Social Customs over hormonal driven sexual attraction, for the young.

Marilyn Monroe
1926-1962 [36]

Pick a century and look at any group of people on the world and what you will not see is the youth of either sex allowed or given the space to express their growing sexual energies instinctively and naturally without any parental [customary] controls.

In most cultures, daughters were [are] protected from male interest and their reproduction vulnerability is guarded. Female Virginity became the currency result of protected fertility. With the raging hormones came a drive to get the young married and allow the energy to be freed but within the safety of a marriage, to avoid herding and mixing of open groups and so loose control of families by design and that includes the children produced by the selection from a good ‘known’ family.

The unfortunate shortcoming of the custom of arranged marriage when ‘young’ [to direct the energy and to remove the responsibility of protecting a young daughter] is that the young person is not given the opportunity to develop as a natural person and experience a life as an adult prior to entering into a marriage. Males had [have] more freedom to get further away from the family home and the controls and to gain wider experiences, including sexual experiences. Sexual experiences within the customs of the protection of young females [meant] means that young male sexual adventures rarely included natural social interaction with females of their peer groups. With young females guarded, no open social interaction could occur [beyond high school friend occasions] and so young male experience would be corrupted by older delinquent or single women, prostitution or depraved victim opportunists. So, the drive for young marriages has this additional impetus to direct all sexual energy toward a betrothment.

We all [no matter how ignorant] know that there are differences between young men and young women. Women are coded by their main hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen’s effect on the brain makes women what they are and divided by the particular decade of age that they are in. Similarly, males are divided by the decade of age that they are in but the male hormone Testosterone leads older boys and young men to have a very intense physical sexual desire experience. Sex is not so much a great desire rather, a crazed need, if not for sex then regular sexual release. The male priority desire for sex [would in a socially freer culture#] puts them in a desperate type interaction with females that gives females a higher value and control than they should deserve.

Young people in the modern world [post 60’s sexual revolution {‘the pill’} emancipation & feminism] has resulted in the ending [or lowering] of family guarding of young daughters and the end of the push for young marriages, by design. As a result, free socialisation started taking place and female power custom over male desire has evolved through the 60’s, 70’s and beyond. There have been a number of steps up and along of the more naturally based social sexual customary behaviour but the lingering culture[#] remains of young female power over male interest. This is particular acutely observed in females of greater attraction.

[# When and until males and females are taught the key details of sexual achievement, pleasure objective and [the basic] technical skill to shine a light into the dark corner of education, young males and females will continue to be minion victims of their ignorance and the socially immature trap that exists.]

There are four primary groups of females [and males to a lesser extent] in the young world of social interaction.

  1. The Very attractive   
  2. The mainstream
  3. The disadvantaged
  4. The socially repressed or conservatively structured

The behaviour of the top group has the most heated attitudes. The most attractive females can and often do display extreme attitudes and behaviour. The dominance of the superficial corrupts as much as it distorts character and pervert’s cultural development further than had been hoped after the demise of parental controls over free female lives.

The custom in the modern world of social sexual interaction and relationships has [and is] distorting further away from an ideal [#] potential interaction of less male ignorant desperation for sex with an understanding by females of female sexual reward, understood by both parties.

While young men are without sexual release, knowledge and experience women will continue to rely, pursue and behave on their currency of superficial, physical aesthetic and shallow desire as the starting point for relationships that as we know burn away like a comet to a nucleus of a strange disconnected hollow unfamiliar core that without building on a foundation of other interests will continue the evolutionary development of female social ignorant power and shallow ambition custom.