Last Reform Act 1928 (which was just an over hyped new law)

Gunpowder Plot 1605 To hand power of Parliament to the Vatican..

For a 800 year old parliament there still seems to be quite a few design snags that have never been ironed out. [#1] The speaker cannot be sacked, despite being required to be impartial which he blatantly is not. Furthermore he is conspiring against a referendum result, is working against a vote confirmed by the house to leave the E.U [to fulfil Article50 – without an unworkable restriction], is working against the government in power [‘attempting’ to fulfil the referendum result ‘in reality’] and against movement to take Britain onto the new path voted for by the electorate. [As are all of the remainer/no-no-deal refuseniks].
If Boris Johnson wants to deliver Brexit in the true sense of the word – He Would – if he has the leadership, insight and vision – Shut down any and every argument / obstacle [#2] in his path.
That he has not pulled out every mallet at his disposal is concerning. Either he is as Paxman say’s a charlatan with only delusions of ruling under his Greek & Roman Classics degree or he [like the nun, wicked witch in Dorothy’s shoes of the Euro Union [#3] is not truly committed to Brexit fully and solidly, with a view against the ills of the E.U union or a British future independent [#4] vision.
[#1] Parliament sits quietly functioning as ‘the true power’ but without any constitution [or knowledge or adherence to any framework] It does not like [as did not the Crown of old fault] infringement or structure to its policies and decisions / laws. When it comes to laws [or votes in the house] one transgression has led to too many to be confronted by the errors from the fault. Here today in the house we see this conflicted, unregulated [ignoring & side stepping] a constitution in place and ignoring and side stepping the merits of having a summary preface of the various treaties that make up the British constitution to bring clarity of the rules and limits for governing Britain under [current unimproved] British democracy.
[#2] The first thing I thought when Teresa May came to power [apart from wrong person 'Tweet'] was that she must get control of parliament with regard to the referendum result. She proceeded to tip toe around the elephant of Braxit in every way, slowly arriving at her chequers flop-over and the E.U’s document [Versailles’s] opportunity.
When Boris took the wheel [if it were me] he should have re-gigged May’s situation hand over and (a) Sought a judgement to prevent parliament blocking the sensible workable conclusion of article50. [before the dominoes of that failure error causes another step in the faults mounting] (b) Re-appointed a head of the civil service to re-gigg for a committed Brexit Britain. (c) Get control of the Conservative party framework to address un-referendum respecting conservative MP’s. (d) Start selecting Brexit conservative candidates and organise an army with clipboards to give a majority Leave electorate, the choice of Leave conservative candidates only. Drop the withdrawal agreement and go straight for an unaltered trade arrangement with / sans British national restrictions. [My view Norway with a Norway fee without the four freedoms.] Negotiating position destruction of the E.U commission structure –
[#3] Stopping The Take-over of all member [cooperating in a union?] countries. Sign here – 4theMoney. A Greecey path.
[#4] It is hard to imagine any vision given the years [decades] of government neglect and incompetent lazy good for nothingness. Oh, they may say that Britain is the 5th largest economy but that is in spite of them and is a result of Thatcher switching to a U.S style free market [theory] [date specific] future.
Now that the U.S are adapting that model Britain is opposing America. Britain remains fully committed to the free market model with renewed optimism [Leave & remain] to market forces under free cooperate movement and control priority – despite the mounting overwhelming negative evidence.
What could a vision for Britain be under these morons? It is like being marooned on a floating frozen emerald with politicians handing out flame throwers and ice-picks.
As it has been.
Key national essentials have been handed over to cooperate forces [after a failure to re-invent national management with the successful modernisations of private efficient examples] and critical assets have gone down the swanny unprotected or nationally unused by their national government, that should have been at least one guaranteed customer.
Steel, ship building to name two. Skills lost gone from Britain and a loss of market opportunity from the exploitation of such national skills as plane designers and makers.
Don’t talk of Concorde or the concords with those French!
Talk of a failure of specialist review teams with sales of product development at the forefront of objective. And for that matter all of government especially DEFENCE!

12) Treason:

Then the signatories to The Maastricht treaty, Then the Lisbon treaty and finally those that attempted the withdrawal agreement.

This definition presides over all former versions, definitions, precedents and acts of Treason.

Any Act Against Britain’s [1] The Nation State, British interests or Sovereign Rule, The security or the nation's international interests or intentions of the Nation State of [1] Great Britain {The United Kingdom} and the Commonwealth of member nations]

This applies to all subjects, {including military persons on deployment} residents and temporary permitted visitors for whatever reason. [Evidence of Treason Eliminates 'Diplomatic Imunity' Privilage Agreement.] 

This act covers all areas of Britain the commonwealth and British air craft, ships, boats, space craft and embassy’s proximity.