Thoughts on the migration hypothesis and on the origin of the theory:

Out of Africa Theory

Evidence to contradict and challenge the African human origin migration hypothesis


1: It is a blatant lie – Brought forward to avoid division between races, nations or cultures.

1a) When war is the common historical repeating story, anything that could aggravate, justify and increase divisions and separatism would seem bad, undesirable and should be avoided with any force, even a lie.

1b) When anthologists, palaeontologists and archaeologists, arrived at the doyen of their [pre-DNA] knowledge they knew quite well that the migration hypothesis had some glaring big holes in it. DNA evidence has since shown [proved] that Humanity is comprised of a number [5] main sub-species. The pre-human world consisted of many sub-species increasing the further back you look through the Pleistocene and some time after the beginning of the Pliocene. This evolutionary accepted fact stands to justify that that evolutionary process and the resultant genomes existed on into the emergence / evolution of the larger brain sized sub-species we see on Earth today.

1c) We know, that before there was life on Earth there was life in the Seas of the world. Unlike the land there are no borders or obstacles to separate species and divergent evolution. Successful species multiplied from their early genres and would have spread out to different watery regions to establish their niche regions and specialized for the varied environmental conditions and the differing food sources available.

1d) Gondwana Land 400 MYA - There were no separate continents. When the transitional species climbed onto the land ‘it’ they did so everywhere possible at once [in evolutionary terms]. The environmental and food differences of the preceding adapting evolution formed the basis of the differences that we see today in all regionally evolved sub-species. [Later, Orangutan's did not migrate from Africa therefore this Great Ape evolved outside of 'the cradle of humanity' and therefore questions its validity and implicates humans and pre-humans in a wider area theory of development.] 

1e) It would be perfectly reasonable under the terms of Darwinian evolution to presume that even during the Halocene humans broke into many sub-divisions of species bordering between the definitions of breed, familia, sister taxon and separate species. [As with the Tiger.]   

+ - 375MYA Mudfish onto Gondwana 360

Life started in the sea. Before the continent of Africa existed separately. The Life from the sea rose simultaneously from all directions. Life evolved along different avenues due to different environmental challenges into many species and sub-species. Mammals had many starting points. Simians were a diverse group, spread over vast bands of latitudes. Humans diverged from apes into many sub-species. Those sub-species merged in regions and they are visible today. 

2: It [the lie] is counterproductive to successful adaptation and evolution of the sub-species of lying humans.

2a) Using an untruth to sweeten the politics ignores the fact of the dominant physics – That no matter what is believed, the natural forces of adaptation and evolution will drive development for [survival] and success forward with regional interest at its heart.

2b) Where a sub-species of human is not affected by civilisation derived from a myth or myths of societal peace and love and an illusion of the permanence of good and correct order, the sub-species focused on survival and superior success has an innate advantage over a sub-species detached from the natural forces of fact and evolution.

2c) The ambition to remove national identities in the belief that it will eliminate conflict and war makes the mistaken assumption that it is differences that drive conflict and war. It does not – If you were to achieve the ambition you would be left with humanity and humanities traits, flaws and nature. Anger, Hate, dislike and fear. Not to mention possession, control and acquisition.

2d) The irony being that the very force behind the drive for homogenising races / people and eliminating regions of self interest is itself subject entirely by possession, control and acquisition, not to mention dislike, distaste, disgust, anger and an evident and deep rooted racist / culturalist malevolent hatred.

Chronologically separated sub-species and regionally separated sub-species

3: The recipe for success [humanity cohesively working together for the benefit of humanity] is to accept races, regions and differences and work on improving human traits. Politeness, respect and most importantly kindness, for humanities many difficulties in life. The many differences, not just between continents and races but here locally and everywhere, [Not just in Northern Ireland but] in our home streets, at work and even in the family. Where there is a conflict or a toxic relationship [even where politeness, respect and kindness is present] distance should be kept and respect for regional peace [non interference] should be applied and maintained.

3a) Live and Let Live should be the mantra with politeness, respect and kindness underpinning interaction.

3b) The population pressures must [should] not be allowed to swallow up the peace with a crisis of a resource limit.

3c) Space is Big – And with planning* and [essential] working together [as is NASA & Roscosmos apparently and pleasingly unconnected or corralled away from terrestrial politics] Humanity can populate *Mars [*Planetary mass Terra augmentation] with a few billion, a million or two in town-ships orbiting at 1.+au and Venus is not an impossible task to alter to an earth type status with a control shaded surface, for billions more humans.

A-Future [More than the sum of their parts]

4: If humanity [the races of animosity – nes pas] keeps going along the path of dissolution, acquisition and control myopia of an - [E.U – a Pre-Roman empire erotic spasm fantasy] [An American Control, destroy and acquisition future war winning blue-print] [A Russian-China Vengeance and full immersion absorption reap policy plan with a red-gold fringe] - The future is self extinction on two fronts 1. Climate change destroys the life sustaining habitat 2. Resource conflict [bar economic conflict] causes multi irradiation devices to be deployed over populated areas and into the atmosphere with further pollution caused by ground detonations and further atmospheric dispersion of irradiated particulates.

4a) The end result would be no chance for anyone [few small communities] left alive. 

4b) It would be best to face up to the differences, embrace the facts and work together to build some real cooperatives on mutual endeavours to bring an end to the animosities that are being fuelled by the poor traits of old humanities lingering philosophies and government's stuck in first gear, under the second best people addicted and under the control of the flaws previously listed above.