Propaganda 2018: - :?..!!.?.

''We're witnessing genocide in Burma and Yemen. And yet the West's too scared to intervene.'' Says Peter Oborne.


What type of Roman Emperor democratic representative would Peter Oborne be?

And how far would he be willing to go to control peoples and governments outside of his jurisdiction and for how long?

Donald J Trump has 2.3million more Twitter followers than POTUS's Tweet service. [Novermber 2017]

'No 10 condemns Trump's retweets of UK far-right leader’s anti-Muslim videos.'


Is not the news, whether the Trump tweeted footage is real or fake?

If film footage showing Israeli soldiers shooting at Palestinian children walking to school to scare them, that was filmed by a Dutch journalist who openly states that he hates all Jews. Is the news footage worthless... and should be suppressed because the camera man stated ‘all Jews’ rather than Israeli policy and bad soldiering? For that matter, what of footage of corpses filmed at Belsen or Auschwitz filmed by Christians of all nationalities under the heading: “German’s are evil.’’

Should the news be:

‘Racist attitudes used to justify the suppression of true events unfolding towards your home towns, to be hidden and unchecked.’

Vladimir Putin says ''Russia's borders do not end anywhere.''

Lord Nigel Lawson:


Leave, Stop all the money now: Then negotiate with ‘your’ self appointed, self declared Pirate Union government. And you dummies say that it is Russia & China that are leading a war build up. This is war. No amount of money in the 1930's would stop Hitler’s European future.. and ‘When’ One China & Russia take full and unhindered control of the Western Pacific East, their Western border with the Pirates, will need to be forceful and may lead to a full Smack-down to eliminate the inept dumb threats being propagated by the combined Government Parties.

Britain could be safely outside of the reach need of Eastern control management and be prepared beyond a few hundred RAF Hurricanes to address the inept dumb issues and be relevant by being willing to join, as a partner, the ambition of focused survival.

Britain: Part of the inept dumb headlong or ready for The Big Change?