Male Adolescence - The Frustration of male Adolescence & the benefits of prostitution:



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Prostitution is said to be the worlds oldest profession.


As with the writing to the right, there are many men ansd most men associated with the prostitution business, [underneath the law as it remains] most of whom are Exploitative and Abusive. There are countless droves of women [mostly young] and from [very impoverished] environments that are enslaved, live lives with violence upon them and remain impoverished until they are of no more sellable value and then discarded or more often killed.

There are also other women in the business of selling [or renting] their bodies for sex. These women vary in their reasons for selling sex. Some [on the lower end of the scale] see it as an easy & quick way to make some [needed] money. Others as a casual top up on top of social interactions. Others because they enjoy and want regular sex but do not care for entanglements with men [or more men] beyond the controlled temporary. Others because they have been offered [in college] [Huge $$$ums] for weekends away aboard yachts in Monaco. They graduate from university millionaires with flats, cars and jewellery that could match Elizabeth Taylor. Sometimes married but hey ho that happens young anyway.

There are women that buy sex. Sometimes for humping by the hour but more commonly as a muse to service them and to occupy and entertain themselves, diva like without objection or conflict. Some women of means have every employee in her household, on a second job after good sex has been established and a wage agreed.

The point I am making is that there is in this world beyond, under and over the world of high Christian [Religion] morels of ethical prudishness [that is the narrative of the wider civil, media BBC type] of  ‘clean’ and acceptable persons in a civilized society. Some people are living by their own concepts of consensual [victimless] arrangements. Sin in 3 Dimensional Technicolor under the radar of the hogs of slavery to conformist restrictions, resulting in bad sex before a life of no sexual pleasure.

As indicated previously, as soon as a daughters hormones were flowing and they were well into adolscence the emotional & physical turmoils of changes, a parent [or both] would introduce her to the existence of her clitoris and to read ‘My first orgasm.’ The rest would be up to her, apart from guidance orientation, for dealing with ‘boys’ and expecting ‘relationship’ issues.

Likewise [there is a point to be made] that the sons would [benefit & along with their peer girls] to be given ia similar orientation, relevant to their hormone. Unlike girls, boys feel their bodies screaming for sexual release. Relationships with girls are only for naked access to hump. 800 million seeds per ejaculation, capable multiple times a day and a girl has 1 egg per month. Hence the relationship issues with the young adults. She feels she wants commitment & ideally ‘hoped for’ love [but without a search & identification parameter] and he wants [needs] to [desires] to ejaculate into a female [majority species] any female [attractive - Sometimes not] for years before the next step of maturity moves them both onto [maybe] adapted thinking.

An arrangement to spare the sons the conflict of relationships with girls distorted by sexual requirements by separating female friends and girls of socio-sexual interest from unreasonable pursuit for sex and peer pressure [free both] with the introduction and set up of appropriate quality prostitute [professionals] to [respect, be polite to & keep a separation] and to hump and to learn and to practice as much as their energy could afford.

It is an alternative that should be discussed & considered. The benefits of directing young male sexual energy and the effect on sexual skill & maturity would also be beneficial toward good male-female long-term relations.

1. The elimination of the need for sexual peer pressure [Reducing teen pregnancies]

2. A growth of sexual skill & a higher capability standard [with the {included} foundation teaching]

Less win win. More happy happier.


There should be [No Problem] in separating the acts of sex, from a [relationship] or romance or marriage, with or without children.

To keep them combined amounts to [invariably] imprisonment and the usual frustrated energies that develop and manifest to [reactive] excesses.

I accept that women [and they too should accept] want commitment for each egg, [instinctively] towards the outcome of an egg, to ensure [instinct again] the best possible survival and future of the child. Therefore commitment historically would need fidelity & visible sole interest in said egg bearing, mated woman.

But in a modern world, where women marry later with attained maturity and probable [varying] independence, who your committed partner has [Lunch with] is {should be} no longer of imperative consideration. In the world of individual fetishes and the wider inadequacy of sexual [skill] preferences, can [and usually does] lead to away play on both sides. [Especially where marriage occurred young and with no sex skill teaching or [knowledge available] for what is achievable. To then destroy everything of family value because of the notion of ‘cheating’ is as bazaar as it is an antiquated dystopic madness. [Don't care about Lunch dates - If they come home though the door, at the end of the day, in good loving humour, they are choosing You.] 

Putting aside the ignorance of sexual skill and the missing element [vast majority globally] of coupling sexual pleasure, who a person sees, as the best choice for making children with is [no way guaranteed] going to be your kind of ideal ‘Lover’ mate. Or For that matter, no guarantee that they will be able to replace your tennis partner or have even had a lesson, or have held a racket for more than a minute in their whole life. I am not assuming that you are Serena Williams, I am assuming that every woman has the innate ability to be a Serena Williams. For men, irrespective of basic [fundamental] knowledge, they have all sorts of [primal developing] fetishes on the boil [some very negative from the un-based cultural foundation that maybe ilegal] that maybe silly, obscure, gross or just require stranger fetishes [although professional] with sensible [clean] practices.   

It [The neuro-complexity of the Vagina] was given {evolved – completely unnecessarily} to women but [use it or lose it] it was censored and banned [very successfully] a long time ago, by {a volunteer group of appointed} men horrified by the rapid development in a large connected modern society, of a society tilting towards female value and their growing power. [You lost it women.]

In order to resurrect it we are going to have to teach the boys and the girls a ‘new’ and improved sexual future, to bring men and women closer together which will rebalance male behaviour with female behaviour, derived hormone qualities, and therefore a better future overall.

Starting with a foundation of sex education to include reproduction, diseases, socio-sexual behaviour, politics & abuses and then sex skill, female sexual neurology and the female orgasms {available} and what can be achievable, between ‘partners’ committed to pleasure.   

For all of the above I submit that ‘teenage sexual energy’ should be separated {protected} and directed to benefit the ‘now!’ and the future.