Liberal Democracy: An Example of Government

Prince Mohammed bin Salman (left) of Saudi Arabia


Under the new Prince’s control in Saudi Arabia, the reactions to the ills of global free trading rules that are manifesting into controls of outside absorption and diffusion of national wealth can be seen emerging, ahead of the liberal democracies that are going to succumb further. Meanwhile China & Russia suffer no threats under their national controls, for wholly different future plans.

Beyond economy we can also see the liberality of differing human cultures differing further and being confronted [in all ways] to reduce anti-social behaviour and freedom [including democracy itself] And to eliminate liberal notions and 'promotion' of communally blended societies, as a preferred model uniformly. The repatriation of historic migratory population are being carried out or are being viewed for example and effect, where home cultural society is being challenged and threatened by pervasion by planning or design.

"That's the way to do it!"

[Since the above Headline post The world has descended into uproarious protest, aghast at the Vulgar transgression into a civil mutation. ‘’Not a Liberal Democracy!’’

‘A storm blew out of the north and lifted the great man and his brother over the river and the valley and over the mountains and the sea to a far off land, where they alighted on an unfamiliar tundra. A fruit plantation spreading around for as far as the eye could see. They landed next to a freshly fallen peach. ‘’Oh No! That’s Not Dino Dung!!” said one beetle.]


Liberal democracy has given you the quality of the voting. If you further, give the vote to the younger children of 2 years, you will further lower the complexity of thinking, reducing the need for clarity in message and the ‘opportunist’ messengers. Any possibility of analysis from experience, maturity & wisdom will be further abandoned.

Liberal democracy is giving you a muddle headed, ideal fixated and a lost soul less crash onto the sands of time with the word ‘why’ echoing from the mouths of the mis-dis-educated children into yesterday’s void. Liberal democracy is subject to the evolution by its energies {of Newton’s second law of motion} and all the other forces {of Newton’s first law of motion} acting upon it.

And 'liberal free open' government is failing spectacularly with the uses of [the third law of Newton's] motion.

The Founding fathers of the USA. [The Elder's]

What if they were Still Alive Today & Available for consultations..

And All unconnected to Reverence for Proven Sagacity.

One improvement that 'might work in time' is to make the voting age from 40 years plus And as well, for governing candidates. With opinion referenda to gauge, consider and include the thinking of the youths.

would the words of the young be ''Old go away - It is our time now - Modernity and change - Just because you are old - You are out of touch - We want to make this place for us - The new people - Would it be wise to step aside and allow youthful energy & thinking to lead forward? [As it Is.]