The End

Austria's Sebastian Kurz

Will the British voting public believe the British E.U situation has concluded acceptably when Brexit is declared as being achieved?

I do not think so. I think;

Theresa May [has] is completely failing at her task [and she knows it] and I think the remainer MP’s are not respecting democracy by ignoring the politically [won] democratic will of the British people and are working to sabotage the meaning of Brexit by keeping Britain under ongoing control by the E.U [the self appointed commission pirates]

The British Constitution remains under the carpet.

The referendum respect riot act has not been read [with candidate alternative option consequence] to the remainer Conservative / all MP’s.

Freedom of movement and migration in general will be the deciding factor when the voters return their ballots to the boxes. [With the caveat that Hammonds’s increased Austerity may put Labour in Government, prior to Brexit 202_.]

Regardless as to whether May’s shuffling and inching towards her tough method of achieving great ‘deal’ progress for Britain’s future relationship with the E.U moving forward, has the outcome of continued access to the E.U tariff free market with [applied] control of movement and migration and a customs E.Union agreement allowing Britain to freely trade with the rest of the world [and of course] while leaving parliament to abstain/ veto any rule/ regulation/ Law that the E.U wants to impose on ‘all’ member states, The E.U’s future is anything but containing ‘certainty’.

Austria’s government is in the hands of an anti movement and the migration of non-cultural Euopeanism. The Czec republic is also now in the hands of an anti-E.U migration government. Poland seems next to about to turn and swing to protective measures that is looking likely to be ratified in any next election. Hungary, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Finland and Holland are the most heated states about the vast migration of non-European’s into their countries and will be next to reject this line of E.U [pirate] force.

But the biggest and most significant nails in the E.U [commissions] coffin will be the political futures of France and Germany.

Migration pressures, once again is the driving force over economic importance for remaining under E.union control.

The second factor to destroy the [Commission and its euro union formation and controls] is the economic outcomes and the financial states of various member states and the ultimate blame falling at the feet of those in charge of the design and decisions of member state finances. It will not be acceptable to say that member states only have themselves to blame for their fiscal management.

The worst thing a lender can do is to lend money to somebody that has shown no good sense in money management. By not putting in regulations and controls to ensure a sustainably growing prosperity, the lender is guilty of the debt failure.

Furthermore if a lender secured the loan against assets of the borrower [such as their ‘House’] then there is an argument to be made for a planning of the acquisition of said ‘House’ and in a moral world that is taking advantage, to eventually, take the asset. – but that is not the way of the free market ‘concept’.

Socialism has a problem. It does not believe in free enterprise. Over the years [since more socialist models have been rising under democratic systems to benefit the mass people] countries [under common people governments] have further lost touch with the general government management model of investment for a basic future. By not investing or focussing on education and trades and vocational training their countries have weakened and have become more disorientated and more easily taken advantage of by market investment manipulations. The governments have succumbed to similar advantage by the banks and government service sectors. Short termist-‘ism governments’ and for that matter ‘this’ has been taken advantage of by the pure opportunist politician professional – The least qualified and the last type of person that you would want governing or steering a ship, because they spoke the loudest.

And along came a Commission, down its little string to the bowl of kerds, saying ‘’Don’t be afraid little girl. Everything is going to be groovy. Just follow my directions.’’

The E.U faces economic loan payment rebellion that could be exacerbated by ‘the migration’ issues and further by national borders being threatened by both hostile neighbour countries and outside investment eyes coveting for market acquisition and national control influence.

Either secondary [primary being national cultural security] artical50’s will be presented to the E.U against terminal debt [and migration] to restart their economies or ally to a different new investor or the E.U’s members will allow international investments / acquisitions to restart their economies and just thumb their noses to the E.U’s courts. My money is on China showing the E.U how to unionise and cement a future. Bye Bye the E.U spider – 99% sure even without the turning away by France and Germany.

Russia has a claim on the E.U’s border in the Ukraine. The E.U stops at the west side of the Dneiper or there will be war – [Whether the pirates get some organised muskets and including TINY LITTLE NATO – There will be a very quick resolution. Blitzkrieg 20_ _  

Don’t look to the American’s. In the words of Jean Claude-Junker ‘'Their situation is their making.’'

It is not a question of If, If. It is a question of When, When will the E.U collapse and the Commission disappear into the cracks with Zuma and Mugabe?

So Parliament, Treason or just Stupid, Stupid? Where will the English be on the ladder rung of embarrassment and power to climb up again or gone?

With Luck UKIP could be our last chance.

You gave it to Who? Under the Supreme Government approval of Who?

We the British would have had a better more secure future under A NAZI GERMANIAN EMPIRE OF A 1,000 YEAR REICH than this piss poor pittance of a change for OUR [your] WEALTH AND POWER.