Good British Manners [Wider British Culture & A Foundation Philosophy for growth]

You have an education system, now. It is negligent & incompetent not to teach in what you need & know is good & right.

Imagine a place beyond sight and sound, a place so remote from the sun that it is in the Twilight Zone.
I went to primary school in London many years ago [I won’t give my age because I don’t want to offend myself and you had better not ask, ever.] Good manners, politeness, niceness of a kind variety had already been emphasised by my Persian origin, Cheltenham Ladies educated mother]
I entered a schooling culture of the post 1960’s social London modernism, in a primary school filled with the middle class [period example] children of parents that had spent some time selecting a primary school, from choice. All the mod thinking, of open class rooms, group casual corners, shared tables, multiple board positions, sofa discussion corners [all classes]. Very casual, very relaxed but constantly moving. It was familiar with the nursery setting but extended, in the vibe but with a more work orientated addition and a very grown up setting for discussion. All in all, good thinking – if a little light on syllabus. A little too focused on personal development but with not enough ambition for objectives & outcomes.
Good manners were taken for granted and there was no need to teach politeness and good behaviour. No doubt in other parts of London and other primary schools, there were different cultures being educated [Other classes of old British society] where manners were different [less polite] where the teachers working 'were accepting of the culture' and environmental settings. The energy of the children and the teachers would have been more occupied with order and controlling direction towards their syllabuses of design. Where there remained little attempt by design to alter the background culture.
It would be easy but another bigger diverting paragraph to deconstruct the social history backwards through the construct of class, people and culture/s but it is enough to summarise by saying the cake you get is dependent upon the ingredients and the recipe used.
Through the 80’s 90’s and into this new millennium the ingredient were both neglected, exposed to free market engineering and other outward events and developments that have brought us to where we are today. Good British Manners [in our case history] did not get extended until it was expanding at the general family base of Britain. Media [Tv] and market product expansion has been the dominant factor in defining and growing culture. Social expansion [and to some extent social restriction] became exposed to cultural diversity. This diversity was left [under similar effect] without the extension of the teaching of Good British Manners. However the cultural strength of some of the importing cultures carried with them far stronger philosophies than the residing inhabitants. Growth was therefore set by both the lack of formation, the predominant [market] formation and the included, integrating [within culture] culture of a building future.
We all should know that being polite is important to the demeanour and good conduct between people. Rudeness while [still] not illegal has been and is a sorry affair in British culture that is still not being addressed at the base level. Add the present effects of cultural inclusion of [integration] in British society, to the international effects of cultural relations [specifically referring to Muslims] and the frictions that have occurred [and reoccurred] has brought into focus a sudden need for politeness and good manners. [Ironic since the effect of international relations with the Muslims has not moved on much since the attitude of the British Empire. From the mid 50’s the collective western relation with the muslim world can be visualised as the Monty Python boot coming out of the sky, followed by the Monty Python hand descending to pick up its target. Could be felt as quite offensive 'even' by those muslims residing in the west.]
The present, sadly with the police and the courts misusing the Law* to arrest, charge and imprison people for upsetting people [whether it is felt as abuse or not] while excuding violent actions against individuals, society or the country, is just a reaction to both the lack of politeness [exhibiting and excusing the assaults from the other imbalances of polite behaviour] and a desperate attempt to avoid and prevent offence to those that take it very seriously* by attempting to use the law and censorship to train out bad attitudes* and verbal behaviour. Social engineering after the gate was left open and cleaning up after the milk has been spilt.
The future with the ingredients and the current recipe is not looking good. [A Poo cake with ball bearings one might say] [A fat berg rising from our Victorian drain with a mouth and demanding we make room for it – A lot of room for it.] Ironically it is not even the second berg of a threat we are facing tomorrow.
Without significant changes in attitude, conduct and planning, the bergs will grow and rise. I will lastly liken the need for change by saying that the Captain of the Titanic would have to refuse his instruction by his passenger {the owner of The White Star Line} keep to speed and put on double look-outs. If a collision was spotted, close the bulk doors, put full reverse, strait rudder and bow shunt the berg.
Humiliation, condemnation, a sacking and probably no pension and he may die alone in poverty. But he knew he stopped the bosses from destroying the ship and killing almost everyone.

You Grow What You Start - You Get What Grows..

Good ‘British’ Manners

Training in, young & Constantly, throughout standard & watch 'your training culture' change your society beyond your dreams in three generations..

Module 1A. [An Overview]

Politeness: [Speech & behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people] is the foundation of the Primo Facie relationship [based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise] {And therefore does not require deference & submission / subjugation to another.}

[Key Rule: Good Speech comes from good thoughts & good feeling]

Being polite in all first contacts / mass daily interactions keeps to a high standard of human exchanges [avoiding the growth of bad feeling {and also has the important effect, as an antidote training, repetition, upon people who harbour and escalate bad feeling, leading to bad thoughts, resulting in bad speech & actions}  

Which seems better:

Thought leading to emotion, leading to action [Good Logical]


Emotion leading to thought, leading to action [Illogical, reactive, uncontrolled outcome]   

Politeness is both a good conduct and a preventative force against the cultures of ill will.


Respectfulness: the act of and attitude to, is a key principle of humanities standard of core humanity.

Primo Facie: All people are equal in conscious existence & key rights.

People are not all equal. People are all different.

Some people are very different or & unique or & special. But because humans are a specifically evolved species culture generally, we would and do benefit from respect for every individual {Prima Facie} where it is pre-eminently delivered.


Consideration: the absence of respect is practically damaging where it is expected, with respect. The absence or withholding of respect in relations, is the primary cause of all that is bad, resulting.

Respect also has to be seen to move beyond first impressions /face2face and keep that standard in actions. [Prima Facie]

Key Rule: I wish the best for you, for us and for our future and my words will be matched by my actions / our actions, from respect.


Kindness: The highest human atribute by far is Kindness.

Key Rule: I wish the best for you, for us and our future and my words will be matched by my actions / our actions, from respect. 


Not so long ago, after the second world war Britain was emerging with pride with growing optimism. The 60's gave rise to a positive youth culture. The 70's [post {intellectual} hippy movement had moved on into teaching and academia and therefore forming a play-on future of all that was good by the Beatnik fathers from America. The philosophy of both capitalism and socialism was coming in line for a populist* [*population democratic opinion] recalibration from the up-shift of philosophy that the [intellectual hippy] movement had caused.

Newton’s 1st law:  Every object in a state of uniform motion or at rest will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it.

The above applies to every form of material subject to physics, including a society / a generation of children, inevitably leading to a population of community.

The above movement is not dead but it has been swamped by other forces [or the lack of forces] that is in itself a force formative by default.

When workers were imported from other cultures at different stages of philosophies and nurture and nature from other parental methods established over great time that may have had good parenting protocols for the young emergent energies and how to harness and direct them and they were imported away from those societal protocols and then here in the peaceful, soft, different societal protocols that were by culture less adherent to harnessing young energy [British manners, deferential examples as training {long-term established culture} and a sudden departure from military disciplines] and loosening because of the neo-peace egalitarian rise of post-hippy attitudes, any new cultural imports would be subject to *the forces of their very new environmental upbringing. Where [in absence of adequate defaults and existing or upgrade protocols] a larger percentage [than calculated sensibly] appears in ratio towards previous forces, the focus changes from development of [new] examples to mitigation management and the growth of philosophy is [mostly] lost in problems management.

Within an inadequate reducing education and inclusion outcome for each generation of the nations young workforce, gaps of professional production appear along with disenfranchisement of purpose.

Here again you can hear the grown child’s voice of the extracted/attracted from their protocols of cultural defaults of upbringing emerging from the minimizing failure of Nation Britain’s educational and inclusion system, into a desert of directed opportunity [aggravated by the absence of their past working protocols – When working and good – prior to imperial interference and abandonment to western economic ‘temptations’ as the new default priority elders culture] within a crisis hit national philosophical development:     

“Stop all the pain! How do you stop all the pain!? I used to hear a voice when I was praying but nowadays I don’t even want to be sane. Nar fuck that I don’t wanna be sane. I was born to be wild. I don’t wanna be tame. Talents in my blood and I don’t wanna be vane but if I’m a psycho then I don’t wanna be sane.”

The above is a calling to arms with an excuse for future defenses. [Newton’s 3rd law.]