments under the power of free market forces, is Magoo silly. As any Newtonian philosopher and an economic historian, over viewing past empires would tell you.

''What Do You Mean, the NHS Can't Afford to pay for the new drug for my new symptom?! I Have Human Rights!!''