International Central Democratic Government System Structure Standard..

{Work in-progress}

If we take a community baseline of 50million people on a standardized area of 150,000 km2, as a baseline needing representation, [UK baseline 2000] With a maximum [Health feasibility Limit] of 250 million humans per 150,000Km2.

Consideration is made [for community being divided by micro cultural individualities] Therefore:

For every 3.3 million people – 1 representative [and 1 representative of an independent vote of a minimum of an individual [group/tribe] indigenous voting age population of 25,000 as a proportional representative] in addition to the main representative candidate [a double regional vote being permitted]

And in addition to the National Independent Leader Nominations & Right vote.



{The Cabinet: [Executive]

A modern democratic Government where only the best executives will be placed in a Government Cabinet, made up of national rules of [eligibility]

Nominations & Appointments are through public specialist selection panels. [Community, varsity, government, civil service, military]

1. 4 Nominated elites and professionals for a period of service. [people who would not touch politics ordinarily] 
2. 4 Selected by and from the experience of the civil service. 
3. 4 Representatives elected [To Cabinet by the house of representatives & the peoples live poll]

= 12 Cabinet Seats 

{and the peoples live poll* & a representatives live poll* are additional single votes in cabinet, makes 6 common votes}

[The PM/President counts as 2 votes - Makes 15 total votes in cabinet*]

{*excluding issues covered by the official secrets act or for matters of national security}

Election of the PM/President; by Vote in The Cabinet 12, House of representatives 2 & The Live Peoples Vote 1 = 15



A Modernized democratic executive - with the house of representatives room used for debates for rationalization by the representatives, people [invited] and the executive for consideration & voting. {The cabinet are the executive authority.}

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ First Always above and beyond all else.



Public Elected Representatives:

A Number that is not serving the benefit of an employment opportunity. A lower number and higher requirements that avoids youth, inexperience and career delinquents [gravitating into an intellectual cabal in pampas.] {India the largest democracy on earth with a population of over 1.3 billion, has fewer elected MP's representatives than Parliament.}

House of Representatives:

Elected Representatives:

1 representative per city. [city population =500k+] [for a city over 3.3million 1 further representative per 3.3million}  

1 representative per county/district/sub-state, [Per 150,000Km2 a maximum of 50 county/district/sub-states] [1 further representative per additional 3.3million+ people]

Cities representatives =

Counties /districts/sub-states =

+ 1 peoples Live Poll. [in the house of representatives]



Independent Leader Nominations & Right:

The specialist selection panels;

1.    That observe a representative individual rising in reflective democratic voice [whether an existing MP or not can be put on the general election choice ballot sheets nationwide, as an outside of a party independent, electable directly as leader.  

2.    The nomination term on the national ballots is set at 2 future general elections.

3.    All national election choice ballot sheets & by-elections will have a blank box for voters to fill in with the [Eligible] person as leader.

4.    If any independent MP or one person receives 5,000 votes in any general election, they are atomically put on the national ballots for a term of 2 future general elections.

5.    Voters can vote for their local MP & a Direct Leader choice. Or just their direct leader choice. Or just their MP.

6.    In order to win as outright leader, a single name under ‘& or for Independent Leader’ must have the highest number per seat / election constituency and thereby securing the majority equivalent outright win over the majority party.  

7.    The independent direct PM can fill the cabinet posts with either MP's from the commons or secretaries from the civil service. {prior to modernisation}

8.    {Or this modernised democratic system} The direct PM/President takes his seat at the cabinet table.



House of Senate: 

Senators: [Elected Member of the House of Senate [Term 8 years]

1 Senator per County + 1 per City =     Elected + =     Life Senators [over 80 verified non medical brain disorder] {2 doctors + 1 independent U.N appointed assessor for an appeal & for any official post medical brain retirement}

Life Senators {Limited to 12 annually} [numbers split between a panel 5, the cabinet 5 & the PM/President 2 with any veto requiring 4 votes]


Regional Government local administration in all areas where possible – National Government veto and takeover authority, directive or administration when necessary.