Lord Michael Heseltine [And Other’s]:

Inherrant in nature - A summary of his life.




While I appreciate and respect the fine conviction of your words, they sadly hide a blindness or denial of the true course of events, from your [wider] ideal and ambition. You speak of ‘Europe.’ You speak of peace. You speak of achievement. But you fail to recognise in your thinking, prior to your words [or show any modulation of point of view] toward the achievement, by the facts of the critical developments in Europe over the peaceful years, or see any gloom on the horizon, to give you cause for alarm to reconsider and adapt your view.

‘’Peace in our time.’’ A Europe brought together with common interests and unified under a wider economy of purpose and power. Democracy of the people by the people for the people. We the people, a one people with no reason to war.

All good and seemingly right on course. But the ideal / achievement that you said that you had spent almost your entire political career pushing for, was spent in support of Piracy, Greed & ‘once again’ Rapid Imperial Expansionism. That is ‘once again’ heading for violent conflict. Not this time within and between Europe but by the controlling forces backwards to a Barbarossa defence. And Forwards towards economic counter measures, in the world of little space for a slow meandering old fashioned baseline, for a beleaguered market, ripe for takeover and domination to realign regulations.

Regulations that were intended to serve the pirates in perpetuity.

As you know, The Commission is made up of unelected, unaccountable individuals of the [Old school of European Empire building that we could term as ‘Germania’.] You said that you had supported this achievement! Against opposition, hesitation & against the English {British} Constitution.

Putting aside questions of your sanity or un-evident lack of intelligence, you should be currently dying in Prison, with your foolish compatriot’s, Silenced, unheard, an embarrassment forgotten.

The Commission exists [allowed] in collaboration within a mutually beneficial financial* [& Regulatory] arrangement with the Key Nation States of Germany & France, with the acquiescence* of the lesser states of Europe.

Be under no illusion that the commission is in anyway controlled or accountable to the democratic heads of any states, especially when it comes to the formation / evolution of ‘the union’ & its ‘Power’ and the level of expansion or greater intent.

Germany became very aware of the ‘Commission’ and as the commission had no physical power, the commission became subservient while it negotiated its continued existence and value. Germany seeing the benefit of a separate entity, forging a wider harmonised economic boundary while allowing German Finance the benefits of secondary union payments, in the form of [intended] member state growth lending. This of course in now evolving history with the lack of a central fiscal working model, for sustained growth [or neutral growth under neutral population growth] with no debt and a positive GDP tax balance.

[i] It is hard to see that this error alone will not be enough to cause a break-up of the union without an acceptable long-term financial solution & ‘Long-Term’ fiscal re-structuring.

Much like Hitler ‘The Commission’ has made [is making] the same mistake. [Old stories] Hitler – [beyond his reason for rising to power and his initial objective – To right the Short-Sighted penalty by ‘The French’ from the treaty of Versailles] – Could have stopped at regaining his Sudetenland and incorporating Poland [as a region] and punishing France [for a period and tax] [and the lesser joining states] and expanded the German Marc into France [for France to become a self governing region] And Stopped There.

http://www.zorabian.co.uk/cars/wake-up-in-space/ Activate Audio

In time 30-50 years the economic strength of the Marc in its regions could have had other European states applying to join the healthy Germanic economy being enjoyed by all regions with the Marc and the fine administration with the educational ethos benefits [Long-term] as one example of a beneficial base multi-region regulation.

[This is also assuming {The warring Brutality was ended} and that the Jewish communities were not once again drawing attention to themselves by avoiding tax and running an absorption policy of a micro state within a state, slowly turning the micro into fiscal macro but still isolationist.]  

It is conceivable that under the above [fictional hypothesis] that all of the European countries Including Britain would have joined a federation started by Germany of individual nation states, taking the Marc and the beneficial minimal uniform regulations to make them compatible to work together and that regulations would only be presented where there was a negative force [not to the health of the nation/union regions] that needed to be addressed and most importantly agreed by the adopting nation/member regions.

Unfortunately such a Hitler did not emerge from the foolish 'short-sighted' injustice of Versailles.

What we have is the founding fathers, grandchildren of the pre-Hitler economic empire of European intention. Back to the Future on Elm Street.

[ii] Madly Rushing, Madly Lending, Madly Expanding & Controlling [without any apparent concern for where Europe will end and Russia begins. No eye for an angry Russia, feeling invaded or threatened. And without a Single [or uniform] member state fiscal model, with any [even theoretical] system of long-term scope of sustainable success, goes the E.U full ahead like a Convoy of Trucks Driven with a Bullock Cart riders Licence.

Meanwhile NATO is about to become an unnecessary expense for an America that is getting Commie chills and the memory of two failed military campaigns in the far East. With China, North Korea, Iran, most of the ‘Stan’s & Russia pointing at America, America might concentrate on protecting its own future and leave Europe on their own. After all it looks like a smelly experiment that is going wrong and making it look less like the morals America wanted to protect anyway.

Expand east beyond Moscow [Ukraine] and the next type of Blitzkrieg will take Europe’s Breath away – Literally. After a few months of glow in the dark, then the Ruble. I see it from Russia’s point of view and I would say so to Putin and the E.U and the U.N.

If the above proves that history is history and [is allowed] to repeat itself [in variations] with alarming regularity [2-3 times a century] then much like the sun there are also variations that occur every 12-18 years and 24,000 years and others. We should be able to see repeating trends by looking at our millennia of repeating influences. Or the forces of change that redirect them or galvanise them or allow opportunity not to pass by bye.

A civilization is defined as what? Defined in the 21str century as what? When can a society be said to have lost Civilization? [as defined by the society in its time’s definition of civilized?]

[iii] European countries are facing internal wars because the middle east is moving to the west along with muslims [and other societies people] moving up from corrupt & neglected African countries. Peace and other wealthy countries aside, it is the west that arrogantly feels that they are the ones that have the warmth and milk of human kindness, not any country nearer Mecca. Charity for knotweed, knows not it’s sad plight as imagined by Mars.

The ‘Commissions’ union looks doomed. The member states are now constantly being given the authority to alter the blight of their plight. Whether Britain is DUMB ENOUGH to hand over billions or not they will be left agreeing trade deals with another authority, interested in trade without the heavy handed commission union's BlackMail & Expenses.

Greece and Italy will inevitably rebel against their debt burdens. If and when the commissioners disappear [following Dr. Mengle or be lynched [for as sure as shit stinks}.] Germany will either write off the debt and start again [as I illustrated] with a union of nation states agreeing to common unifying procedures, under commissioners appointed and answerable to heads of states, without the need for such massive government. Or try and take and control assets and deal with European wars as well as Russia manoeuvring in a similar vane around all of the weakness and chaos ‘To protect Russia from the self-inflicted chaotic states.’

The solution is simple for Britain. We voted out. Get out before it costs us everything that it is going to cost the other separating states. Give nothing to the commission but back breaking pressure to die sooner rather than later. Present a union as advised. Continue trading as is with member states.

Get ready to face our own issues of non-national migrant/resident glut and the dangers of rising un-civilization and Jihad. And the very real risk of the fall of all government in Britain with the collapse of infrastructure, economy and society. Nothing personal but that is what physics is. And Britain is still on a loser’s streak – Streaking ahead – J-35! [All fall in the water or shot down or blank screens.]

Designed to be a Dumbasses replacement special – Putin must be covering his face to hide his laughing happiness.

Dictionary update meaning: English – A Language from a race that committed self-depletion.



'The above modernisations of the RAF's weapon options will both bring Britain to an equal design inventary capability upto both the U.S.A & Russia [all others being second or below.] It will also put Britain in a competative [and in {many designs} a unique product sale position.'

by a 'pirate' elite.