Male to female socio-sexual behaviour [in the work place] & out:

Lothario- Charmer -
Casanova - Seducer -

Education, Education, Education.
Unlike the revelations of a Paedophilic culture by a previous British political class [most of who are now dead] that largely escaped justice and the reformation of attitude that results by the process, the lesser Weinsteiner’s of male culture are in for live attacks from all sides.
It should be important and brought quickly into the process that of the severity of offences. There is a big difference between ‘unsanctioned’ smutty comments and & ‘uninvited’ touching, Groping & Rape.
While Mr Fallon's comment of ‘’I know a good place to warm your hands’’ was inappropriate to his colleague Ms Leadsom, a straight ‘’Shut it, you smutty Toad!’’ could have sufficed.
Mr Fallon’s approach, after a professional lunch with a woman, in which he made a physical move ‘’lunged’’ and tried to kiss her [While totally unprofessional and unacceptable] shows Mr Fallon more as a clumsy insensitive old buffoon rather than a person committing a sexual assault.

Cornering a woman [uninvited5] or intimidating a woman to achieve physical sexual contact is a serious assault in itself and any further more physical contact would be sexual assault. If that resulted in intercourse then [irrespective of resistance or a freezing] that is rape.
It is important to consider and include the following while judging and pursuing change:
1. Men learn what is / was normal male to female relations as children, by example or some form of teaching and are therefore victims of any social ignorances that are / were permitted or omitted in learning.
2. There are a complex number of courtship behaviours, [variety] initiated on both sides that determine socio-sexual engagements. Most of these engagements are initiated [if success is to follow] by the women.
3. Some men missed that day at school and bump around like cavemen in cufflinks.
4. Some women are so subtle and fussy about their expected [required] approach [variety] that only the most adept suitors’ understand and have the skill to achieve socio-sexual contact successfully.
5. Some women [Eg] come from a culture where they desire and expect to be grabbed [‘& abducted’] or have their clothed ripped from their bodies, as soon as alone with ‘their chosen’ real man who then proceeds to gloriously [to female satisfaction] smash a nail into their violin, as the music of understanding.
Mr Fallon is an ignorant insensitive, smutty lurch, who is a product of a low class of socio-sexual sophistication [who should be a fossil] but who is not alone in the modern world of un-taught replication.
Ms Leadsom is either a political or personal vengeant opportunist, a bit of an offended type or & a creature of her own communication standards or limits without the strength and dexterity to deal with male socio-sexual aggressions, no matter how asinine.
Irrespective of the ‘kerfuffle’ the error [in absence of clear rules of engagement teachings] is that the British reserve stretches from the lack of teaching into the most embarrassing lack of sophistication of a race and the resultant confusions and repetitions of erroneous behaviours. It has been said that how the British breed and continue to exist is unknown, considering.
The current reaction of indignancy and blaming only the men for these pathetic insensitivities & repeating impulsive socio-sexual conducts is now a trend of singular blaming to [intended] gain improvements [by control banning.]
Beware the long-term knock on effects of criminalising socio-sexual courtship. Beware the hypocrisy of alienating humour and sexulized banter while considering Jonathan Ross as peak time weekly entertainment. Men are often the target of female initiation using smutty sexualised communication to initiate a response to socio-sexual invitation. [variety]
70% of people meet their partners at work and the workplace is a key environment to courting and dating outside of work. If Britain wants to lower its birth rate or see young women travelling abroad to find socio-sexual behaviour and therefore leaving. You might see, as in single sex boarding schools or prison, otherwise heterosexual individuals obtaining sexual release from homosexual behaviour or transitioning en masse to match their connecting role play of preference.
Whatever way British rule, moral, ethical or law takes [with regard to socio-sexual behaviour in the workplace & wider nationally] acceptable courtship behaviour should be defined and included so not to vilify it outright, leaving the young even more confused and reacting to socio-sexual conduct as a contraband dealing in the shadows, of future British society.
Lastly, pornography is not illegal and all sexual intercourse can be considered [extreme] under definition 2 of ‘extreme pornography.’ ‘Serious’ to some in British justice is a lady who is not quiet and still during sheet wrinkling, let alone the notion of humping for hours to aching hairy chaffing pain, hidden by the pulsating pleasure of [consented] sex. EngliSh!

Yo, Dude!.?..

Brenda Blethyn! & Me!?!?

All are Dangerous. Proceed with Cautious passions.. [In absence of Arrow: Fatal, Dying without pension, Alone.. or with {matching} minion.

Meanwhile In America;

The fact that the 4,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean is that it only divides the small gaps between our cultural differences.

Where once the differences were a shrinking technology time difference with microwave ovens and colour television coming over to Britain 10-15 years later and the ever so slight increases in east coast societal differences between American and British societies, those differences have been reversing steadily. Now technology has almost converged but societal culture has been increasing exponentially in a number of ways.

When slavery was ended, Britain slowly altered [in line with its post imperial guilt] the British view of its desired relationship with black people and worked slowly but steadily towards equality for all minority groups with and under Britain’s wider attempts at dismantling the class structure. The disparities were seen as divisive and negative with no redeemable value [the differences caused by prejudice not the qualities of any good inherent philosophies.] Black children received as much of the same national education provided and Black people / families were not overly separated into isolated communities but rather merged mainly into working class areas with a presence in more affluent areas of council housing.

This integration plan has resulted [from that period of time and group] in what we can call British men and women with a middle class ranging from Idris Elba geezers to David Harewood and sisters populating the BBC and which has also become a Hollywood talent asset pool. There is still an under achieving level caused by a small market supply philosophy, an ongoing imbalance of opportunity and a low expectation view from a poor attitude culture held by both the original Caribbean group and worse from the more recent African groups. These differences also exist in Indian and more in Pakistani and other Muslim cultures.

A key difference is the relationships between women and men within the spectrum of cultures and of course British male behavior culture with British women and wider with women / men in general. It should not be a matter of argument that British men are considered [by fact of a general character] quite polite and gentlemanly [Product: Sidney Poitier / David Niven / Roger Moore et all] That was not an act or a role play but software as hardware. This culture has shrunk quite evidently.

In America the character of men is different and has always been different. Over politeness, deference self-effacing charm [all be it sometimes merely masking ego] respect and friendliness are regarded by American men historically as weakness of person by character. The days of role models such as Carrey Grant, James Stewart, Dean Martin et al are long gone and mostly forgotten. The American male character that has grown is the one largely promoted from the more insolent, go get, win win, in my time now, male attitude. The down side for women [especially by young men {under 35} is men not taking no for an answer [or as also promoted, a cultural male expectation of female interest] results in a similar frustration of go get, win win, now, with the commonly reported aggressive hostile belligerence directed against women.

In Britain to lesser evidence the same dissolution of male female courting has also occurred. There is also evidence that the minority culture of street jive / school / college is becoming the dominant cool norm for young male blueprinting behavior and for female expectation along with the [mostly pointless] pleasure of porn ‘banging booty’ sex. The tragedy of this culture is that behavior writes nature-genes which are then inherited which increases blueprinting / software into hardware.      

The recent events of an American male [not of the Cary Grant type role model] who rose to be a candidate of Americas highest court only to find his character being challenged by women alleging very serious flaws to question his suitability as a justice. Though cooborated including by other male peers the clear male dominant view was to dismiss all of the allegations as politically motivated female lies, despite the unspoken common cultural knowledge of American male attitude and behavior.

The outcome from this event [according to the rule of action and reaction] will be a building siege mentality between females and males. This will take place throughout the workplaces and the homes of America and finally reach into American high schools and colleges where regardless of lack of male acceptance of the culture [or culpability] female behavior will challenge and force the issue of male sexual social behavior into the light and force an alteration to male relations with women by the growing solidarity of female power. I hope.

The time the righting of this injustice will take will therefore have a long knock on effect on both sides of the Atlantic. Firstly men will be dismissive, condemning and vindictive. Next men will feel able to carry on assaulting women as they will get away with it because the women will not be believed because they were judged at the highest level as liars, against men. [Even if Kavanaugh is rejected at the last hurdle] This rising danger for women will cause a number pre-cautious changes to female contact with men. Young men will find it harder to conjugate with young women causing men [likely young reaction] to behave worse with women. It will be a long and tough road to be travelled by American women and to a lesser extent, women in Britain as well.